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    Harbor Freight 25% off coupon off anything, in store or online

    The place is perfect for tools for jobs you may only perform once in your life :) But seriously, saved some serious cash there for some for some decent hand tools, how many times am I going to replace the bathtub valves in a 50's house that I sold a while ago? Who knew that required a...
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    NVIDIA Unveils RTX Voice, AI-based Audio Noise-Cancellation Software

    Oh I can see the IT requests coming in now. Everyone will "need" a new laptop or video card with a RTX card now otherwise there is no way they could possibly concentrate on Zoom calls now.
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    Cryptocurrency Mining Slowdown Could Lead to GPU Price Cuts

    Only the smallest of violins should be played for this moment. The end of their self created artificial inflation of prices over MSRP? Oh no.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    How long realiistically should I wait for AMD to respond, or should I just say F it and order a 1660ti. At the moment Im only running 1080p, Mostly Overwatch, and a little of that Apex legends. I do play mmo's but they are hardly ever that bad unless there happens to be an "event".
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    Im still running a 960. 2-3x performance at a reasonable price. Has my upgrade finally arrived??? Or do I wait a couple weeks for AMD to respond to this. I cant imagine they would just let the market slip by them forever.
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    Backblaze Analyzes SSD Reliability

    I on the other hand have an old OCZ First gen Agility still running in my gfs laptop. I think its over 6 years old now. No issues. It was run 5 years as my OS drive 24/7 until it got placed into my ladies laptop 2 years ago. She still uses it daily. Its not all trash. Sorry you had some bad...
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    GTX 1660 TIs, Radeon VII and X570 Motherboards Listed on EEC Website

    I hear you there. I still had a gtx 460 running up until a few months ago. Why have they forsaken us old folks.
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    GTX 1660 TIs, Radeon VII and X570 Motherboards Listed on EEC Website

    While I have high hopes the pricing rumors are true on the 1660ti, I find myself wanting to wait for a response from AMD to this new card. Can this possibly be the catalyst to get us back to decent @200-250 dollar cards we used to be able to get? Video cards didnt used to cost the entire...
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    LG Electronics to Release 8K OLED HDR TV Models in 2019 with VRR Support

    I just want large displays with low input lag. Can we get at least this as a standard? Maybe im old, but after a few minutes I stop marveling at the resolution and wish I had super smooth input instead.
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    SpaceX Wins Military Contract to Experiment with Commercial Space Internet

    How long till I can get my MuskNet dish installed on my roof for some sweet space internet gaming?
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    Gears of War 4 - CDKEYS - $4.59

    This is one of those play anywhere titles as well, so I got this on my xbox, but I was also able to play this on my pc through the MS Store. However be aware the store is buggy as hell. I went through over 2tb of data before it finally installed right. It would get to about 60gb, error out...
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    Magic Leap Shows its AR Prowess Off...Finally...Maybe

    I had gone to a Signal event a few years ago where they had Magic Leap there. Back then they were saying there was no device needed in front of your eyes, that it would tap into the "analog signal your eyes use from your brain". I know this isnt the exact quote.. but its obvious they have...
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    ASUS Jumping Into the Mesh Networking Arena

    It doesn't matter what they make. I will never buy another Asus router/wifi product again. They have the worst firmware, I can believe how many hours ive wasted just trying to get a simple port forward to work, only to discover it was a bug, one that still seems to exist. Firwmare that cant...
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    Case for HyperX Revolver S headphones

    I recently upgraded from the HyperX Cloud II to the Revolver S headphones, only to discover the case I was using for the Cloud II no longer fits the new set. The metal band on these makes these significantly larger. Has anyone found a good carrying case for these?
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    Connecting keyboards of 2 laptops to 1 laptop through Ethernet cable Synergy used to be free once upon a time, it may be possible to find that, it can do pretty much what you are asking for. There used to be something like " g input" that was a google project if I recall right that was decent as well. Im sure there are other free...
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    Avoid Threadripper Reboots For Switching Game/Creator Mode

    I have not looked at this application myself, but you can already kind of do this with the windows task manager, click on Processes, right click on any process and "Set Affinity". Granted I don't think this will make it permanent. But for those wishing to try this without installing anything...
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    Quiet video card

    Man I missed most of these replies :( Thanks for all the advice. I'm happy with my current case, its a corsair case built for quiet. Corsair Carbide Series 330 - But... that case is pretty damn sweet. When I decide this isnt good enough.. ill be all over that :) Think...
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    Quiet video card

    Of the 1070s, anyone have any votes on which may be the quietest? Thanks for the advice so far.
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    Quiet video card

    With the announcement that Nvidia is pushing their production up, im curious if I should wait for the new cards to arrive to get in on that "not the latest and greatest" discount. I suppose I should have mentioned I try to stay under 300. I just dont ever get the benefit of having that...
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    Quiet video card

    Every couple of years I ask the same question of this forum, and have yet to be disappointed. What is the current leader in terms of quiet, and still able to game at 4k? I currently have an nvidia 960, its working ok for me, but some games at 4k just don't play that well. I value quiet...
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    Microsoft Releases 248GB Patch for Gears of War 4 on Windows 10 PC

    Ive used well over a terabyte even trying to install Gears of War 4 so far. I think i've given up. The first time I tried to install it, I came home to a 160gb of 96gb downloaded and it showed no sign of slowing down. Every time after that, it gets to about 60gb, then blue screens, reboots...
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    Music does not use my sub since video card upgrade

    This kind of resolved it :) I had updated my nvidia drivers to the latest, but it still didnt resolve the issue. I had indeed checked the speaker settings, and it did change when I first installed the card, but as I was saying.. games / movies used the full 5.1 with no issues so it was...
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    Music does not use my sub since video card upgrade

    Since upgrading from an AMD 6850 to a Nvidia 960gtx, ive lost the sound in my subwoofer for any music from mp3's or pandora. Games and movies work just fine. Im running Windows 10, Nvidia 960gtx HDMI ---> Sony STR-DN-1040 ---> HDMI to Monitor I cant seem to find any setting to change to...
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    Does Anyone Actually Want A Curved Monitor?

    I use two 27" curved monitors at work. I cant really say I feel any difference. I will say they are excellent however :) is the model I have.
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    My 1st gen G15 died.

    I also had my gen 1 g15 die on me. I replaced it with this: Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard with Game Panel LCD Screen by Logitech Link: Its really as good as the gen 1, it didnt have the usb port however. It does have audio jacks on it however. Its a bit more...
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    And now it seems it has dropped a few decibels in noise just from blowing it out. The high pitched whine has gone away. The CPU and GPU fans were caked in dust bunnies. Not to mention the powersupply, it was spitting demons for a few minutes while it got blown out. Im fairly sure I expelled...
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    It's the plan for today. Im guessing it's been at least two years since I cleaned it out. Dang kid! Copied his movies to a flash drive so I can clean it out well while he chills :) I'm guessing I may have some forum worthy pictures of dust soon.
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    Yea that's my plan is to just replace the HSF. I'll have to check I'd that one is compatible with my old card. Any suggestions for the CPU?
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    After looking at some photos I think I have the Cooler Master 690 It has 120mm fans all around. I have a fan controller to keep the noise down on the case fans. I'm not certain it's the case that's the issue. It used to be quieter than it is now. I assumed the fans were just getting old...
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    I have a Cooler Master case. I don't recall the. Model number but it was pretty popular 4 years ago.
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    5yr old pc. Looking to replacing some fans :)

    I never thought I would find myself doing any upgrades to a 5 year old pc.. but then again I didnt think I would ever have a kid or be married :) Despite it being 5 years old, I did upgrade it to a SSD, and have a video card thats about 3 years old now AMD 6870. It still meets my gaming...
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    $340 Audiophile Ethernet Cable Tear Down

    They do have directional HDMI cables. They wont work if you dont use them in the right direction. Found that out the hard way after having a 100ft hdmi cable strung through a wall and ceiling.
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    $340 Audiophile Ethernet Cable Tear Down

    Dang.. and only 4 left. How am I supposed to connect all of my components with only 4 cables. I guess I will have to slum it and get the 3k cable. How will I ever get laid with 3k cables. And dammit I don't want any of you guys buying those 4 cables out from under me. I couldn't even show...
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    $18,000 Tie Fighter Music Box

    I know of a great legendary desk of these forums that would be right at home on.
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    Don't Buy A Steam Machine

    What does gaming on the SteamOS offer that, windows + the new steam controller doesnt? Just the ability to go without paying MS for a gaming OS? At the moment I dont see the compelling reason to switch off windows for SteamOS.
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    Apple Watch vs Liquid Nitrogen

    Am I the only one that cringed at seeing them breaking bricks near a sliding glass door? I must be getting old. I would have yelled at my kid to do it in the middle of the lawn so Dad could watch :)
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    The Interview Coming To Netflix On Saturday

    There certainly was worse movies ive seen this year. Its no academy award winner, but it does have its laughs.
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    Razer Eidolon The World's First Wearable Drone System

    That quadcopter does kind of exist. It looks very close to the Hubsan x4. Its cheap.. and fun to fly. Even has an xbox sized controller, 6 axis stabilization (3 gyro and 3 accelerometers) 2.4ghz controlls, flown inside and outside. Can get them from amazon for around 50 delivered. 60 with...
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    Best sprint phone used / refurbished / new $100-$150?

    Possibly. Im having a hard time deciding on anything. There seem to be so many phones out there, but used is just starting to scare me after reading about so many bad ESN's being sold as clean.. I may just end up going closer to the 300 range to try to get something newish