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    OLED monitors incoming!

    Come on LG, 34" curved 21:9 ultrawide OLEDs for < 1K
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    It's happening, affordable 4k OLED TV's are finally becoming a reality

    i'll settle for 34" 21:9 curved OLED for $1K lol. but i dont see it happening in 2016
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    Those who've moved to a curved screen

    anyone using curved monitor for coding or excel want to share their experiences ?
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    I know my point was, This case is too awesome to be stuck with a barely known site. Its refreshingly innovative and well made. Kickstarter is good way not just sell but widely publicize a case outside a noname thread on [H]
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    what a stunning case.. any chance of a kickstarter ?
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    Surface Book

    considering they've managed to cool a 15w i7 ulv along with battery and ports in a 8.4 mm chassis. surely they could have managed a 25W quad with all the space available to them considering its a bigger chassis and not crammed with batteries and ports
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    Surface Book

    Meh, Instead of getting 960M + 25W quad - Core i5-6442HQ. We get a ulv and 1gb dGPU?
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    time for the mod to clean / split this thread up and make it an osmi thread
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    can the mod rename this thread to indicate osmi case ?
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    Jonsbo RM1 the Tiniest ATX X99 build ever

    ddint know about this. That is one awesome case.The space utilization is near perfect.
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    Ultrawide monitor Downsides

    how is it for pure programming / productivity (data analysis) scenarios ?
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    8L Full ATX Challange!

    there is lot a of workstations that require all the ram slots they can get. anyway from mainstream sake why not a matx board ? 4 slots of memory is good enough even for prosumer / workstation stuff
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    U3 done better: Jonsbo C3

    huh c3 doesnt support full atx
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    Asus H81 Series mDTX motherboard

    only 2 memory slots :( otherwise loving the form factor
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    U3 done better: Jonsbo C3

    I liked U3 for its short depth and near itx size case that supported an matx motherboard. U3 looks better than C3 imo hopefully they wont discontinue U3 for this. not sure C3 has any major thermal benefits compared to U3.
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    matx case at 7.5l would be quite unique. its so simple i'm surprised no ones tried this before. cant wait for the final renders.
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    1. Like the first one (atx), short depth steambox style casecase that'll just right on av rack. 2 - CPu and GPU that close over each other will cause inevitable heat issues and there are no good heatsinks with such low depths 3. whats the depth ? wondering where the hdds and ssds go in...
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    love the atx/matx idea. that is probably the most compact and portable atx case ever.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    great design.... but little too deep imo. with these dimensions (330 x 80 x 334m) I wonder if matx boards can fit for 2 more memory slots + X99 compatibility :/
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    Asus ROG Maximus VII Impact

    i wish they had a daughterboard for 4 ram slots instead of just 2 :/
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    [Concept] "Bento"/"Bian Dang"

    cant see the design.. images dont load for me :( but if this is based on s3 mini ... you areon the right track lol
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    Silverstone GD09

    Any chance of cleaner front or a version without the optical drive? Impressive case .. Considering this can fit even an eatx board.
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    Kimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

    stunning work. This would be perfect for compact X99 workstation build.
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    Surface Pro 3 (5/20/14)

    anyword on power cover ?
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    first 16GB DDR3 UDIMM & SO-DIMM modules

    ECC wouldn't obviously be enabled but it works.
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    first 16GB DDR3 UDIMM & SO-DIMM modules

    ddr4 is still a year and half away. 16gb ecc single module have been out for a while now and is compatible with Z/H87 boards The only news here is that 16gb sodimms .
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    New Xigmatek Nebula cube ITX case

    wow, looks like an alien artifact
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    [Scratch Build/Completed] VX-42 Wall Mounted Home Server

    very creative build. it seems straight out of a scifi movie lol
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    Silverstone SST-ST30SF - semi-passive 300W SFX PSU

    think should have been in 1U formfactor, instead of SFX, It could have enabled interesting formfactors
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    Zalman's new ITX low profile cooler

    Zalman Unveils CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler source: thats a tall claim but more low profile coolers the merrier ;)
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    Designed to be Redesigned?

    i wonder if it can support ATX motherboards considering the width of 19"
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    Next Generation Mac Pro

    you gotta give it apple. this is stunning design.. hopefully we'll see similar pc cases
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    SFF cases @ Computex 2013

    Streacom DB4 is the most interesting take on SFF case in Computex so far
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    lack of CIR support in Asrock board is such a bummer :/
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    M3A2 Beta Project: Discontinued

    so when are the next set of batches being started?
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    waiting to see if ASROCK gets their waterproof mITX board with purity Sound and WIFI AC
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    M3A2 Beta Project: Discontinued

    wow, not only does the case look good but that was amazingly quick.. I'm glad i'm on the waiting list lol
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    IN WIN H-Frame Mini

    very original...