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    Windows 95 or 98 on somewhat modern hardware?

    I have an original windows 95 upgrade disc with key in the original envelope, if you want, it' yours for the price of postage.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    If you still are looking I have an AMD Duron socket 462 processor, AHHAA0141FPSW, let me know
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    A long long time ago in a galaxy far way to small i started this thread. Yesterday I retired the last of the old folding boxen, it has served as my main box from when i joined up until it died last week, the only thing I salvaged was my [H] badges. the other 37 box all went away when Stanford...
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    [H]orde Reward Program - v2

    OOH cool, I made it also, Pm Sent :)
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    [H]ardDCer changes discussion

    personnally i am a lurker, mostly lurk lurk lurk,:D
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    Electricity Bill and Efficiency

    My power bills go down in the winter, the ac cost to keep the farm running in the summer is high, but come winter half the house is heated by AMD, and Intel. :D the other half doesn't have heat and gets a bit chilly but a box fan in the door of the puter room makes the indoor temp about 65...
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    another quad core for me

    which one would you like ? ;)
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    I see snow up in the hills...

    natural cooling for the farm beats 10 months of AC bills, plus all this beautifull scenery, you know snow bunnies love hot tubs :D:D it's not really cold til about 15 below, then you can tell it when you are trying to work,;)
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    another quad core for me

    let's see, you live in IF, that's three and a half hour run, thirty minutes to change your clients folding names to mine, and three and a half back, hmmmm don't think the boss will let me take that long of lunch, so are you leaving town for the weekend soon? :D It's heat the house by AMD...
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    Linux regular client CPU percentage

    Have tried to run two on a dual core with FC6-64 and was not able to get it to work, the linux client is enough different that it doesn't like it.
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    Project: F@H Tie-dye Shirt

    WWAAAAAY BBAAAACCCKKK, when we first did tye dye we used quality parafin wax to do lettering and stuff. then used it to keep the next layer of dye where we wanted it, used really good dye and washed it a few times after finishing to remove the wax, and dried it with some towels to absorb the...
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    What's the minimum CPU now

    winters coming, throw another AMD on the fire. :D
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    Get you lame selves back. I'm not acepting excuses

    Now I remember why we always used to say to noobies " and it's all Relic's fault, " :D Got 25+ boxen going now, and it'a all Relic's fault, in case you folk's didn't notice, Heeeee's Baaack wecome home,
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    Other Distributed Computing Projects

    the second project that many were doing has ended, the team is currently looking at support WCG, and are in the process of getting the three indepent [H]orde team status into one team. then when we know for sure what the name and number will be, a lot of the older boxen that were used for the...
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    Folding time Q

    ok I looked at all these posts, and what protein are you folding, that can make a difference in the times , there are a couple of really chewy units that i have had recently
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    DC Fantasy Nascar

    yes sir, i am pulling up a very strong last place.;) those roundy rounder drivers suck, at least mine do :rolleyes:
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    Summers coming....slowing things down...

    I use the heat off the boxen to heat the house in the winter, and the A/C was added to keep the boxen cool enough to run in the summer, The winter power bill went down and the summer bill went up. Adding the 25+boxen actually only raised the power bill 20 bucks a month( I use Level Pay) so...
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    A website that scans my pc for driver updates?

    Windows Might already have the basic driver in it's files, plug into a phone jack and use his info to connect to his ISP, if it works then he should be good to go, if not then recheck everything and go from there. Remember try the easy stuff first, it quite often is what is wrong. :D
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    Summers coming....slowing things down...

    so I cooled down alittle, went over and fixed my neighbors head lights so he can go to work tonight, then checked out the new boxen, It is a 1gig PIII and is now folding on it's first unit, had a bad hard drive, that took five minutes to replace and bingo. love this freebee stuff :D :D
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    Summers coming....slowing things down...

    I rerouted the fans in the Puter room and turned on the AC, Nice 80 degrees in here, don't know how hot it is outside but it is cooler in here. Picked up another freebee boxen today, as soon as I cool down some I am going to check it out and get it folding, I've had three boxen start doing...
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    The time for RESOLUTION has arrived!!

    So what team name and number do we use for WCG ? I have three older boxen that I was going to change to UD when the Linux client came out, so now they are going to go to WCG. Just want to make sure we get the points for the [H]orde.
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    Please say it's not true !!

    It just makes me drool :D
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    What are you good at, and what resources to you have?

    Can build and repair almost anything mechanical, Adapted, maintained and repaired timing systems that worked at up to two miles seperating Timers around the curve of mountains. Write procedure manuals, or how to's Know how to get folding working on Linux, but not a Linux guru Help newbies...
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    1 million ppd is within our grasp.

    I am trying to figure out how to upgrade to two more C2D's, I love the points they bring in and Yesturday they gave my Aunt less than 6 months. :( And looks like the kids will be having another baby around January 8th, :) Spoil them rotten then ship them home, Mawahahahahahaha So...
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    I Fold For:

    I have 29 boxen, 8 of them have the name of someone who has had cancer and is still fighting or recovering, 15 of them are for friends and relatives who lost the fight. four are for the new little ones in the clan. and a couple of spares in case of break downs. I am trying to build another...
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    DC Fantasy Nascar

    Hot damn, I won one :D I was beginning to wonder if I was going to lose all the rest ofthe season, Now that I'm home again it's time to watch the real racing, the lemans cars and the prototypes ran this week end.
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    So, do we have a decision to make?

    We should make sure that whatever project we add to our team is compatible with all of the older farm equipment, I know I was planning on adding to the UD stuff as soon as the proposed Linux client came out. Some of my farm boxen are getting a little slow for the new protiens and switching them...
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    So, do we have a decision to make?

    We should make sure that whatever project we add to our team is compatible with all of the older farm equipment, I know I was planning on adding to the UD stuff as soon as the proposed Linux client came out. Some of my farm boxen are getting a little slow for the new protiens and switching them...
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    is it bad.....

    I just hate coming home to the Non sound of puter fans, almost as much as the middle of the night bleeping of 10 UPS's when, the power goes off. I have timed it and it takes me about 1 and a 1/2 hours to get everything back up when the power has been off for longer than the UPS's battery life...
  30. R WU

    yeah, I love the super villians too,:D
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    Is it just me, or do we need another contest around here?

    Sorry, I forgot the drawn cards are taken from the weekly team points does that help, :o
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    Is it just me, or do we need another contest around here?

    I've been working on this since someone posted in the last thread about this, a poker challenge. Entrants are broken into Rooms and Tables; Rooms, #1 1 to 100,000 points #2 100,001 to 250,000 points #3 250,001 to 500,000 points #4 500,001 to 750,000 points #5 750,001 to...
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    is it bad.....

    I didn't know that they could be shut off, and why would you want to? :D
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    How does one control a rack full of servers?

    I'm using KVM's to moniter all my rigs. I found that keeping an eye out on eBay can get you some pretty good deals. I am using Belkin Omni View pro 8-port F1D108-OSD's daisy chained together. the 8 port ones can be had all the time for around 20-30 bucks with power supply and rack mount's, but...
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    DC Fantasy Nascar

    And here I am again pulling up a strong last place. :D So what's the prize for DLBF that's " dead last but finished " :p
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    DC Fantasy Nascar

    I spent the last two days teaching, we had 55 novices for the drivers school and 131 drivers at todays event. Largest turn out ever for our small club. damn my legs are tired, 11.5 hours yesturday and 10 today standing up on concrete. lots of big grins on everyones face. IT'S REAL RACING...
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    DC Fantasy Nascar

    Looks like I got my ass handed to me again, Damn these circle trackers are so unpredictable. Or actually the ones I picked are real predictable, they suck :D
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    No Stats :(

    the servers gotta be off, but looking at my stats page a couple of minutes ago it looks like about a 3500 point drop so far this morning :D I am glad I'm not the poor soul who has had to be getting their servers back on line this week ;)
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    Win Smp server down?

    Yah, Mine picked up a new unit at the same time I was posting that the server was still down, It did it on purpose, just to make me look bad it worked, :D :D
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    Did I get burned again by SMP client?

    don't you just hate that :o :D :D