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    Best Value 2TB NVMe PCI 3.0 SSD?

    I need a 2TB NVMe SSD to replace my main drive. I'd like it to have a high probability of lasting at least 5 years. Mostly business use, some gaming but nothing serious where the speed difference matters. Occasionally copying large files of about 5GB between drives, but waiting an extra few...
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    Aegir Thanks for your reply once more! ImDisk looks pretty nifty too, I appreciate the link. I'm curious what you think of this study? It is a little old, but seems mostly relevant still... Though it does appear to support what you've...
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    Aegir haha awesome, people like you are why I keep coming back to HF for so many years. Okay so my important data is, as you seemed to have guessed, pictures and videos. I did not realize corruption would only be a tiny change on pixels! That makes it entirely insigifnicant. I do play games...
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    I do understand your reasoning. My desire for ECC stems from wanting to avoid possible data corruption. Perhaps I'm thinking about it incorrectly but if there's data corruption in a file stored in memory, then when written to the disk the corruption would follow as well. Is that correct to you...
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    gah... How can one test this or ascertain how it behaves?
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    Ahhh I see, I'm quite new to ECC memory. So likely these failed because of being registered...which I see is denoted by RDIMM as opposed to UDIMM. Thanks Blue Fox, I will continue researching.
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    Help finding compatible ECC RAM for B450M-A

    Hi All, I have an Asus Prime B450M-A mobo w/ a Ryzen 3600. I'd really like to run ECC memory, but I'm having trouble finding 16GB sticks that are compatible. Ideally I'd like 2x16GB of ECC, with the option to upgrade to 4x16GB ECC. Currently I'm using 1x16GB of CORSAIR Vengeance LPX DDR4...
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    Sandy good enough?

    For gaming, you will get more putting the money into a better video card over a newer gen cpu.
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    Backup software...

    I have the same question as you. This link has been helpful. I'm debating just getting Acronis of the best paid apps from what I see. Going to try AOMEI Backupper first. I wouldn't use Windows Backup. It's known to arbitrarily stop letting you create backups.
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    Any amd cpu worth gaming on?

    There's no doubt that Intel processors are more powerful. However for a practical gamer playing on one monitor, a good AMD cpu is all you need. For a higher end option and wanting three monitors, you'ld be much better going off Intel. You bought the wrong processor. The FX-4100 is terrible...
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    Netflix HD and 1080p mkv on an Athlon 64 3800+ X2 or any Socket 939

    Has anyone successfully ran Netflix in HD on a socket 939 setup? I have an Athlon 64 3800+ X2 and it handles 720p video just fine if dxva is enabled, but when it comes to Netflix HD it just stutters till no end. It usually cannot do 1080p reliably either, though some content will play fine and...
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    Currently with Verizon/unlimited data/iphone4s ... have free upgrade. iPhone5 or GS3

    Swiftkey is great. Learns how you write and actually saves a lot of time by predicting the next word you're wanting to write.
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    The Samsung Galaxy S III is officially the worlds most powerful smartphone

    Sorry, that doesn't refute the benchmarks by Geekbench themselves. I also made no claims about speed. Nothing to do with how I feel. I don't have a GS3 and don't plan to get one. I simply dislike misinformation.
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    The Samsung Galaxy S III is officially the worlds most powerful smartphone Using Geekbench: Samsung Galaxy S III - 1765 iPhone 5 - 1587 Sorry to rain on the other thread's parade
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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone

    Except that Google is awesome and instead of raping consumers, sells the Galaxy Nexus for $350 straight up! And no they're not the exact same, but many are indeed similar.
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    iPhone 5 vs Android (Media)

    Yeah the vast majority of Android phones have some sort of's 'product differentiation' if you will. Sprint does have some Nexus devices, but Sprint tends to get things last. I've seen JB ROMs for my Nexus One, so it's definitely doable. If you're referring to the EVO 4G...
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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone

    I guess the definition of 'big' is debatable. The Galaxy Nexus has a 'weak' GPU compared to some other phones, yet it has practically no lag and scrolls very smoothly. I could see it being a touch(talking milliseconds here) smoother at times...but the difference would be marginal. If I turned...
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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone

    Who's mind is being blown again? It's not crazy for different architectures to have drastically different performance. Apple did a good job with the A6. Almost feel dirty saying that :D Well that's certainly interesting. Don't really see much point though, I guess gaming...
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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone

    Well stats are important for technological progress...but that's about it. All high end smartphones are plenty powerful for anything we're needing.
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    iPhone 5 vs Android (Media)

    I'm a big fan of getting Nexus devices without modified versions of Android. You'll have the best user experience with them, get the most dev support and updates for longer. Since you've waited this long, you could consider waiting until the next Nexus phone drops(been almost a year since the...
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    Apple Maps... Houston we have a problem

    Makes people really appreciate Google Maps. This affects businesses so much!
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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone

    I haven't read the 11 pages of this thread. But it's show the iPhone 5 being compared to...nothing. The SGS3 is faster than the iPhone 5 using Geekbench....checkmate. The...
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    Radeon 5450 resolution keeps reverting to 720x480!

    Nope, I just don't shutdown the computer. Put it to sleep instead so I don't have to deal with the resolution issue.
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    Worth the upgrade? Phenom 955 --> I5 2500K

    No doubt about that
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    Worth the upgrade? Phenom 955 --> I5 2500K

    An SSD will probably make a more noticeable difference if you don't already have one
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    HTC One-x vs iPhone4 ?

    If you want the latest tech and a phone that's a lot of fun, get the One X If you want something that you don't want to mess with and don't care about being in Apple's controlled world, get an iPhone.
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    Worth getting the FX-4100 for HTPC?

    I mean...with your video card you should be playing on Ultra. If you still can, I would urge you to return your processor. If you want cheap, get an Athon II for around $80. If you want power, get a Phenom II for around $100. The FX-4100 for you makes zero sense.
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    Mistake getting the Galaxy Nexus right now?

    I had an issue with the screen on my Galaxy Nexus. It had faint banding, usually not noticeable unless the background was gray and my brightness was low, but still not acceptable. Amazon took care of it with no issues, overnighted the new phone to me and sent me a label to send the defective one...
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    Worth getting the FX-4100 for HTPC?

    Well this isn't really a HTPC as you want to game on it...The FX-4100 is not a good choice for gaming
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    Mistake getting the Galaxy Nexus right now?

    Most HTC phones can be unlocked if you wanted to use the ATT One X on T-Mobile. But that said, I wouldn't go to T-Mobile at this point. Also, on Verizon you can usually take any phone and have them activate it to your account and LTE does use sim cards as well.
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    New Sprint Phone

    The Galaxy Nexus and EVO 4G LTE are your best choices.
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    Mistake getting the Galaxy Nexus right now?

    The lack of an SD Card is annoying, but not enough for me to care about with 32GB. The lower resolution camera was unexpected, but it takes pictures so quickly it's quite awesome. Plus, when was the last time you needed more than a 5 MP picture? Unless you're making huge real prints, the amount...
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    Galaxy Nexus; Want to go back to iPhone.

    Where does ICS have a long way to go? You say a lot of things, but don't actually give any specific points. I guess I'm not really expecting you to do so at this point, because if you had anything real to say you would have already said it. Typical :p Edit: Swiftkey X is a great keyboard if...
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    HTC Incredible 4G is now Official

    Well it makes sense given it's an Incredible. They're keeping the size similar to what the Incredibles have been. ImageSense was probably taken away to leave for their higher end phones. I'm hoping to see the XL on Verizon too, but I don't expect it since they have the SGSIII and Nexus Prime...
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    Galaxy Nexus; Want to go back to iPhone.

    1. How can something be both 'meh' and 'nice'? 2. If iOS having ease of use is one of your main points, what about ICS do you find difficult? 3. If you're a must taste new tech person, why didn't you just buy the GSM Galaxy Nexus and stay on ATT?
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    Screw the SGS3 - this is the phone I want!

    Pantech isn't known for quality products. You can't tell it's a pentile display at 1280x720. You could tell on the Nexus One, if you really looked for it. You can't tell on the Galaxy Nexus.
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    Anandtech: Ivy Bridge A HTPC Perspective

    Of course all they care about is profit...
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    Advice on 5.1 speakers

    You want to get a center that matches your front left/right speakers otherwise it will sound weird. There will be a noticeable change in tone and well, you don't want that. Better to run a phantom center than a mismatched center. For rears, the daytons would be fine. Could check out monoprice's...
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    And yet another reason i love my fire!

    ooh the Ion looks nice. I am still not convinced about serious gaming with touchscreens myself.
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    And yet another reason i love my fire!

    Chrono Trigger!