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    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    Both people in this argument are resorting to personal insults, but Mope54 does have a point. If you are going to say the game is crap without even taking advantage of the free week of flight demos? Well, you're actually the one 'invested' in the game, to borrow an expression. In this case...
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    *smashes Icon_Charlie over the head with a heavy object while his wife distracts Icon with her cuteness, then robs Icon_Charlie of every last bloody penny he had on him!* :)
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    Smart Speakers are Apparently the Next Big Thing

    In this sense, conservative means the old definition before partisan politics clobbered that meaning. Old-fashioned, averse to change, cautious.
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    Smart Speakers are Apparently the Next Big Thing

    Eh, why are you trying to use a smart speaker for an entertainment system, anyway? These things aren't intended on playing your music in high fidelity. They're the mouths of virtual assistants. While one CAN play music, it's never intended to be what you're trying to make it be, so of course...
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    Sony Demands Removal of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal's "Intimacy Mode" on PS4

    Might be a good idea to replace the image on the front page. Put it behind a click or something, labeled clearly NSFW. I'd hate to come across that image when reading a tech blog in polite company. ;)
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    Ajit Pai: States Can't Enact Net Neutrality Rules

    Sure we can! And it's a relatively easy, if time gated process. Step 1) Vote for Democrats in 2018 to lay the groundwork for Step 2. Step 2) Vote for Democrats for President, Senate, and House in 2020. Step 3) Ajit Pai loses the gavel as one of his colleagues or himself is forced to step...
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    California Lawmakers Pass Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law

    How's about this: WHen I turn off VPN on my router, Youtube TV stutters on a regular basis. My internet is...Comcast. Could be modem or router, right? Nah. Turn on VPN, and suddenly Youtube TV is smooth (from California, because my end-point is a non-shared IP in Cali, which makes me wonder if...
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    A Gated Box Only for You

    If I were to get something like this, I would want her more like Cortana. Less pretending to be interested in me as a romantic interest. More pretending to be interested in my well being. Of course, then you start getting close to that edge -- how do you tell the AI that just acts like it's...
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    If you think it's possible to make a refrigerated case of that size for $500, then I invite you to try. I'm sure you'll find customers who would be willing to buy that. :)
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    Learn to Fly and Steal with Your PC

    I can believe that people learn how to fly an aircraft well enough from a video game well enough to get a real one off the ground. Landing it can be a bit harder, especially if your goal is to exit this world in a blaze of glory after joyriding with the thing. I just hope that this doesn't...
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    That thing makes my Mozart TX look small! No wonder it's $500!
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    Thief Caught Social Engineering Cellular Providers to Steal SIM Cards for Port Out Scam it me or could this also be used by state actors for nefarious purposes? Hijack legitimate US cellular accounts and then use them as part of a telephone campaign to push the sort of political nonsense that's been flourishing on Facebook? We've got to get a better handle on our technology.
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    Robocall Firm Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of US Voters' Records

    And this is why we can't have good things...and before you think I'm taking cdabc123 to task, let me be clear. YOU BOTH are why we can't have good things!
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    Building Blocks of Life Found on Mars

    The Big Bang happened _billions_ of years ago, as in 17 billion. Earth and Mars were not around when that happened. The Sun wasn't around when that happened. In fact, NOTHING was around when that happened. At least nothing in this universe. Because that's what created everything. At least in...
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    Pluto is a Giant Comet

    "My Very Educated Mother Cannot Just Serve Us Nine Pizzas. Hundreds May Eat." Mercury Venus Earth Mars Ceres Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto. Haumea Make-Make Eris (And it gets stupid-crazy when the hundreds actually sit down at the table...)
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    A Startup Is Pitching a Mind-Uploading Service That Is “100 Percent Fatal”

    Obvious troll is obvious. Well fed troll is well fed. Damn, why did we feed obvious troll?
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    Tesla Makes Quick Work of Puerto Rico Hospital Solar Power Relief Project

    There was a news article about a Puerto Rican hotel owner who had installed solar on his facility in San Juan. It weathered the storm beautifully and is now powering his neighborhood. So, I'd say a well designed solar array could take what Maria dished out and keep working afterwards.
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    NASA Pays the Price of Being Subjected to a Massive, Expensive Rocket

    Too bad that reason isn't "Because we load all hundred of them up into this rocket and shoot them to the moon." :)
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    Facebook Repeatedly Trending Fake News Since Firing Human Editors

    Ironically, this was implemented because there were accusations of political bias by the human moderator crew. Facebook predictable overreacted to it, and now, trending news is picked by AI, which can't tell the fake from the real.
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    NASA Test Fires Solid Rocket Booster for Megarocket

    This will go up once every year, at best, compared to a hoped for rate of once a month for STS (shuttle) and a more realistic number of 6 times a year. Don't worry about it. Even rockets are getting more frugal. ;P
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    CEOs' Pay Should Be Cut If Firms Fail To Protect Against Hacks

    If these fines and fees were directed towards identify monitoring of affected users, I would support this revenue stream...if I were in the UK of course. But since everyone's screaming 'wasteful spending!', nothing will ever be done.
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    Will Self-Driving Cars Destroy The Auto Insurance Industry?

    Cars won't be programmed to save lives. They'll be programmed to drive properly. Saving lives will merely be the side effects of a successful program to drive the car. Yes. Really it is. And it's silly, too. Just like the car full of babies vs. car full of nuns examples that keep cropping up...
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    Will Self-Driving Cars Destroy The Auto Insurance Industry?

    In addition to the other replies, my thought is that eventually, you'll have to manually drive cars either in VR or in a tightly controlled track. From home to work, I'd expect that your car will be automated, and there will be no steering wheel at all. Of course, if some models of traffic flow...
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    Will Self-Driving Cars Destroy The Auto Insurance Industry?

    Every time we have a self-driving car discussion, this silly false dichotomy comes up. Why must the car hit the child or die in a crash with an oncoming car? Couldn't the self-driving car pull into the lane the oncoming car pulled out of? Couldn't it signal the oncoming car to return to its...
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    Microsoft U-Turn On 'Nasty Trick' Pop-Up

    Ad revenue, a cut from the Microsoft Store for transactions on new software (of course, MS needs to push the store more, hence advertising in your start menu), and, probably the most altruistic part, making Windows easier to support and maintain. But yes. Not altruistic overall.
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    The Average Website Is Now As Big As Doom

    Indeed, I'm not impressed, nor am I 'missing something' here. I think the author is missing a few things. Graphics for Doom were impressive for its time, but today, would be a postage stamp on any monitor made in the past 10 years. Doom originally ran on VGA mode 13h, which was 320 x 200 x 256...
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    Microsoft Build 2016 Live Blog

    One generally doesn't use M$ unless they are complaining about how much Microsoft's software costs. :) 270m devices isn't that much of a reach when you consider that a typical household may have 2 or more devices. Like the folks here have been saying. 2 adults, each with a desktop and a...
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    Experts Warn Lawmakers About Self-Driving Cars: 'Someone Is Going To Die'

    Having read the linked article, I can't help but ask: Why do the major automation companies keep falling for this false dichotomy. There's a child playing in the road? On an overpass? And your only option is to run the child over or go over the edge of the overpass? How about the self-driving...
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    Experts Warn Lawmakers About Self-Driving Cars: 'Someone Is Going To Die'

    Do you know why there's supposed to be 1 car length per 10mph? Because you're human, and it takes time for the signals to travel from your eyes to your brain, through processes in your brain, and then along your spine to your feet. Autonomous vehicles reduce that time by an order of magnitude...
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    Experts Warn Lawmakers About Self-Driving Cars: 'Someone Is Going To Die'

    Of course there is no point in continuing. You have no intention on seeing anyone else's position but your own.