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    Where are the RX VEGA VR benchmarks?

    Anyone here with an RX Vega and HTC Vive or Oculus want to fire up Nvidia VCAT VR or SteamVR performance tool? Regards, Taylor Ratliff aka TaylorR137
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    :angst: my new XP cd is scratched (pics 56k=OK)

    comedic value of people thinking they just scored an xp key.
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    :angst: my new XP cd is scratched (pics 56k=OK)

    This thread was sortof a joke, that key wasnt real, it was for a REALLY old microsoft product. The scratch is chopped onto the CD also. I found the people on the [H] are much nicer than say, Genmay (click for the joke thread there)
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    Good WW2 flying game?

    CFS2 was a great game for its day, but most the people online now are aces since its been out several years. At high altitude on the highest settings the game is on par graphics wise with newer games.
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    :angst: my new XP cd is scratched (pics 56k=OK)

    damnit this sucks, the OEM xp i ordered was scratched in the mail. XP Pro full edition big ass deep scratch here you can see where it was scratched THROUGH the paper. damnit this sucks. Mod Edit - Image removed - B.B.S.