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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    well, you wrote that at the same time I was making my post.. so I guess that answers my question!
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    heh, I forgot about that.. I never ended up building it. That was after I got sick of lugging around that gigantic Lian Li server case with double power supplies and peltier cooling. I did put Rhinoceros3D on my resume when I applied for my current job though. Now I do big industrial CAD...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I fall of the face of the Earth for 6 years, and you made this? Pretty cool! I actually would love a small case for the living room htpc - currently have a cheap/ugly full atx taking up a ton of space. The kids have hammered on it too, the door broke off years ago and the power switch is...
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    Whats up? :) I havent been on here since 2007....

    Whats up? :) I havent been on here since 2007....
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    getting AGP to work with a 9600pro

    Anyone ever have the problem of the catalyst drivers disabling agp? I've gotten it to work twice as long as I've had the card, but it gets broken every time I upgrade the drivers. right now it's forced into PCI mode, and yeah I know its not exactly the fastest on the block but it totally kills...
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    So I have a spare 800ish celeron and mobo to abuse....

    ahh, old skool intel overclocking... your celeron is a socket 370, and those tend to be fairly decent overclockers (for the time). as far as volt modding, try and find the intel spec sheets (if they are still around) for the P3/socket 370. if you know anything about electronics you should...
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    How high is your CPU Overclock???

    My stuff is old, but % wise I'm matched up. got 500mhz out of a Tualatin 1ghz air cooled :)
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    Modding 9800 Pro (Article this month in CPU)

    I don't think this mod is worth it.. I've done the same thing to my 9600pro, and it made no difference to my overclock.. modding my card was fun and it looks cool, but that's about it.. ;)
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    For a simple pentagram "projected" onto the window, you could have a second peice of lexan behind the dusty window, with a simple etching of the pentagramn (you can do it with any printer and a dremel) and a red LED. the LED goes on the edge of the lexan, and will reflect off the etched peice...
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    artifacts with a 9600pro (or any radeon)

    Been trying to push this thing a little so I don't have to play Doom3 at it's lowest settings, but I'm having some trouble. I'm using 3dmark 2k1 as a stability test and to check my progress, but even at stock speeds I'm getting clipping artifacts. if I overclock (even 4mhz!), it makes it a...
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    counterstrike: source

    I hope there's more content.. if I have to play de_dust again using the same old models I'll be pretty annoyed!
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    Blown Capacitors

    it's not worth paying somebody to repair it.. a ti4200 is pretty outdated. I have a fried Ti4200 128mb with good capacitors on it (bad memory), but I'm not sure that I want to spend $25 on another broken one (not sure if the caps are the same anyway).
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    9600 pro artifacts at stock speeds

    what kind of artifacts are you getting? I have a 9600 pro that is getting clipping artifacts in 3dmark2001 (I'm just playing with the card so I haven't put any new games in). I'm using the newest drivers from ATI. overclocking the memory makes it worse for some reason, but I get no snow or...
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    ASUS Tech Support full of...something

    asus boards tend to come with "hold my hand" bioses that won't let you hurt the machine. things like not letting you select higher voltages, memory timings, etc, or bringing timings down if you go past a certain FSB. I don't think I'd ever buy a new Asus board unless it was for a stock...
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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done to your computer?

    some great stories here.. who'd think hardware tuners could make such stupid mistakes? :p some of the foolish stuff I've done includes watercooling. the most disasterous was when I hosed the back of my motherboard down by accident (a huge ass Tyan S1836). It didn't hurt it (I let it dry...
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    working with older intel hardware, need some help

    well I flashed to the newest CUSL2 bios, got AGP but now no voltage adjustments at all :mad: oh well, looks like it's pin trick time for me..
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    working with older intel hardware, need some help

    well, the minimum specs are a P4 1.5ghz.. a P3 1.4ghz would pwn that CPU. my main limitations are my memory bandwidth *cry* and of course the 9600 isn't a screamer either. I know I can tune it, it might not be the prettiest but it'll work :)
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    working with older intel hardware, need some help

    let's see how many of you guys remember any of this stuff :) I've got a P3 tualatin running in an Asus CUSL2. I'm having two main problems with this motherboard: AGP is not enabled, and I need more CPU voltage! 1.7v is selectable in the bios, but it still sets it at 1.6v max. I know I...
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    9600pro & P3 1.4ghz, will doom 3 be playable?

    I got the 9600pro, I paid $73.01 including taxes. the card has dual head, s-video out and I can use it to play DVDs.. I think I'll keep the card since it was such a good deal, overclock the snot out of it and just use it until next year when I can spend the money on a real upgrade. it'll play...
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    9600pro & P3 1.4ghz, will doom 3 be playable?

    naw, I've only got SDRAM. I'd need another gig of memory, mobo and CPU.. and if I'm going to do that, I'd probably go all out :P I'm going to see if the card is still there, if it is I think I'll pick it up. if anything, it can go into a second computer later on so I can have people over...
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    9600pro & P3 1.4ghz, will doom 3 be playable?

    I can't just try it out, a Voodoo5 isn't going to run any of these games even at 1fps ;)
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    9600pro & P3 1.4ghz, will doom 3 be playable?

    I seriously haven't upgraded my computers much since the days of quake 3 (I'm still using a Voodoo5 in my main PC lol). I don't really play too many games these days, but if I can I'd like to play Doom 3 and HL2. there's a 9600pro at my work on clearance for $75 (plus I get a 10% discount)...
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    looking for 3/8" id tubing (anything but vynil)

    I've been watercooling for many years, but one of the worst things about my setups has been the tubing. Right now I have a water cooled dually P3 rig which has been my main PC for the last 2 years, but the tubing is garbage (vynil) and has all sorts of kinks that don't help flow at all. I'm...