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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    Went to the local Costco with a family friend last night to pick one up - sold out at that location, and the other one in our city. However still available online at $289. Not a "monthly special" so it should continue to be available for this price for some time. We ordered one online with...
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    My breaker-busting basement home lab (storage-biased)

    Very cool all around. On the storage, using the P812 with SATA drives, those are being stepped down to 3Gb, correct? As such, I'd imagine you'd be hitting the ceiling with your SSD R10 array, or would be with more SSD's.
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    Adobe flash, acrobat reader, and Java updater rights

    Is that particularly wise in your opinion? The reason they are constantly patching their (shitty) software is because of exploits being, wait for it, exploited. The amount of work to keep this stuff updated sucks, but IMHO, is necessary.
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    Low end vs. mid-range switch for small business

    I'd buy a PowerConnect 2848 (retail $549) and consolidate most of your switching onto it. Use one of your existing 2700's for the new ports, and keep the second one around as a cold spare. If/when the budget allows, upgrade to a second 2800 series.
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    Critique my virtualization setup

    Depending on the load of your VM's, you might want to go SSD all around in the hosts. A mirrored pair of 15k SAS drives is still pretty meh in performance. Since you have a multi-tiered backup strategy, stick a good single 480-512GB SSD in it and enjoy buckets of IOPS!
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    Storage Advice for a Dell C1100

    I love seeing the Hyper-V love! I am pretty familiar with the C1100/C2100/C6100 lineup. Based on what you currently own and are looking to acheive, I'd be inclined to do the following: C1100 - wait for the Micron/Crucial M500 960GB SSD to drop in the next few weeks (CES announcement said...
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    one computer acting as two

    Microsoft MultiPoint is another way of leveraging a single computer to provide a "multi-PC" experience; primarily geared towards the education market.
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    Datacenter/network management suite

    I didn't see where the OP said free was a requirement, but what about Spiceworks?
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    Server 2012 Remote FX Gaming Experience

    Please report back if you find what is the cause of this experience.
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    2.5" SSD into HP LFF

    Looks like that'll do the job - thank you sir!
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    SMTP relay for I.T. consultants

    I'd be interested in knowing what you setup. Did you use Windows SMTP relay, or something else?
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    2.5" SSD into HP LFF

    ML330 G6 server, want to configure with (4) 2.5" SSD drives. Looking for how to install the 2.5" drives into the 3.5" "LFF" hot-swap bays of the server. I know Dell makes a 'hybrid' hard drive caddy/tray that positions a 2.5" drive in the correct location within the 3.5" footprint so that...
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    SMTP relay for I.T. consultants

    Lots of people in the consulting world on here (specifically, I'm talking SMB for this need), so I wanted to reach out and see what others are doing. Let's talk about notifications and alerts from DRAC/iLO, OS, backup software, etc. If the client does not have an on-premise email server...
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    Where to purchase Ubiquiti gear?

    thanks to all.
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    Where to purchase Ubiquiti gear?

    Lots of distributors listed, lots of companies I have never heard of before. Just looking for recommendations on from whom to purchase. Thanks.
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    12 new consumer drives from Toshiba

    I noticed today that SuperBiiz has the 3TB DT01ACA300 back in stock for $137. Does anyone know if Toshiba are also doing a 2TB version of the old Hitachi portfolio? I have a project where I could use 6-8 of a fast/cheap SATA drive that is RAID friendly, but am limited by the controller to...
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    Best quiet L3 switch

    Why not a newer PowerConnect with a fan swap?
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    WD Red drives?

    Still can't help but feel bitter at the state of the hard drive market, because I WAS paying sub-$80 for 3TB Hitachi 5K3000's 10 months ago.
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    5K4000 Availability

    fuuuuuuuu Glad I've got four or five 5K3000 cold spares. I hope that'll keep my two array's happy thoughout their lifespans. (knock on wood, 32 disks in production, no failures to date)
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    Dell U2412M

    Damn I wish I had seen that mount last week - bought something else for ~$50 less, and no where near as snazzy. I'd love to see some pics of a quad U2412!
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    Windows Storage Server?

    I believe you are seeing "Windows Storage Server", which is being confused with "Windows Storage Server Essentials". WSSE is based on the Colorado family along with WHS and Small Business Server Essentials. WSS is an add-on to Windows Server that enables things like iSCSI (before it being...
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    HP ProLiant MicroServer owners' thread

    That's registered memory. MicroServer runs ECC non-registered memory. HP only rates it at 8GB, even though the chipset seems to support 16GB (though this thread has shown not 100% reliabily.) 8GB ECC non-registered DIMMS are haven't been on the market too terribly long, and are only in...
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    Corporate Messenger

    Being as your are a MS shop already, what about Lync?
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    HP ProLiant MicroServer owners' thread

    I've got 2x8GB ECC sticks coming in for another project (whenever they show up, backordered). I can throw them in one of my MicroServers when they arrive, see what happens, post results.
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    Easiest way to rename a local profile folder to match new domain account?

    If the machines are setup on the domain and your users now have domain accounts, why do you need any local profiles? (other than a local admin)
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    Question about smart Cards...

    Windows key + L ??
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    I'd Like to use Hitachi 5k3000 3TB Drives in Raid 5 or 6 Array

    16 in R6 at work, 8 in R6 at home. Both on an Areca 1880i. Most purchased from Newegg in blocks of 5 (usually gets them shipped in the OEM 20-pack box) though some were Amazon retail purchases. (Have cold spares as result of buying in blocks of 5 and 10) No weirdness, no drops, no failed...
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    Norco has a line of redundant power supplies in multiple wattages. However, they aren't cheap: When I asked around a while back, the general consensus was instead of purchasing these, it was a better move to start with a...
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    Dell PERC6/i raid 5 question

    Upon first boot, the controller would warn you of a foreign configuration. You would need to tell the controller to import the foreign configuration (from the metadata on the discs that were/are in the array). Sounds scary, but it is fairly easy. Just read all the prompts carefully on first...
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    Yep. 4220 (new style) with an 1880i and 12 5K3000's in R6 running for a couple of months now - beautifully! Everything registers 6Gbps.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    This entire page (including me) has nothing to do with Areca products. Just saying..
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    Partition USB Drive?

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    hitachi 5k3000 in a raid?

    Sixteen of the 3TB's in R6 for about a month now on an Areca 1880i - very happy to date!
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    How about an entire 2.5" USB hard drive? Something like the Seagate FreeAgent Go - they are quite slim. No cutting/splicing/fabrication. Plug in and done.
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    buying drives from Amazon, how's shipping/packaging?

    Anytime recently that I have ordered five or more drives from Newegg, they have come in the OEM 20-pack packaging.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Just as a data point for future readers, my newest Norco 4220 buildout has the following setup for storage: Areca 1880i Intel RES2SV240 expander Norco SFF-8087 cables (8) Hitachi 7K2000 2TB drives, RAID-6, 64k stripe size and two cold spares (12) Hitachi 5K3000 3TB drives, RAID-6, 64k...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    As I do this professionally as well as personally, I'm going to hold onto them for future needs. sorry/thanks.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    If the X dictates external ports, what specifies the models with an onboard expander? I just picked up an 1880i last week, and was suprised that it came with the SAS to SATA breakout cable.
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    40TB buildout

    To: '' Subject: Additional cables for AX750 PSU Hello, I am building a batch of direct attached storage devices, and am using Corsair AX750 PSU’s for this project. My backplanes require 10 molex connections, and I only have 8 currently. As I am not using...
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    40TB buildout

    I've got a bunch of spare AX750/AX850 cables, and would be happy to send you one, but... For my first AX750 build, I needed some extra cables as well. Read in a review on Newegg that you could e-mail Corsair and they'd send you free cables. Did as told, didn't receive a response back for...