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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    Nah, the BIOS is constantly re-ordering the HDD boot priority on its own. Total PITA.
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    My daily machine is still an NF4 LP, with the same CPU that was the first AMD 65nm chip to break 4GHz... :eek:
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    Forum is "double" posting.

    Plus posting and loading pages is quite slow. I got a database error a few min ago. Something is up.
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    I keep seeing this, and I'm not sure if I really understand. Why does a reduced subpixel size have a negative impact on lifespan? :confused:
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    Your leg is flat? :confused: I much prefer the curved design, in concept. :)
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    No Galaxy S2 coming to Verizon!

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    No Galaxy S2 coming to Verizon!

    Seems to me that Verizon needs to do some PR damage control, and quickly, before all the people who were waiting for the GS2 go to another carrier :o
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    Muscle and Memory = Bad combination (pic)

    I'm thinking the same thing. Take the chips off the heatsink, line them up verrry carefully on the pcb, put a heat gun to it and see if you can resolder those back on. Worst case, you're out some time and have a rather warm hand.
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    Love your socket 754?

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    Maximum voltage for DDR2?

    Of course they're being weaselly with their answers. Lifespan drops with increased heat and voltage, but who knows how long they would have lasted originally, or how well cooled your components are. for reference, this is with 2.65 or 2.7v set in the BIOS iirc, and that ram is still running...
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    Which Keyboard should I get...

    To make things more difficult :p
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    help find Mboard to fit ballistics tracer ram?

    I used to say this a lot, and I guess it still applies... well, one pic is worth a thousand words really: Last I checked, they still worked, and that's after being abused with 2.5-2.8v in benching sessions. Also, Crucial's warranty is great, thank god. I've never had an issue getting dead...
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    3x2GB Kingston 2000C8 @DDR3-2191Mhz 7-7-7-21 1T

    Indeed, sometimes that little setting that you normally overlook is the one that is holding back the system. I've had that happen all too many times. Good to see you still around and kicking ass with memory, I remember when running 32M on DDR2 over 600mhz was awesome.. things have come a long...
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    Lower vdimm makes higher clocks MORE stable?!

    More heat and higher power demand on a probably marginal voltage regulation circuit are two major issues working against you when going to higher voltage.. Try a fan on the area? :D I was doing this for the longest time to keep my Ballistix cool:
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    Anyone have a contact for Micron Technology???

    Post a pic of the ram for us?
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    So no Cool n Quiet feature for Phenom II users and Windows XP?

    Really? That sucks :( I'll have to look into it when I finally upgrade from my 5000+ :eek:
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    So no Cool n Quiet feature for Phenom II users and Windows XP?

    I've been using this for a long time. It really helps when you want to overclock and run CnQ at the same time. ;)
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    AMD TWKR Black Edition Hands-On

    It's been that way since the first 65nm dies with K8. The issue there was finding one that could take the cold well enough to actually make it somewhere useful before freaking out. Kyle, it's funny how much things have changed in the last year. I remember how excited I was to be the first one...
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    Blistering ICE Cold FAASSST DDDR2 for 550+ FSB

    If you don't mind potentially replacing your ram relatively frequently, go with Ballistix. They are by far the best DDR2 I've ever tested.. I still have this set.. hasn't died yet, but then it's not normally in use :p
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    Official Phenom and AM2/AM2+ Overclocking Guide

    Has anyone entertained the idea of keeping a database of cpu overclocks like we used to do around here ages ago?
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    Does anyone make these memory modules?

    They are. Micron makes chips that have a density to support an 8GB module... Not sure why we're not seeing these anywhere, except in registered form. I guess it's just too much load on the memory controller still :(
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    Does anyone make these memory modules?

    Damn, how did I miss that? Sorry :( However, I've had experience with a set of registered DDR2 in a normal desktop board (dfi lanpart) around a year back.. it worked fine. Of course, YMMV, and with a set that expensive, I don't think I'd want to take the risk of it not working.
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    Does anyone make these memory modules?

    crucial comes to the rescue, the only place i could find in 2 min of searching that sells 4gb modules :o
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    DDR3 Command Rate - 1T or 2T

    It is also very dependent upon how strong your memory controller is. Just like back in the A64 days when there were a select few memory controllers that could clock 4 sticks of ddr1 really high, and some got stuck at like 220mhz with otherwise identical hardware.
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    D9 FTB.... Looking for some help

    D9's come in all different flavors.. that designation only means that it's an FBGA production chip from micron. Could be anything from mobile sdram to ddr3 ;) That said, I'd keep it at 4-4-4 or 5-5-5 for the primary timings. From my testing ages ago (with a K8 system :(), most chips gave best...
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    1066mhz showing as 533mhz?

    It does actually, I rub off a good one after I correct people online :confused: And you're still wrong. While the memory stick may be able to "transmit" 1066 million times per second (not bits!), that is the entire module. One chip, no. The chip's bandwidth depends on it's internal layout...
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    HotHardware not [H], here's a good idea...

    In case anyone else didn't know, many review sites are totally clueless. :(
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    1066mhz showing as 533mhz?

    WRONG. 1066mhz is the effective speed of the bus. The memory cells themselves run at 1/2 the actual speed of the bus to make it 266mhz, which is really 533mhz. For example: DDR400: Bus speed is 200mhz, cell speed is 200mhz. It's double data rate, so effective bus speed is 400mhz...
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    Phase change system

    what are your goals for the system? if you're just going for screens and short-ish cpu tests with no intention of actual stability, build something like the test rig i made a while back, and just use dry ice or LN2 to cool the cpu. much cheaper and colder when done right ;)...
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    crucial ballistix RMA

    wow, i dissapear for a year, and ballistix are STILL crapping out all over the place? pathetic. too bad they're so damned fast :o oh well. not much good if you have to replace them all the time also, use as little voltage as possible and keep good airflow over the sticks. they'll...
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    Eclipse's Memory purchasing guide

    you're not the only one out of the game :(
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    LG L246W

    the HDMI input on the monitor doesn't accept sound afaik, you have to plug in a cord to the sound in.
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    Is it ethical to use a public forum for monitor promotion?

    it happens disturbingly often with overclocking oriented gear like memory and video cards :(
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    Is there ANY reason to buy an AMD chip?

    you're obviously doing it wrong :p both X2 chips i've owned could do 3ghz pretty easily on air. one was one of the 'slower' F2 chips too, the other is my ridiculous 5000+ that can do 3ghz with less than stock voltage :eek: it's really about your luck i guess. Tom, that's a pretty sweet...
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    5000+ BE overclocking and QnC

    i have a 5000+ BE and cool&quiet working. i'm using rmclock. you may have to fiddle with stuff in the bios to get it working properly, but it does work :D usually you have to do stuff like set the voltage and multiplier to auto and enable cool&quiet in the bios also, the sweet thing about the...
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    RMA'd my mushkin bh-5

    you mean bh-5 or utt-bh? :D
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    Crucial Memory… Never Again.

    as much as the older guys around here know how much i love crucial, i have to agree with this statement. they've been having failure issues with their memory running at their specified settings far too long now, it's really not acceptable. however, when the sticks do work, holy shit do they...
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    Which VA monitors has the least "black crush" effect?

    that's because the LG is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest 24" *VA panel around in terms of input lag ;)
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    multi-card problem - geforce4 + geforce 8800GT

    i know it won't work with vista. that's out of the question. there's no reason why it won't work in xp aside from nvidia dropping support for the older cards in their drivers, and the old drivers overwriting some of the files the newer drivers use. i guess what i'm looking for is a way to...
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    multi-card problem - geforce4 + geforce 8800GT

    so, I have three monitors sitting here, and in order to use them, I need to use two video cards :( so I have a bunch of old video cards laying around, I figured I'd pop one in and hook the third monitor up to that. first victim was a geforce2 mx. i ran into the problem of the video card...