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    Western Digital says hackers stole data in ‘network security’ breach

    This is way beyond a ho hum breach reporting. A ton of their services are down including MyCloud. This is a major deal unfortunately.
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Voodoo Banshee. Stuck a fan on its little heatsink. Come to think of it, that is probably the first "custom" thing I ever did to a computer component!
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    Is Corsair still a good brand for PSU?

    Thanks Dan. Will check out
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    OK. Second thing today that I would have never thought existed. That case is cool but crazy.
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    Mouse pad gaming table

    Yup another vote for IKEA. You can find a ton of applications for their furniture.
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    Loudest keyboard in existance?

    That keyboard sound is beyond obnoxious. I could only take a few seconds. How anyone could type on that all day is truly unfathomable to me!
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    Is Corsair still a good brand for PSU?

    I sure do miss the [H] PSU reviews. Seems like Corsair is still pretty solid but any new kids on the block that are better?
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    How significant factor in HDD life is its steep temperature gradient?

    I have pulled drives out of computers that were literally too hot to handle with your bare hand and had been running at temps like for years and years. I too find the biggest indicator of likely failure to be the drive line and most specifically saw a ton of issues with Seagate drives a couple...
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    A hot swap dock that sits in a 5.25 bay? It would honestly never occur to me that such a thing existed. One of the many things I like about lurking around [H]
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    GPU - diminishing returns reached

    I've been feeling like it has been diminishing returns for a long time now. I remember when I would get upgrade fever back in the day. Now it's a lot of meh, what I've got is good enough....
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    M76: Thank you for the review. I was headed for some ill-spent 90's nostalgia money. Will wait for $5 (maybe just $3.50!)
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    Do you feel gamers have become "soft?"

    I was an extremely hardcore PC gamer from the mid 90's through about 2003 when my business started getting really busy and I had no time. I've gotten way back into gaming the last couple of years and I do notice that the games seem easier than they used to be but that's just fine with me since...
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    How much RAM you got?

    Wow some true [H]ness from so many people having 32 gigs. I don't think I have ever run out with 16 in the rig.
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    Need server 2012 R2 .iso that is full version and not evaluation version

    Yeah I figured I was going to be down to that option and yes, the license key is the spendy bit, not the stupid .iso. Just does not make any sense it is not available since it is useless without a key. I was hoping to take advantage of the three day weekend to mess around with this. So much for...
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    Need server 2012 R2 .iso that is full version and not evaluation version

    I am trying to experiment with doing an in-place upgrade of a server from going from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 but the only .iso files I can find online for Server 2012 R2 are the evaluation version and apparently the evaluation version cannot be used to do the in place upgrade. I don't get why it is...
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    Californian ‘RoboCop’ had to handle its first crime, and it didn’t go well

    Reminded me of this synth sound from the intro to this video:
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    Microsoft Criticizes FCC Broadband Report

    What are the respective prices?
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    WarHammer is free

    Thanks for the heads up! Just signed up and gots me a free game! :)
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    Pass the Visine Please

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    New Online Cancellation Law Benefits Many Disgruntled Subscribers

    Yep. Make them BLEED money. That is the only thing they care about.
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    Ubisoft’s Executive VP Wants to End Finite Experiences

    "I'm of the opinion that a fully fleshed out game that has a substantial experience and gives you a feeling of accomplishment is much better than some never-ending story line that drags on forever." QFT! Perfectly stated.
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    Microbes Could Turn Human Waste Into Food For Astronauts

    Congratulations sir! You win the Intarwebs for the day!
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    Let Your PC Set Mood Lighting Automatically

    Holds me back too. It's just so hard to justify for something that is just about quite literally eye candy.
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    Microsoft’s Edge Browser Is in Serious Trouble

    Ha! I was going to post the same thing. It is great for downloading Chrome!
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    Energy Company Accuses Anti-Pipeline Video Game of Eco-Terrorism

    This is just going to cause Streisand Effect for a game nobody would have ever known about otherwise. Good job Energy Builders!
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    FCC Finds “Effective Competition” in US Wireless Market

    Just adding to the chorus of consumers unable to comprehend how anything this man is going to do is going to help us. I think it would be just about physically impossible. Like it would be counter to his very DNA. Boo hiss!
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    Cox to Begin Charging $50 Extra to Avoid Usage Caps This Week

    Wow that's crazy good. Where you at? As for the accuracy of the meter, I turned on metering in my router just to compare and the router and the Cox meter are pretty much identical. Still shocked at how little U use. I suppose if I was a heavy streamer that would tilt the equation a lot but...
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    Cox to Begin Charging $50 Extra to Avoid Usage Caps This Week

    They just introduced caps in Phoenix last month (2 month grace period then they start enforcing). Honestly I was surprised (actually I was utterly shocked) to find out I only use about 250 gigs a month. I run my IT business out of the house so I'm downloading tons of stuff for clients as well as...
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    Dubai Deploys First Robotic Police Officer

    "Sooo, it's a Windows XP kiosk in the form of a tossed store mannequin with a badge and a cap? I feel safer already!:)" You sir have it exactly. This is up there with some of the dumbest/lamest ideas ever. This seems almost like an April Fool's joke it's so bad!
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    Uber Driver’s SUV Crashes into Gas Station, Explodes in Ball of Flames

    Did anybody notice there was someone gassing up in the same lane on the left side pump? Methinks some delayed onset PTSD once they see the footage and how close they were to the fireball of doom!
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    MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Teardown

    To be fair, that is the repairability score and almost all the Apple stuff scores a 1 or 2. Still got a kick out of this: "Nearby we spot a water damage indicator sticker, waiting patiently for the day you spill iced tea on your Touch Bar and it can fulfill its purpose in life by turning pink."
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    Flushing Liquid Mercury Down The Toilet

    Ditto. I was thinking 2 minutes TOPS before even starting to watch. And, um yep..... :/
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    And at least in the case of the couple that reported it, it was a frickin box of FABRIC SOFTENER! Oh yeah, great black market re-sale potential on that. Gonna be a millionaire in no time with my shady laundry product resale bidness!
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    Yep been to the burn 2 times: In 2000 and 2003. The dome has been a fixture there going back a long long way. Kind of counter to the spirit of the festival so pretty cool that the T-Rex silliness came to the party.
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    $60 19.5" ACER monitor @ Best Buy

    EDIT: My bad, ACER monitor (NOT AOC) . Mods please edit thread title if you get a chance. Stumbled on the deal while looking for a monitor for a client. Certainly not an awesome monitor but just fine for an el cheapo to throw on a server or let the kids beat on...
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    It's World Password Day!

    Just another vote Ms. White is the is beyond awesome. At age 94 you can see that she is not reading off of cue cards and memorized all that dialogue and facial reactions to punch it up. Plenty of overpaid brats that can't do that at 24, much less 94. Truly she is a living treasure to this country.
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    Mushkin Previews $500 4TB SSD

    Am I missing something or do they (Mushkin) NOT even have just a good old 2TB drive available? Why kill yourself trying to do this 4tb when it seems to me they could make a far bigger impact by putting out an inexpensive but solid 2TB drive. :confused:
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    Police Search Uber Offices In Hong Kong And Arrest 5 Drivers

    Agreed. WTF? Do the cab companies have some kind of uber (heh!) super dark money PAC that is spreading all of this? The only major interest (only interest PERIOD, frankly) I can think of that would be opposed to Uber is cab companies. Are they their own evil empire that we don't know about? I...