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    Suggestions for a laptop. (800$)

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    cd writer problem

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    win 98 problem

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    hdd question ?

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    ftp access ?

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    Ati and far cry

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    what is vpn?

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    Dying 6600GT?

    I thinks its more of a software issue. Any issues in other games ?
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    128 mb or 256 mb on AGP Card

    Your best bet at 300$ would be an AIW X800XT for 306$, if you want to go the Nvidia way, yes the 6800 GT would be the best card.
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    Which agp card?

    Not in this case, an AIW X800XT is cheaper then the normal X800XT hence a better buy, in any case a much better option would be to wait and upgrade to PCIE the 7800 GT at 320$ gives a much better performance....
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    Neckband Headphones for music.

    Earclips or earbud phone, are very uncomfortable to me, hence I wold prefer a neckband headphone. Any one has used the Sennheiser headfone ?
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    Which agp card?

    X800 XT AIW would be your best bet. However if you are looking for a stop gap arrangement, a 6600GT retailing below 150$ is a good deal too...
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    Neckband Headphones for music.

    Hows Sennheiser PMX40 ? Any other suggestions below 20$.Criteria being : 1. Sound Quality 2. Comfort
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    A64 vs Pentium M. ( Power consumption )

    Thanks people, You have been of great help. I just have one last query the price differential between a Celery M and Pentium M is pretty huge. Is the performance diff between the two as high as Celeron ( Northwood proccy) and the desktop Pentium ( Northwood ) core... ?
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    A64 vs Pentium M. ( Power consumption )

    People have kept saying this to me that the Mobile A64 consumes lots of power compared to a Pentium M. I am planning for a notebook, and am really confused as to which processor would offer the best bang for buck, the purpose is mainly for project work, and Internet surfing hence battery...
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    Suggestions for a laptop. (800$)

    Thanks for the replies. The tigerdirect link had a refurbished laptop, hence thats outta question. I have shortlisted a few laptops if you guys can comment on them it will be great. Also I would like to know how is their build quality, after sales service etc...
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    Suggestions for a laptop. (800$)

    How is this deal ?
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    Suggestions for a laptop. (800$)

    Hmm I was looking for an AMD proccy ;) and an ATI Chipset (for the 2d quality) and occasional low quality gaming. Also eventually she will be sending the laptop to me in India and Dell's service here is on the bad side. How do the HP or Compaq notebooks compare to Dell ?
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    Suggestions for a laptop. (800$)

    My sister currently is in NY, and she requires a laptop within 800$, since I am not too familiar with the prices in US, can anyone recommend a good laptop for the same. Also am not too sure where this topic would go.. So kindly excuse me if its in the wrong forum.
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    Athlon 900, or P3 933: Which one is faster?

    The Pentium will be a lil faster, also early Athlon chips had some heating issues. ANd yes a P3 somehows seems faster then a P4 williamette chips which I think are one of the most hopelss proccies ever.
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    Need Help Chosing Card

    Geforce 4 ti 4200 blindly, fx 5200 is slower then a GF3 too...
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    OMG!!! THE 7800 GTX IS A FRAUD!!!

    Whats with the title ? 7800 GTX is an individual ? So what if its based on nv4x cores, Nvidia has spent millions on the R&D of Nv4x series, and you think they will discard it in one generation ? ATI has been using the r3xx tech uptil now too are they *frauds* too ?
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    High Res pics of my new BFG 7800GTX

    600$ !!!! :eek: :eek: Thats more then most ppl in my country earn in an year... ;)
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    Best PCI-e Card for $100?

    ^^ Some ? Not a single ATI card supports Dx 9.0c feature till now. Again Nv4x performance with Sm 3.0 is debatable...
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    n00b Help: Need to Find Direct3D compatable fot Intel?

    That game will definitely not run on that system, even if it does it will stutter like hell. Regarding your new comp, you say you are having hardware problems, you can post it here someone might be able to help you.
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    I dont know if this was posted earleir..

    Mods if this doesnt belong here. Then I am sorry kindly move it at the appropriate place.
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    Artifacts on Dungeon Siege LOA using Sapphire Radeon x800xtPE

    Update the game with Latest patches. Also use the ATI tool application and see if you get artifacts in them too.
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    OpenGL Probs

    Hi I have this prob since the start I cannot play Open GL games at 85 HZ they always revert back to 60 HZ. Am Using MSI Radeon 9800 pro. I have tried CAT drivers, am using Omega 4.12 right now with Rage 3d Tweak, have locked the resolution at 85 Hz through RAge 3d yet it doesnt help... Am...
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    Cant access yahoo mail through ADSL connection

    Nope no success on the server too. Could there be some issues with the ADSL modem ? They were working perfect just a week back...
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    Cant access yahoo mail through ADSL connection

    Hello folks, At work we have about 10 computers, loaded with Windows 98SE OS. Each of the system has Norton Anti-virus 2003 (updated) as well as Zone Alarm firewall. One of the System acts as a server and the other systems connect to the Internet through an HTTP Proxy. We have a 512 KBPS...
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    How do you configure a proxy server in MIRC ?

    Hello folks, Here at work we access the net through an proxy server, how do I configure the MIRC client so I can make it connect ?
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    OpenGL and refresh rates

    I have a Radeon 9800 pro, the prob is whenever I play Open GL games like Doom 3 or Quake 3 arena the refresh rates drops from 85 Hz to 60 Hz and it hurts the eyes a lot? How do I increase the refresh rates?
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    asus k8v or k8v-x ?

    which is a better board in performance asus k8v or asus k8v-x.the extra sata ports on the k8v are of no use to me so do not consider that.and is there any decrease in build quality of the board from k8v to k8v-x.the price difference is 40 $ here in india.
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    ati radeon 9550 problem

    i have already tried catalyst drivers 4.2, 4.10 and also omega drivers have not tried updating mobo drivers will try that
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    ati radeon 9550 problem

    nfsu is demanding but not quake 3 i am facing same problem in quake 3 also i tried lowering the setting to 640*480 all settings low.
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    ati radeon 9550 problem

    bump anyone
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    ati radeon 9550 problem

    i have a friend who is facing a problem.he has p4 1.9Ghz,256 mb ddr ram,club 3d ATI 9550 (non-se) 256 mbvram.i installed nfs underground the game is not smooth like it keeps on stuttering it works smoothly for 10 seconds and then ther is a sudden drop in fps for a couple of seconds this keeps on...
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    good steering wheel with force feedback ?

    is it momo or imho and how much does it cost ?