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    WTB: 12 months Nintendo Switch Online code

    Yes, its a little tricky, because you have to signup for twitch as well, use that to claim the offer, and then create a nintendo account, but once you sign into the nintendo account, there's a option to disable the auto-renewal.
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    NASA Details Plan to Turn Rocks Into Rocket Fuel on Mars

    Get your ass to mars!!! LOL
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    Software Predicts Crime Using Social Media

    Ohh..a new season of Person of Interest.....I love it. Can't wait!!!
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    Drones Work Together to Open a Door

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    The NES Classic Is So Popular It Outsold the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in June

    I doubt the claim this article makes. I know there is very sufficient demand of the NES classic, BUT....I highly doubt it outsold the PS4, XBOX, and Switch for the month of June....that doesn't sound likely in 1-2 days since it happened at the end of the month, and I want to see the numbers that...
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    Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!

    Wow, now that is a co-ordinated group...a legitimite looking front scam company that introduces itself to the victim company, tests their security, and then passes on the vulmerbilities to the hacker group....that is genius.
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    Pass the Visine Please

    Try having sex in a hot there's a good time!!
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    Pass the Visine Please

    That makes it that much better like than it already is.....don't it? Lol
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    PCPer Male Bag #51 with Moar Joshtekk

    Its quite funny in the begining of the video he talks about the other members he 'normally' does the video with, and I'm thinking Jeez where will they fit with all that junk??
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    Roblox 'Gang Rape' Shocks Mother

    My thoughts exactly, infact I was saying this just the other day to my friend. Penises are inevitable....
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    Roblox 'Gang Rape' Shocks Mother

    One of my kids plays minecraft and constantly is killing all the animals.....i wonder where the morality in this world went. On a more serious note, you don't have to police and hover over the kids non-stop, but you should be readily involved in what they are doing and seeing on the internet...
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    PCPer Male Bag #51 with Moar Joshtekk

    Damnit Kyle!! I read the title the way you wrote it and my mind immediately went "MALE BAG?!?!?!?!" I did a double take until I realized it was a video of his MAIL.....;):LOL::p:D
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    Layers of Fear is Free on Steam

    I got it the last time it was free from HUMBLE BUNDLE. Its an awesome game, a great story to get lost in. The graphics might be outdated, but it still plays very well, and the atmosphere along with the music is very well done..a great mindfuck.
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    Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle

    Damn great job, funny as hell!! OMG I just laughed my ass off...
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    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    OMG.....I enjoyed this game so much...downloading now.....and of course the first thing of nostalgia I see - 3dfx Glide driver. Oh those were the days....I loved my voodoo card. Doom and unreal ran so well on them.
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    BCon is BStupid

    Yea me too. This would useless in my case, If I am gaming, I would have to retrain my body to not fidget so that I wouldn't be all over the place. Plus....I am too used to using my hands for gaming, I would hate this probably.
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    Classic NES Makes its Way Back Again

    I second the 'Meh'. I already have quite a few ways to play my NES games on my TV, including my Genesis, SNES, and TG16 games......I don't need this. Although its a cool retro throwback to the good-ole days, its nothing but a inferror locked down money grab by nintendo. No thanks.
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    Facebook Fires Employee Using Facebook Tools to Stalk Women

    I don't get it, I mean, he was using their tools to do the stalking - It's why we have strict policy controls and technical restrictions so employees only access the data they need to do their jobs, why was he able to stalk people at all, when he should only be allowed to have used these tools...
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    Racing with the Ryzen 5 2400G APU at 1080p

    I would certainly say that FPS games are VERY different when it comes to APU gaming. I bought a AMD A10-7700 back when it first came out, and it ran tons of stuff quite well, including Burnout Paradise and NFS 2015, and Homeworld Remastered at almost max settings, however when I tried DOOM, It...
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    To be honest, this makes no sense. The focus and fusion models are highly popular....they have been very successful in the last few years, people love the fusion, myself included. My last 2 cars were ford fusions, and they just announced the 2019 fusion edition, so I don't know where this is...
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    Google Bans the Term 'Kodi' From Autocomplete

    Dude, if we do not protest or say anything, even in the slightest of forms, they will begin to "DICTATE" and operate and ban things on a much higher level than ever before without anyone opposing or standing in their way. Laying down and doing nothing is FAR worse, as it will show them how...
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    Mod Brings 2.2 GB Of 2k Textures to the Original Doom Games

    Oh you saw that too? I thought it was just my connection to youtube stream glitching....
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    Anton Resists the Storm

    LOL, reminds me when I was a kid and I first got the NEW 'NES' on xmas morning.... I was 8....I had breakfast, and we hooked it up in our basement, and I went to work on Gyromite using the little robot guy, and Super Mario Bros........Literally the next thing I father is calling me...
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    Buy a Billionaire a Couch on GoFundMe

    Terry has died from
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    Mod Brings 2.2 GB Of 2k Textures to the Original Doom Games

    Sorry but this looks just like PrBoom....I don't see anything that looks high-res, especially 2.2GB worth. All I see is a modified blood splatter technique. The rest...ehh, looks just like DOOM on a higher resolution. None of those textures look any better to me, and I play the old doom quite a bit.
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    Google Bans the Term 'Kodi' From Autocomplete

    Enjoying that tinfoil hat are we??? Mmmm you bake some good brownies Mama....
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    Tomb Raider Remasters Have Been Cancelled

    Damn, and I was looking forward to watch and play with a upgrade of those fine curves....oh well, back to Anime for me.
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    One Stop For Pr0n and Guns

    This is awesome news, I would think one could have 2 loaded weapons now while in each telling which would go off first......LOL
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    50 Million Facebook Profiles Harvested for Cambridge Analytica in Major Data Breach

    And people keep wondering why I'm not on Facebook....LOL I don't need all of my crap data-mined and tracked EVEN MORE than it already is!! Sheeple don't get that though. I already know that my info is out there, I just don't need it shoved in my face and twisted behind my back...
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    Pizza Hut's New Shoes Let You Order Pizza And Pause Live TV

    Those look hilarious, and....Do they smell like actual pizza, and not feet??
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    Best Buy Closing 250 Small-Format Mobile Phone Stores

    Or a Starbucks....across from a starbucks. (George Carlin joke) yea whoever does the planning or zoning....seriously they don't think these things through.
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    Flight Sim Labs Adds DRM aka Malware to its Airbus

    Yea man, you need open your eyes to the truth!!! LOL
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    Burnout Paradise Returns With $40 Remastered Edition

    I'll wait for the review to see if they screwed it up since its not the original Criterion team. I loved and had pre-ordered it the the first time around on the PS3, and also bought it for the PC as well so I could use my Logitech Force steering wheel. And maybe, just maybe my wheel will work...
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    Flight Sim Labs Adds DRM aka Malware to its Airbus

    And this is exactly why I never store passwords in my damn browser.....I know they are exploitable, and not encrypted.
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    Bitcoin Looking Much Better as it Breaks $11,000

    Damn all those who deterred us in the recent crash...all coins have gained back to a very good percentage, a nice %50 in some cases from the crash. I certainly would have bought some if i wasn't such damn pussy and so damn poor. lol
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    Past Cure Game Demo Free on Steam

    Ahh yea, that was it. Awesome game, but towards the end, the story got confusing for me.
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    I shouldn't have listened to any naysayers about possibly doubting the coin market....they are all now %40 higher and still gaining within the last week....Damnit!!!!
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    Past Cure Game Demo Free on Steam first I was like this looks cool, maybe.....and then towards the end of the trailer, turns into a fat nope. The story becomes way too convoluted for it to flow well enough for me to enjoy it. Kinda reminds me of that insomnia game where you made choices and the main character was this...