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    The Vega Pre-Order Thread

    If they suck and/or I can get them cheaper later, I'll just return them. I'm only out like two bucks in gas and less than an hour of my time. But if miners end up buying up all the stock and driving up the price to full retard, I stand to gain a lot more than a couple of bucks. A lot of...
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    The Vega Pre-Order Thread

    Aaaaand ... gone. I managed to get a preorder of two of the XFX cards in, given the ease of returning to Fry's (20m drive from where I am). Decided to go in for a third about 30 minutes later ... "preorder limit exceeded." That didn't take long ...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Unboxing and Install

    This has been my recurring nightmare since LGA775. Fortunately, I've been able to repair what I mangled along the way ... but this TR4 socket seems to be in another league altogether. Unrelated, I just got off the phone with Swiftech and for those of us with Apogee XL/XL2 waterblocks (the ones...
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    Two CX750Ms, according to most reviews the worst power supplies Corsair had ever released, have been crunching along at ~75-85% max load for months now. No issues. I've also been running 16gb of vengeance ddr3 for several years, and a K90 keyboard since they first came out. All have been as...
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    Upgrading to Ryzen, what is your old/soon to be replaced system

    i5-2500k @ 4.2, Scythe Kama, ASUS Maximus V Gene, 16gb ddr3-1600c9, 256gb Crucial m4, Lian Li PC-V354B on their way out ... Ryzen 1700, Noctua D15S, ASUS Prime X370-Pro, 32gb ddr4-3200c15, 512gb Samsung 960 Evo, Corsair Carbide 400Q on their way in. Seasonic X750 Gold, ASUS PCE-AC66, XFX R7-280X...
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    NAND Flash Faces Off - Synchronous vs. Asynchronous @ [H]

    Chris, thanks for the great read. I think it's important to keep the results in perspective, though, as you've noted in a previous article. My personal experience with a handful drives with different performance characteristics is that there is very little subjective difference between them...
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    Once again, thanks a bunch. Picked up a P3 locally for $169 AR, slapped it in my laptop. Can't tell any subjective difference from the 510 in my desktop - you were right. It benchmarks nearly identically to the 510, too, which is to say pretty poorly compared to the A3 I used to have. But...
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    I'm (understandably) leery of the SF-2281 based drives right now. But the potential performance gap is just too large to ignore. I have an Intel 510 120gb in my desktop and it's been great. Looking at something to drop in my laptop (it does have SATA III), same size/generation. Three questions...
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    Awesome, awesome info. Thanks so much for the reply.
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    Hey Chris - on page 5, you mentioned that the Corsair P3 didn't lose much performance when filled. By "not much," how much are we talking? Is it still slower in Vantage than a filled Agility 3? And by chance do you have the same numbers on the Intel 510?
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    The good old Q6600

    I gave my parents an old E2140 that is still perfectly usable, even after all this time. 100% overclock (3.2GHz/400FSB) at stock voltage ... I still think this is my favorite of all time - it was probably my longest lasting daily use setup. I can't think of any other processor that even came...
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    I should clarify that not all people running these drives on Cougar Point are running into the problem. It's just that those that are almost uniformly are a) running Z68/H67/P67 and b) running off of the Intel 6Gbps port. The temporary workaround for the problem is to run them off the 3Gbps...
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    OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD 120GB and 240GB Review @ [H]

    The unifying thread for people with BSOD issues with the SF-2281 drives is that most, if not all, are using the Intel 6GBps controller (P67/H67/Z68). I was one of them - I had an Agility 3 for about three weeks shortly after it first came out, and nothing I did made the BSOD problem go away. The...