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    Intel Comet Lake Processors Could Pack 10 Cores

    Ryan Shrout knows Intel is screwed by having to hire him. I'm starting to think they bought him to bury him.
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    The bottom 10% can always be cut. Pro tip, don't be the worst performing member on your team. When it comes to things like supporting your family, make sure you do what you need to. Don't work just hard or smart, do both. Be a good person, if you make your boss/leadership's job easier it...
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    Digital License Plates Coming to Michigan

    Michiganger here, I'm glad we have the ability, but yea too expensive.
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    Malfunctioning Networking Card Led to Huge CenturyLink Outage

    In the telecom industry cards like this are replaced everyday. Typically you fail over to a backup, take a hit, replace the bad card, then switch back to the original card that was replaced. Sometimes the failed over/backup card is also bad and thus both cards need to be replaced. There are...
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    Amazon is Reportedly Tired of Selling Low Cost Items

    Today is the day somebody realized they could start a company that will one day compete with Amazon.
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    DICE Apologizes to Battlefield V Players for Dumbing Down the Game

    They were right to change the values, its just that the people who are already their customers got butt hurt. It was changed because as a new player you login and die instantly as a general rule, not fun.
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    Could have Nvidia have sold all 2080 TI's for $200 that have been physically made and still lose less money then half their stock price? This just seems like such an epic fail that Jensen should immediately be booted from the company.
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    Supermicro Says They Found No Spy Chips in Their Motherboards

    Some of us have Super Micro boards and none of us know what we're talking about. Actual technical people know this is possible. You can transgress an air gap'd system but people don't believe you can install a backdoor chip, its bananas. The people describing schemes that explain how this...
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    Google CEO Tells Lawmakers That It Has No Plans to Launch Chinese Search Engine

    They have no intentions until they have intentions. Kinda like corporate layoffs. I posit that what is said in a public forum can be used for purposes of mitigation/misdirection. The opposite can be true. How easily are you deceived?
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    Supermicro Says They Found No Spy Chips in Their Motherboards

    1. Christopher Wray, our FBI director already told Congress that there is an active investigation on this exact matter and they are unwilling to comment because of that. 2. Anybody who claims to know anything on this matter would get contacted by the FBI quicker then you could type a reply in...
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    Supermicro Says They Found No Spy Chips in Their Motherboards

    It happened, was not fabricated. These are national security issues where the people who actually know and are not in the press are bound by gag orders. It amazes me the people who are smart enough to be on this forum but not smart enough to know this story is true. Simply put, people were...
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    Intel Is "Very Pleased" with the Progress of Its 7nm Process

    I really hope we start seeing Ryan Shrout's influence at Intel soon.
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    Rockstar Intends to Address Red Dead Redemption 2's Economy

    I can honestly say that the thought of spending my hard earned money on a microtransaction makes my stomach hurt. On the other hand I will watch a video ad for some free credits all day. Time = Money, just depends on the value calculation to determine what one I will be ok with using.
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    Halo TV Series Allegedly Delayed After Director Steps Down

    People have moved beyond Halo, keep our memories untainted please.
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    Facebook is Allegedly Divided by Internal Conflict

    I think he just realized his hopes for political office are now smashed to bits.
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    Walmart Starts Building Gaming PCs

    +1 I support anything that allows somebody to buy desktop computers, the more options and outlets the better, regardless of price.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    I think your on a good idea because if the stock didn't go lower after the reviews and the stock price was already baked in that would be a sign that NDA's dont have the power they do, damn, I feel like there more to elaborate on in this vein. For example is the 2.6% stock loss the percentage...
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    I take back my comment, thank you for clarification. I 100% agree with you. In full disclosure the only stock I own is 50 shares of NYSE: VZ. My cynical view of being surprised would not outweigh my ability to formulate a proper investing strategy if I actively invested.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    Theory says they WANT SLI to work for obvious reasons. To me it seems like they know a point in the future in which it will actually work with 100% scaling in all situations. I just don't believe they would ever fully give up on it, that would leave too much on the table.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    The fact they released both 2080 and the 2080 ti at the same time says maybe they were just trying to push a known turd out the door and not prolong the pain.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    what a rude idiot
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    I am actually shocked because I thought the performance would have been baked into the stock price pre release. This tells me the market is even that more ready for competition.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    I think there was a behind the scenes disaster that inhibited the performance of these cards. As in they wanted to zigg left but manufacture delays and the need to pump out a product in time made them zagg left thus the marketing department had a giant nothingburger to work with.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 2080 Ti 3DMark TimeSpy Scores

    Nvidia is overcharging to recoup development costs during the RTX switchover, that was the only reason for the name change, to justify the increase in price. Ray Tracing is nothing new, its just they want to charge more to focus on it. The economics arguments in this thread are childish for...
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    Dragon Age, Mass Effect Sequels May Be Heavily Influenced by Anthem

    I think it is a scheme to add "features" to keep front end price high but decrease back end costs and introduce a service revenue stream.
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    Intel’s "Processor Supply Shortfall" Could Mean i9-9900K Being Delayed to 2019

    closest so far because the actual story sounds fishy
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    LEGO Built a Life Size, Drivable Bugatti From Over a Million Technic Pieces

    Technic Legos made me the person I am today. If you dont know about the Technic side of Legos, please look it up.
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    Assassin’s Creed: Origins DRM Hammers Gamers’ CPUs

    Dudes get a hard on just to crack this.
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    Science Fantasy RPG, ELEX is Out

    With shadow of war and south park out, this thing has got lost in the shuffle for sure, putting on back burner.
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    Gary Explains why Qualcomm Get Whipped by Apple

    Guys come on lets not act like a Nexus 7 is still fast. My phone with a snapdragon 410 is faster then my Nexus 7, lets not stretch the facts. I am happy to know the details behind Apple's chip, thanks.
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    Chevrolet Beats Tesla in Consumer Reports EV Range Test

    This is bigger news then you would expect.
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    AMD ThreadRipper Prices [Rumor]

    Man....if this is true Im in....straight up
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    SSD Prices Could See a Steep Decline in 2018

    FYI, Crucial m4 128 + Samsung 830 128, 4 years strong, ntf
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    Intel X299 Chipset and Intel Core i7-7740K Spotted in the Wild [Rumor]

    7740 seems shifty, 4 core...move on already. Nobody wants a 4 core high end platform for the next what 6 years? Lets move it to 6/8+, optimize for that and lets move forward.
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    NVIDIA Allows AIB Partners to Launch GTX 1080, 1060 With Faster Memory

    Nvidia's basically saying a few things 1. 1070 gimped heres a few bucks off 2. 1080 was overpriced, heres $200 off 3. 1080 gen2 = 680 ~ 770 throwback...... throw in more VRAM 12/16GB, could be like the old 770 4GB cards I still have thoughts?
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    AMD Ryzen Review Leaks Early

    Those Winrar numbers are tainted by the memory/engineering sample. Must wait till 3/2/2017 :-( Us 2700K'rs know whats up.
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    $30 A Month For Official Minecraft Goodies?

    This game has been milked harder then ANY other game in the universe....
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    The Maximus VIII Formula Turns 10

    the post warmed my pc nerd heart
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    How To Make A Snowball Machine Gun

    Yea a straight hopper like a paintball gun is needed, then it can be a snow ball chain gun.
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    Poll Sponsored By Charter Says Charter Is Great

    As a Charter customer that has lived in 6 different areas of Michigan that have been serviced by them, Charter has been flawless for about 20 years. They really are on of the best, they are like good version of Comcast.