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    Facebook and Instagram Are down

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    High Inventory Levels of PC DRAM Cause Contract Prices to Drop

    It's nice to see much more sane pricing.
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    Save Zero Dollars by Opting for Intel's iGPU-Disabled CPUs

    They're also good for things like my SFF cloud server box. Saves me having to use a low profile graphics card.
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    Skyrim Together Is an 8-Player CO-OP Mod for Skyrim

    This looks like it's going to be amazing!
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    CS:GO Receives 14,000 Negative Steam Reviews in a Single Day after Going Free to Play

    Entitled children. The game is ancient, and now it's free to play. If you dumped money in it that's because you wanted to. Deal with it you little bastards.
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    Fortnite Streamer Reportedly Arrested after Beating Wife on Stream

    What the hell is wrong with people? I'm a 40 year old gamer and seeing people like him behave like a man child is part of the bad outlook that society has on gamers. Ungrateful fuck. Go eat your cooked meal.
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    Here Is Battlefield V Multiplayer Running on the Linux Operating System

    Do you get any errors? Go into the game folder and try wine64 <game name executable here> and see if it throws any errors.
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    U.S. Secret Service Issues Warning to Gas Pump Skimmer Operators

    I'll just keep going inside to pay for my gas.
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    Gamers Nexus Reviews the Walmart Gaming PC

    Are anything from Gamers Nexus even allowed on here without childish rebukes?
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    The way it's meant to be played... lol.
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    Web Creator Wants to Implement a "Contract" for the Internet

    One of the first things I thought when I saw their names included. Really? FB and Google?
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    Apple's Secret Repair Kill Switch Hasn’t Been Activated—Yet

    That'll never happen, thermal throttling would prevent it.
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    How Microsoft Became the New Apple

    WIndows 10 is like a scab, if you don't pick at it you shouldn't have too many problems. Early testing builds had broke my video drivers but that was about the biggest issue I'd had.
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    Digitails Are the App-Controlled Animatronic Prosthetic Tails You've Dreamed About

    Right up there with fidget spinners and selfie sticks.
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    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

    Logged in just to click like on this. That's what I was thinking.
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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    You can't line up the motherboard without the brace!
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    Ajit Pai: States Can't Enact Net Neutrality Rules

    The newly founded Ministry of Information assume.
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    Teens Know That Social Media Companies Want to Manipulate Them

    "Only 32% of teens say that they like to communicate with their friends face to face as most prefer texting to talking." How awful.
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Don’t let the people who are fur on here just for arguments sake get to you. I and many others appreciate the interest you are showing and the high level of engagement effort you’ve put into this. Notice no one are screaming “keep on topic?” Kind of shows the audience your catering to. Keep...
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Changing it from 16:9 to something else and back again seems to have resolved the issue permanently I haven't had any more issues with the mouse capture flaking out.
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Overwatch on epic gets me about an average of 72fps and Diablo III runs great as well on my RX470. More testing to come. :D
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Thanks for the advice man. I was thinking it might be an aspect issue but by that time it was 1:30am and I needed to be up by 6 so I was out of it. I'll try changing that tonight, I'm pretty sure it's already at 16:9 but we'll see when I get back home. This has encouraged me to do more game...
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    I just use the one that’s built in for Vulkan.
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Great video BloodyIron! It's so awesome to see someone else around here who is excited about getting native Windows games running on Linux. I just tossed an extra HDD into my secondary rig to install Ubuntu (Arch user here) to give this a try. The spectator method for caching is a great idea. I...
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Count me in as well. I'll try and answer any questions people have.
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    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    I'm very excited to watch this. Gaming on Linux is a favorite go to for me to read while out having a smoke. So far my limited testing has had mixed results, but the games that do load seem to run about as well as expected. The biggest boon from all of this is Proton helps take a lot of the...
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    AMD's V-EZ Goes Open Source

    How so? How is that the only way when they have a mid range market to cover as well as the console market? There small enough they can be kept afloat with what demography they do have.
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    GIGABYTE RTX Graphics Cards Introduction and Retail

    Still going to stick with my little RX 470. Prices are still out of control.
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    Apple to Roll Out Entry-Level MacBook in September

    I'll stick with my HP Elitebook 8460p that I spent $150. Best bang for the buck. :D
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    The Greedy Ways Apple Got to $1 Trillion

    I would have kept my 6 plus but bendgate killed it. I now have a 7 plus and I plan too keep it until it doesn't do what I need it too do anymore. AKA not work.
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    The Greedy Ways Apple Got to $1 Trillion

    At least on in four Apple lightning charger cables I have suffered from fraying at the business end of the cable.
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    Artifact Has a Release Date and Price

    Jump on the bandwagon much Valve?
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    No Man's Sky Making a Big Comeback

    It's not mean't for the hard core gamer from what I can tell. It's more of move at your own pace games that's more relaxing than twitch. It's setup for exploration and appreciation. Not a combat sim. Personally I was no fan of it when it came out. It was clunky, awkward and unpleasant to play...
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    These Are the Websites Your Clean-Install Windows PC Connects to by Itself

    And this is exactly what I do. There is a time and place for Windows 10 as well as Linux. I'll stick too Linux as my daily driver for most non gaming needs but I still have a Windows 10 machine hooked up to the big screen as well as dual booting on my main PC.
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    Linux In the News

    I'd follow as well.