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    Samsung or Viewsonic?

    Any company that has more than a few models of LCD is going to have some low-end models and some high-end models. Viewsonic, Samsung and the others has some excellent models but they also have cheap ones for people who don't want to or can't spend too much. The only exceptions may be NEC and...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    That's seems to be the same pattern of backlight bleeding that everyone has on this LCD but your camera is obviously making it seem much worse.
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    would there be a big difference between 19inch lcd and 20.1 widescreen?

    Besides the obvious difference of one more inch viewing area, the 19" has a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a 4:3 ratio and the 20" has a max resolution of 1680x1050 and a 16:10 ratio. There is a big difference between these two.
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    $383 shipped at J&R after $100 rebate. J&R
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm 20" widescreen LCD $383 shipped @ J&R after $100 rebate

    VX2025wm Sales tax in NYS
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    Zalman VF900-Cu for $37.77 shipped!

    I got the VF700 for $25.99 shipped from Amazon. It'll do.
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    Breathe through your mouth. :)
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras - $199 @ Bestbuy

    LOL. I assume you're from America. If you are you should know that class-action lawsuits are started by lawyers not victims. Do you honestly believe anyone is going to take the time to meet with lawyers giving depositions to collect a few pennies on the dollar on a $399 purchase? Most people...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras - $199 @ Bestbuy

    Yeah, some people won't listen no matter what. It's not like anyone said Klipsch makes bad products. Its just the amp in one product line that seems be failing. AFAIK there are not any significant problems with other products. I liked my Ultras - while they were working. I don't think Klipsch...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras - $199 @ Bestbuy

    Direct link to Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Forum (Ultra and non-Ultra) And if you read alot about amp / subwoofer failures, then guess what... there's been alot of failures.
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    VX2025WM problems?

    So if you can't see the POST with different cards and motherboards and it works fine in VGA, then is seems like the monitor's DVI is toast. There's really nothing to adjust on the monitor other than selecting the port connection. This it does automatically and I assume you've tried it manually...
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    VX2025WM problems?

    My vx2025wm seems to auto-detect whether there is a VGA or DVI connection so there should be no settings to change on the monitor. If you did that much testing, I would say that the DVI port may have fried (much like what was happening on the Gateway 21"). Did you try a fresh-clean...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras - $199 @ Bestbuy

    DO YOUR RESEARCH. As Oh4Sh0 said, many have amp problems. Mine crashed and burned after 2 years. Check Klipsch's own forum for amp issues. Many people have had theirs die after only a year or less. The speakers are well regarded but they are of no use if the pre-amp is fried. BTW, someone...
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    vx2025wm or va2012wb

    Then you should get the VX. The VA is based on a TN panel while the VX is P-MVA. Check my sticky at the top of the forum to see the pros and cons of both of these panels. Also, Google some reviews and you will find that the VA only gets OK reviews.
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    XFinity 500w - $56

    This seems to be the X-Finity 1st generation and it is not modular either so I'm not sure which one you had. If it was modular, I'm still thinking you had an X-Connect because AFAIK the X-Connect and the current X2 are the only modular PSUs tha Ultra has made. In any event, if you had a...
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    Samsung 940B ghosting

    QFT 940B uses a later model TN panel. About as fast as you're going to get on an LCD for now. The VX922 is also a fast TN based monitor. However, manufacturers are not very accurate with their response time specs so don't rely on it if one says 6ms and another says 8ms. Also some...
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    Samsung 940 LCDs

    The 940T uses the Samsung PVA (LTM190E4) 8-bit panel. Same panel as the Dell 1905FP.
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    XFinity 500w - $56

    That's exactly my point. X-Connect = Bad X2 =Good 2 different products. Therefore there is no "good" version of the "X-Connect". you said: only the first x-connect units that were made by youngyear were poor .. If you are saying that Ultra switched suppliers on the...
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    XFinity 500w - $56

    But I believe that the second generation x-connect was renamed "X2" so people wouldn't confuse the poor one with the new one. So technically all X-Connects are poop while X2s are not. Edit: I see on Ultra's site that they are using an X-Connect logo with a "2" over it so even though...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    No. HDCP is in the BR and HD standards but the companies that produce the content can choose whether they use it or not on any given video release. Its a flag on the disk that determines whether HDCP is "on", not the player. If the flag is "on", then you will need all HDCP compliant equipment...
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    Battlefield 2 (PC): $27.49 @ BestBuy after coupon

    Regular Price $47.49 $20 in-store coupon Expires Apr 8 Thanks to enzyme @ FatWallet EDIT: Just picked up a copy. Coupon wouldn't scan but it is in the system if the cashier types it. Regular in-store price (at least at my BB) was actually $49.99 not the Web price of $47.49.
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    XFinity 500w - $56

    Yeah, if your x-finity cables were disconnecting you would be having a major malfunction since it's not modular. The x-connect is considered to be a poor PSU so I wouldn't be surprised if it took a dive.
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    7900gt = bottleneck on a 3.0ghz Prescott?

    Nice find. Confirms that you have to have a seriously cr@ppy CPU for all the games tested before you have to be concerned about a bottleneck.
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    Just used the eVGA step-up program. What # in queue are you?

    They got yours the same day they got mine. :confused: Where b mine?
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    Just used the eVGA step-up program. What # in queue are you?

    Hmmmm, found this 3/29 post from an eVGA moderator on their message board. Seems as though they had a bug or two to stomp out: ... As far as the BUGS in the cards, yes it seems that the first batch of cards had some problems with Lock-Ups and Crashes, but the NV engineers, as well as the...
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    Hollywood to back off: AACS more "lenient"

    Maybe. Studios may release movies simultaneously on traditional DVD and HD media. If you have a more recent TV/monitor you can choose the HD version and take advantage of the increased resolution. If you have an older TV, you will need to get the traditional DVD. We had an overlap with VHS...
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    Just used the eVGA step-up program. What # in queue are you?

    Of course I went through the RMA/Step-Up process and received the shipping label. So why was my card received by them last Monday (according to their status page) and here is is a week later and they haven't shipped my card? It's obviously not working that way (for me or the poster above)...
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    Anyone know what Samsung display this is?

    Just post a link to it so that it doesn't display automatically.
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    Hollywood to back off: AACS more "lenient"

    Sony, Universal and a few other studios made this announcement a couple of weeks ago. It just means that they will not use the down-res copyright protections on Blu-ray and HD-DVD until most/many/more people have digital/HDCP connections (or whenever they feel like it).
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    Anyone know what Samsung display this is?

    215TW @ BestBuy but I would remove that direct link before it is removed for you.
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    TFT Technology Breakdown and Model/Panel Index

    LCD Panel Technology Type and Characteristics TN film (Twisted Nematic) - low manufacturing/retail costs - restrictive viewing angles - fast pixel response times - dead pixels display white. Stuck pixels display RGB colors - lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    Don't worry about HDCP. Even though BR and HD-DVD will be out later this year, major studios have said that they are not going to use HDCP until many, many people own HDCP capable monitors/TVs (couple of years at least).
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    Just used the eVGA step-up program. What # in queue are you?

    If I was in the cue, I would hope that my number doesn't come up soon because it appears that they have no replacement cards at this time. They have my 7800GT and they're just sitting on it now for a week. It would be better if your RMA come up when they actually have cards to ship out.
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    Just used the eVGA step-up program. What # in queue are you?

    I wouldn't count on anything fast. They got mine on Monday at noon and here it is Saturday and they haven't shipped yet.
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    VOLTAGE Mod On A 7900GT?

    Are those temps with the stock cooler?
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    BenQ FP202W or Viewsonic VX2025WM ?

    Interesting link. Yeah, the BenQ is not only TN, but it is the same panel as the 2012w which that review really seemed to dislike.
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    Westinghouse UPDATED 37" 1080p LVM-37w3

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    pruchasing new lcd

    Yo, this whole forum is made up of people reviewing and giving their opinions about displays (mostly LCDs). You really need to read what people have taken the time to post. Then, after you narrow your choices down to a few, you should ask opinions. You'll get better answers and it shows that...
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    Inexpensive but good LCD stand replacement

    This really applies in the "HotDeals" forum but it may be more useful here. You can get the same stand that teh Gate-way 21" monitor has for $35.99 shipped. Gateway images Good stand and very adjustable.
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    New Lines?

    Stop it! You're making me laugh. :p Is it a monitor or a car you're shopping for? Wait, I can be sarcastic AND helpful. If you want a replacement stand for whatever you choose, check out this.