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    FS: New Intel i7-5930k Processor

    Added pictures of the processor
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    FS: New Intel i7-5930k Processor

    after work bump
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    FS: New Intel i7-5930k Processor

    Updated price
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    FS: New Intel i7-5930k Processor

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey guys, I'm selling a brand new Intel i7-5930k processor.Going with a different direction on the new build, I'll stick with my i7-970 for a bit longer. Asking for $445, shipped via paypal. You can see my previous sale history on my created threads, heatware under qtfsniper...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Big dota2 tournament playoffs going on. Playing dota2 on one monitor while watching it on the other.Sleep has been suffering.
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    Is 1 BSOD cause for concern?

    I wouldn't worry about it too much if it bothers you, you can always record the BSOD and research what the cause *may*be.
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    Build now vs. closer to May?

    I would agree with the rest and say wait. The correct answer is always to wait, unless there is a price mistake and you can get something for a dramatically reduced price.
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    Kinect v2 for PC...worth a look?

    The kinect when connected to pc's are usually used for development type software. You can use them for 3d mapping, motion capture, etc. Not much really in terms of gaming unless you want to play Gary's Mod.
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    First Premier Mastercard with RFID tag or chip

    I also use am AMEX and when there is a fraudulent charge they put a hold on my account, requiring me to call to unlock the account. After that, they send a new card. Still a fairly rare occurrence for me not to worry about it since I don't rely on credit to purchase things.
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    8800GTS 512MB for PhysX

    If it makes you feel an ybetter, the basement computer still uses an 8800 GTX, not dubbed a retro machine either :D. Still runs the new games well, although obviously not on the highest settings, I re purposed old parts for my younger brother. Also heats up the basement nicely during the winter.
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    Displayport > HDMI adapter

    The only time I've needed to use an active displayport adapter is when I was using 3 monitors on my 7950. If you're buying a new adapter, the DVI to hdmi will work fine but they're about the same price as a displayport to hdmi anyways.
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    DayZ vs H1Z1 Showdown of the Ultimate Zombie Survival Game.

    There's probably going to be a good mix of mature and immature players - like any other game. Sometimes you just want to camp and fit people from afar with no interaction. That other group of players will realize there is an imminent threat and either hunt you down or play it safe as a group and...
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    Help me BAIL from this junk~!!

    also, if you go to one of those small mobile phone shops you can get the sim cards cut for about 5 dolllars if you didn't want to wait for the tool.
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    Been out of the loop. What's the best I can get for $300?

    If you're not in a hurry I would just wait it out. 970 or 290X if you want a card now though.
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    WTB: ATI 7950 / 70

    Hey guys, looking to buy a 7950 . I've done a search and not many any sales threads but I do realize people do reach out over PM's. If you are selling a gigabyte card, that would be a bonus.
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    FS: i7 3930k

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    FS: i7 3930k

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    FS: i7 3930k

    Selling an i7 3930K. I have a bit if transaction history if you look under my sold threads(or HEAT/EBAY). asking for 450 shipped. feel free to PM or email Will also be posting this locally. thanks SOLD
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    WTS: BNIB i7 2700K - 300 OBO

    processor sold, will ship out tomorrow AM. Thanks!
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    WTS: BNIB i7 2700K - 300 OBO

    TTT. new price , 275 shipped. last price drop before christmas
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    WTS: BNIB i7 2700K - 300 OBO

    ttt someone out there can use this. shipping included in price
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    WTS: BNIB i7 2700K - 300 OBO

    Price dropped to 290 OBO.
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    WTS: BNIB i7 2700K - 300 OBO

    Hey guys, selling an i7 2700k, brand new in box. Asking 300OBO. feel free to email me at for fastest reply. Im sure someone can use this and doesnt want to wait for newegg heatware is qtfsniper (or look at my previous threads) or ebay...
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    FS: Brand New Boxed Intel i7 940 processor

    Selling a brand new Intel Core i7 940 Processor. never opened, was going to use it in a build but I'm going to hold out at the moment, some more important needs are waiting. Asking for 250 shipped (from rhode island). Pics later,raining outside and dslr is in the car, but like everything I sell...
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    FS: Brand New Intel X25-M 160gb SSD. LOW PRICE

    SOLD THANKS Up for sale is a BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH160G2R5 - 160GB SSD. Newegg sells this for 430. I'm selling it for 330 shipped. Please send me an email if you're...
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    Heroes of Newerth beta

    Hey guys, I'm reading this thread and this game looks MEGA addictive. I'd love to try it out. If any of you guys have a spare invite and don't mind sending one out please pass one along to me :) email is or feel free to PM
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    FS: Many Xbox Live cards. 1600 live point cards + 1 month gold memberships. cheap!

    The movie tickets!! The code you redeemed was for 2 tickets, valued up to 12 each so that was $24.So I figured you would be making out in the end, at least if you wanted to see a free movie. Plus, the tickets came in an xbox live game case so I can reverse the label and I got myself 19 disc cases.
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    FS: Many Xbox Live cards. 1600 live point cards + 1 month gold memberships. cheap!

    *(copy of my craigslist ad slightly edited) Hi, I'm selling a ton of x-box live cards- I have 11 x 1600 live point cards.These are the $19.99 ones in store. Then I have 5 x 1 Month gold membership cards. These are normally $8 in store. I picked all of these up at Best Buy and can provide a...
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    FS: Like New- Gateway P6860 FX Gaming laptop. Cheap

    Hi, I'm selling a like new gateway laptop. I am selling it because I use my desktop more often than I need my laptop. It is in like new condition and everything works perfectly(just a little scratch on the gears of war sticker that came with it is only thing cosmetic, I havent bothered to take...
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    3870 x2 release today

    if you think the 8800gt is high end, you should see their other cards :p (and their next one)
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    3870 x2 release today

    Is this their high end card made to go up against the 9800 GX2?
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    Do videocards affect movie/video editing/render/encoding?

    Hey everyone,this might be a dumb question but I need to find out the answer (all the articles I'm finding are a little old). I helped configure a computer for something (they needed to go through dell for tax deduction purposes), and is mainly using it for video editing. The card I chose was an...