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    Linux USB boot: vmlinuz needs to load USB modules - Car PC

    It's a HP t5700, retired cash register. I'd prefere to stick with LinuxICE and Puppy. LinuxICE is a dedicated car pc OS, really clean and simple and works fantastic. Puppy is just there in case I need an actual OS but I'll more than likely never use it. I really just need to be able to load...
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    Linux USB boot: vmlinuz needs to load USB modules - Car PC

    So I haven't really diddled with Linux for many years, I've recently been revisiting the subject because I want to install a car PC and ditch my awful Sirius radio. Anyhow here is the situation. I have a respectable thin client that has 256 megs of onboard flash that's horribly slow. The...
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    FS: SirHarlock's Holiday Rummages

    Message sent bump
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    FS: Computer Parts

    friendly bump :)
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    WTB: Intel Quad and Mb Got a motherboard kicking around, don't want it to collect anymore dust! DFI Infinity P965 Dark
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    FS / FT: DFI Infinity P965-s Dark Mobo - LGA 775

    Another bump. No one for a decent 775 board? I really hate to see this thing go to waste. It's almost $90 new!
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    FS / FT: DFI Infinity P965-s Dark Mobo - LGA 775

    DFI INFINITY P965-S Socket LGA 775. Has a surprising amount of bells and whistles for the price. Really a great motherboard. I've been fiddling with PCs for a pretty long time and in recent years I've come to love DFI for their rock solid reliability. I've used the DFI brand exclusively for the...
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    Old DFI Nforce2 with constant random hangs

    So I dug out all the parts that used to be my main rig (it's actually still in my sig, which hasn't changed since 2004 heh) and hooked it up in my living room with the intention of using it as an HTPC. I quickly realized it wasn't running quite right, it constantly hangs for no apparent reason...
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    crap! one fan's dead, the other seems to be dying

    i used to have this laptop,very good laptop,take care of it. how to take it apart google: I8Kfangui its a program that will monitor your temps and fans, make sure you set your laptop go run 600mhz to avoid extra heat and WATCH YOUR TEMPS! don't worry,this laptop tends to run very...
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    Aussies owning the [H]?

    hmmm,I got another NF2 mobo laying around packed and waiting for an RMA, I should send it out and get it folding...
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    In the top 300

    Moving 53 spots a week, watch out top 300, i'll be with you in about 15 days.
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    Show off your best pics!

    wow,very good. yep, western Greece on an island called Kefalonia
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    FS: new TTGI 550w psu, TI85, Lian Li pc65

    bump for an awsome PSU, I have a 450watt version with a different fan, still an all around fantastic PSU. high quality, unbeatable price, solid rails.
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    FS: 1gig(512x2) Geil Value ram|400mhz@2.5-6-3-3

    Used for only about 3 months, then decided to upgrade. I'd rather sell them as a pair but I'd be willing to part them if I have a buyer lined up for both. $70 a peice shipped USPS Priority OBO heat ebay
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    Question on Gf6800 Ultra Bios

    yes, a GT bios on an Ultra will most definitely boost performance at the same clock speeds, Thugsrock over at anandtech and bleedingedge has been trying to do this since he got his eVGA 6800LE because he was intriqued with the large gains from the GT bios he flashed his card to. the downfall at...
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    eVGA 6800 Ultra AGP - $460 tonight only

    This seems too good to be true? why so cheap? go nuts
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    the Infinitys stock bios allows for 3.3vs to the DIMMs,its PERFECT for BH-5 which actually runs better timings at high speeds(than the TCCD) if it gets enough voltage.
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    the L12 trick is just for the NF-7 I believe, the DFI doesn't need any mods at all to him 500mhz and abve. my old ram did so on the stock motherboard and bios as i said before. it seems, and as its already been stated, the TCCD just wasn't meant for the NF2 :( a sad day indeed
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    this was extremely helpful, thank you so much
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    thats pretty depressing, that my old ram was better than this stuff on this platform...
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    Trust me, I know my motherboard isn't a problem. I took out my Geil Ultra series for this Ultra X. With my old ram I was able to pull 500mhz(loose timings of course) with this motherboard and stock bios, so its def not the problem.
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    Geil, Corsair vs Others Ram for A64 3500+

    this isn't true, theres been a lot of threads on this topics. amd64s are hardly affected by ram speeds or latencies.
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    TCCD woes - Geil Ultra X

    Well I read all the fantastic results everyone gets but mine just seem to performe poorly. This in particular is bothering me, from a review: link 2-2-2-11 @ 240, wtf! I can't even get mine stable running 220 @ 2-2-2-11. does this strike anyone as odd? In order to run 220 my timings...
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    Toms Hardware $300 projector

    thats very nice, does the wide screen lead to complex lens arrays? i hate to spend more money on this little dream of mine for the projector, i've been spending too much lately. maybe this summer i'll purchase those plans and build one. i need to get some money back in my bank account first.
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    Toms Hardware $300 projector

    the Mag 14" LCD, they only have two variants, one with speakers and one without.extremely easy strip, your welcome to post that anywhere you care :) they are hard to get now though, don't make them anymore. i got mine off e-bay brand new for $140. i originally got a KDS 15" LCD(i forget...
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    Toms Hardware $300 projector

    i have a 14" LCD using on an overhead, does that lumen design have instructions for LCDs other than the 15" they advertise? also would i be able to reuse the frenzel from my overhead?
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    Post your desktop

    just a random icon from
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    Post your desktop

    No widescreen, two 17" LCDs :) The website I got the icon from removed it, so here ya go: bonk
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    Post your desktop

    The quicklaunch is called Aquadock. Its a ripoff of objectbar, its strictly for shortcuts so it doesn't get in the way trying to act as a start bar. It also uses 100k of ram when its not being hovered over, and its free and doesn't need to be installed. Its a bitch finding PNG icons to use on...
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    Post your desktop

    One 80mm silent fan in all my dedicated folders keep my PCs more than adequetely cooled with 45C max core temps. Servers generally use large fans due to multiple processors and extreme hot running high RPM SCSI drives.
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    Post your desktop

    The average CPU life is huge, folding will hardly make a difference. Changes in temp, the shrinking and expanding of the die, shortens a CPUs life moreso than load. When you actually USE your CPU on and off your subjecting it to constant changes in temp. At least with a folding rig the CPU...
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    Free CPU Followup

    wish i had waited, i lurked in the trading forum for 2 weaks until i found the applebred i wanted for a good price. i guess if i had waited a week longer i would have had a free processor for my dedicated folder :)
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    Whats the best deal you've ever gotten??

    "Etymotic ER6 isolator for $40 shipped 3 day" DIE!