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    Ikea desk gallery

    Oh yeah, believe me, I am an owner of 5 Jerker desks. I have five that I've collected over the years. I don't even have an Ikea where I live lol. I have a Craigslist alert for ikea desks and scoop them up when I find them.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    I really miss when this thread was active. Has everyone moved on to r/battlestations or something?
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    I need a Blu-Ray writer that won't die after 6 months to 1 year

    Very good to know that your LGs are still working. They actually have really good reviews on Newegg but if you search by the 1 star, there are also quite a lot of people who've had them die in a short period of time. I can attest to that. I have had two LGs die less than a year old.
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    I need a Blu-Ray writer that won't die after 6 months to 1 year

    I don't think I've had an optical drive that lasted since the days when Plextor still made their own hardware and when Pioneer had their slot-load optical drives. Can anyone recommend me a Blu-Ray writer/reader that will last and not die after a very small amount of time?
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    VMWare Workstation port forwarding and NAT

    Does anyone know if it's possible to port forward to a NAT'd subnet within VMWare Workstation? I have a subnet, let's say which is the main subnet and within VMWare Workstation I created a nat'd subnet of I can ping the subnet from my locally. I tried port...
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    Are the Case Labs cases the cream of the crop?

    I bought the Corsair 900D based upon looks and then started reading reviews and cancelled the order. I am eyeing the cases by Case Labs... anyone have any good or bad to say about them?
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    Looking to replace my WRT54G Wireless-G Router

    Ubiquiti is good stuff. The EdgeRouter Lite handles my 300/20 Road Runner connection like a champ.
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    Home Exchange 2007 server port 25 blocked

    On a home connection you have realized they won't open port 25 but they also won't do your reverse DNS which is necessary so your emails don't get automatically marked as spam.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Got myself a 2408 to go along with my U2410s.
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    Calibrating U2410 and 2408?

    Is it possible to calibrate these two so the color profiles look close enough? I have two 2410s and just picked up a used 2408 and the color profiles are way off. I know they use different panels, one being IPS and the other S-PVA but is there anyway to match them so that they're close enough...
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    Email hosting worth my money?

    How many accounts do you need? Can you live with aliases vs. actual inboxes? I would use Google Apps if you were already using it or Office 365.
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    Anyone know if all keys on the Logitech 910 are mech?

    I felt the keys on the Logitech 910 at my local BB and let me just say I fell in love instantly. I can type extremely fast. It's a weird feeling of cherry reds but with a lot less bottoming out feeling. Anyone know if all the keys are mechanical or if there are rubber dome in the function...
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    Weird issue with Brocade switch appears to be throttling ports

    Looked at link speed, tried different options, 10, 100, 1000, auto, etc. No change. Will check about firmware. Last but not least the Synology when connected to a phone uploads quite fast, we're talking 5-10MBps easily. Although I did play with link speed and tcp settings as well.
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    Weird issue with Brocade switch appears to be throttling ports

    We have a Brocade GS648P switch which has 3 vlans on it. One being a generic vlan, the second is "management" but should be actually data and then there is a third which is our voice. There are certain ports that are trunked and in vlans 2 and 3 (voice/data). If you plug a computer into the...
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    Synology 1512+ offsite backup to Amazon S3 extremely slow

    We have a 20/50 connection and speed tests throughout the entire USA get consistent at least 30Mbps upload. FTPing to servers in California we see the 30Mbps upload get maxed out. We have a Synology 1512+ that's being used as a VMWare ESXi datastore and also a file server along with backup...
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    Really bizarre perfect storm combo of Windows 8.1, IE11 and TW Telcom DNS server

    It's fixed as of this AM. I feel you I know most don't like IE but I still love it no matter what. It's my first love.
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    Really bizarre perfect storm combo of Windows 8.1, IE11 and TW Telcom DNS server

    I'm wondering if anyone out there who uses TW Telcom as their ISP and utilize their primary DNS server of is having problems with Windows 8.1 Pro workstations that utilize IE11. I have confirmed this is a problem on two separate networks. At first I thought it was just our office...
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    Looking two add two additional monitors, already have Dell U2410

    Gotcha, thanks! I guess I'll look forward to upgrading to a 30" monitor :)
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    Looking two add two additional monitors, already have Dell U2410

    I'm wondering what size monitor would allow me to have a U2410 in the center and I'd like to have two more monitors, one on the left and one on the right of the U2410 but in portrait mode. Is there anyone particular size that would be a perfect fit? This is what I'm trying to accomplish...
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    Direct X backwards compatibility?

    Are video cards such as an AMD 7470 which says it is compatible with DirectX 11, is it also compatible with DirectX 9 and 10?
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    Recommend a router for site to site VPN

    Really depends on the requirements. I have this guy who works from home but needed a site to site VPN so his phone would work with the network/software and I setup two Buffalo DD-WRT routers with OpenVPN and it works pretty snazzy.
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    How do you lube your fans? (Without the oil leaking)

    Found this thread sorry to necro but have an HP with a jacked up fan with literally no replacement available. Hoping to salvage this for a client of mine using some Singer oil.
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    vSphere v6.0 Beta 2 Now Open

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Logitech G9 Replacement

    I went from Microsoft Explorer 3.0 for years, from its first iteration up until they re-released it a few years ago. Then bought the G700s on a whim and it's awesome but has some quirts in its software. I have to RMA it as I recently bought the G502 and although the sniper button is kinda a...
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    Need help finding new wireless router...

    What if you go with a WAP instead something like a Unifi unit? It's relatively inexpensive and gets great coverage.
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    Error joining Win Server 2008's domain (possible DNS issue)

    Use a sub domain of a domain you actually own. Microsoft does not recommend .local anymore.
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    Outlook 2013 Google Apps IMAP: The item cannot be moved. It was already ...

    Google Apps is weird like that. There are no real "folders" per se. It's all just labels and IMAP + Outlook = problems. If you go into the is the email under the labeled folder and inbox? It's a clusterfuck to be honest. If you remove the account from Outlook and re-add it, does...
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    Best DVD-R or +R media out there?

    Nah definitely not the burner. I've used my internal and a USB external and this 100 pack of disks haven't had much luck. I've used my work computer with its internal and even my MacBook. My old batch of TY still works great, no coasters at all.
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    Best DVD-R or +R media out there?

    I haven't looked into this for a while but Taiyo was the best or JVC. I bought some Verbatims from Best Buy and almost half of the disks were bad. Is there any one brand that you guys would recommend?
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    DSL speds hitting FiOS speeds - explinations??

    When I had Kaspersky installed it would do this for whatever reason. Speed test results would go sky high. The real test is try downloading something like a service pack or something.
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    Replacing key caps on Cooler Master QuickFire TKL

    I bought the QuickFire TKL since I thought my K95 was going bad. I got the QF today and saw that it came with wasd key caps. I used the puller and then as I was putting the new red caps on I noticed the caps didn't go on so easily. I pulled out the little booklet that came with the kb and it...
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    Corsair Silver K70 - Dead LEDs

    I have a K95 bought back in May of 2013 and I have a single dead LED on the C key but other than that it's been ok.
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    Corsair K95 has gone bad

    Yeah it's kinda weird but after blowing out the key with my DataVac it seems to be working fine. You think it is a defect though? Still contemplating RMAing it or not.
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    Corsair K95 has gone bad

    Rarely eat around the computer since this one is for work. However it does get a tad bit dusty just in general. Yes indeed they are reds. Well thanks for the help, I guess I'll keep my eye on things.
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    Corsair K95 has gone bad

    I blew it out yesterday and so far it's been behaving, I'm wondering if it's even worth it to RMA or if it was just dust or some particle causing it to do that?
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    Corsair K95 has gone bad

    Just tried it today, it's helping albeit a little. Still might RMA it though.
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    Red or Brown Switch?

    I've been using the Corsair K95 with red switches and I love them. I went to Best Buy this evening and found the Logitech 710+ with brown switches and it was a lot more mushy than the reds. Almost felt like the dome style keyboards.
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    Corsair K95 has gone bad

    L key is registering intermittently. I started noticing spelling mistakes and then realized it was the l key not registering. It registers sometimes and sometimes types ll instead of l. Hoping to get an advanced RMA done with Corsair but in the mean time bought the Cooler Master QuikFire CM...
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    Server 2008R2 DNS problems

    How do you update root hints? Can I just tell it to server to copy from and be good?
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    Server 2008R2 DNS problems

    I run a Server 2008R2 AD/DNS/DHCP at home for learning purposes and for some websites I need to use DNS forwarders as opposed to just using the root hints. Is there a reason for this and how might I figure out what's causing the underlying problem? I have a few websites that won't load...