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    Advice on local deal that feels wrong? (bought pc parts)

    Yea like I woke up to him sending me text saying he spent x amount of money for them and didn't realize that he gave me x amount for say "nothing". Frankly he seemed like he needed the money so I feel he is in some tight spot again or something. I figure I ask because I don't know what some of...
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    Advice on local deal that feels wrong? (bought pc parts)

    Ok just want to apologize in advance if it's on wrong section. Anyways I recently bought some PC parts locally. Like a motherboard, Cpu ram etc. I also bought a semi-compete water cooling unit from the same person. Let's just say I think I got a great deal. But now this person feels he...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    @TypeO : Thanx, PM'd back.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    @threedee Hmm I don't know if that would work. I need something like this I'm on mobile sorry if link is too big or bad. I have those combo cards that have wifi/Bluetooth but my used mobo I just got doesn't have the wifi antenna item. I know not everyone has spares as its 1 per mobo. If...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Long shot here but worth asking. Anyone have a spare wifi antenna from those motherboards that come with built in Wifi? Its like an external antenna and has 2 cables on the other end that screw onto the 2 inputs on the motherboard. For example Asus and Gigabyte have 1. Well PM if you do...
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    FS: Asus Maximus Formula VI + CPU + RAM

    I want the cpu and mobo. Pm me plz. IM at work at. Edit: OP sold his CPU so I never bought the combo. :(
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    FS: i5-4670, ram, 2600K, itx, matx, platinum 660w psu modular

    Curious if you ever saw any issues with the Samsun 840s? (Non EVO ver.)
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    WTB: Sony Xperia Z3 (Tmobile or unlocked)

    Bump! Still looking Tmobile/White Unlocked at around $400 shipped. Thanx
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    WTB: Sony Xperia Z3 (Tmobile or unlocked)

    Thanx but I saw that thread and like I said, Im looking for a Tmobile one branded first else Ill buy one unlocked. Another thing is the price is same or similar if I were to purchase from Sony with the student discount. For now, Im still looking.
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    WTB: Sony Xperia Z3 (Tmobile or unlocked)

    Im looking for a new or like new Xperia Z3 with no damage front or back. Gonna be used for Tmobile. Has to be GSM compatible, not CDMA! I would take a white one unlocked as well for a good offer. I have paypal right now $400 so if anyone has one, PM me and we can go from there! Thank you! Edit...
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    FS: Nexus 7 32GB (2013), AKG Q701

    Is this still for sale? If so send me a PM. Maybe we can work something out.
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    WTB: Killzone Mercenary beta code

    OK this may be on the wrong thread side but ill give it a try. Mods can close if they feel this is against rules/wrong place. Anyways if by some luck anyone of you got a closed beta code from Sony/GameStop/twitter what have you and won't be using it, please sell it to me or at least give it...
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    [Hot] PowerColor HD 7870 MYST. Ed. 2GB + Bioshock & Tombraider - $209 (no rebate!)

    Thanx guys. I have a Antec TP 750W but curious if it could handle such load.
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    [Hot] PowerColor HD 7870 MYST. Ed. 2GB + Bioshock & Tombraider - $209 (no rebate!)

    Could you guys tell me what PSU would support one of these and say 2 in crossfire? Thanx!
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    Sent messages not showing up?

    AHHHHH!!! Haleluya! Thank you Skillz and MajorDomo for clearing it up! And yes, thannk you specially mr. admin for fixing it for me :) Edit: This may be closed now.
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    Sent messages not showing up?

    So anyone know why this is? I thought it was because im a newish member but im not sure if its a glitch on my end. I can check my inbox but the sent folder is always empty and its confusing because if I sent a PM to someone, i feel like the system didnt do it. It does but then I may get a...
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    Hey did you get my PM about your 2.5in hdd? im interested, please PM me back when you can.

    Hey did you get my PM about your 2.5in hdd? im interested, please PM me back when you can.
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    FS: Toshiba 500GB 5400RPM Laptop HDD (SATA)

    PM sent, hope I aint late. Need one to replace a dying one.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Just checking here before i go to ebay or so. Anyone got a spare Sli Bridge cable? I just need one that has 2 connectors. If anyone has a spare one they dont need, please help me out. As always, ill pay for all fees with pp. Thank you.
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    US Slips Down the Ranks of Global Competitiveness

    DIdnt he (Al-Awlaki) tell/teach american muslims to attack americans in their own soil? (plus teach radical views) If that is not treason, I dont know what is. His son on the other hand, i agree, was uncalled for. On topic, lol at blaming this on Obama. He inherited the US without any issues...
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    WTB: MSI Nvidia N460GTX V2/OC2 192bit (N460GTX-M2D1GD5/OC2)

    Hey all im looking for this specific GPU. Newegg link here! Im looking for one that has all accessories and is in great condition. []Ebay Profile[] FB=100% (240 stars) Have Paypal bucks, please PM to work something out!
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    Microsoft Recruiting Former OnLive Staff.

    MS to copy Sony on the console space once again....sigh.
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    Security Slip Reveals Police Plan to Nab Assange

    The case of the 2 girls was thrown/dismissed out of court. It wasn't until later the case was reopened.
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    Security Slip Reveals Police Plan to Nab Assange

    Wtf am I reading here? Assange didn't rape the girl without consent or while she fucking slept. Allegedly, they were having sex and the condom broke so she told him to stop and he didn't. "allegedly" because the swedish court threw the case out but brought it back because they were pressed by...
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    WTB: Battlefield 3

    Hey isnt this on sale 60% off on Origin? Check slickdeals my friend. The price should be $16 for the vanilla copy.
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    Apple vs. Samsung Jury Has Reached A Verdict

    This blows. US patent system blows. We are in for some shitty mobile phase in the coming years.
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    Zynga’s COO John Schappert Quits Company

    Nothing against this guy but hope Zynga goes down. Hope they can land on their feet atleast.
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    The PC Looks Like It's Dying

    Lol hate this nonsense. Old people being old people.
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    Antec 900; 200mm top fan hitting case! Need advise.

    Could a Mod close this thread please!? The Big boy 200m fan seems borked so I ordered 1 off amazon with Prime. I would of looked for one here in the community but I need it for this weekend. Sorry to have made such a useless thread and I hope next time it won't be a lame thread. I think...