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    NVIDIA to Target $450 Price-point with GeForce RTX 4060 Ti / Review Round Ups

    Is this outcome being priced into the market? Is fear of a Chinese takeover contributing to inflated prices because companies are worried that they may need to live off of the fat that they can build up now while the global supply chain readjusts in a post every semiconductor is made in Taiwan...
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    House Bill s.686 Restrict Act could fundementally change the way we use the internet

    The Trojan Horse analogy seems appropriate and the fact that TikTok is made in China is convenient. This is the current iteration of the cyclical demonizing of something to push an overt agenda with an upside for unintended consequences. Jazz was the enemy at one point in time, then rock and...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU Review & Benchmarks: $700 Gaming Flagship

    Exactly. It was fine when it was optional, but each successive iteration of Windows 10 made it harder and harder to find the local account only option. Windows 11 requires the terminal method Zarathustra mentioned above. Back on topic: I have no need for a 7800x3D since I'm running a 5800x3D...
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    I had a dedicated 240v outlet for my PC equipment in my old house.
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    D&D movie delayed due to scheduling issue...

    Hopefully it won't fall apart before they are able to get the whole group to the table.
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    Ideal GPU tier pricing.
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    Ideal GPU tier pricing.

    While this is true, you cannot simplify the inflation equation to just labor cost increases. Economies of scale are still at work. Depending on the company, the sheer volume of goods being moved through the supply chain equates to a minimal, though not insubstantial, increase in the cost at...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Hopefully, quality PSU makers will take the bend radius into consideration when manufacturing their native cables/connectors so that it is not left up to the user to be super mindful of their installation.
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    Computer only boots sideways

    I saw a desktop PC case that was the base for the monitor at a computer show when LCDs were first hitting the mainstream market. Now you can get an iTX build that mounts on the back of the display using the VESA mounts. I actually ran into a similar issue with one of my random retro builds...
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    No argument there, it's an aspect of retail. You have to make the money while you can early in a product lifecycle because later in its lifecycle you'll be selling at a discount and maybe even a loss.
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    The primary cause of the insane prices were crypto bros to the mooning every shit coin they could come up with. Were retailers inflating prices, in many cases even to the point of gouging, due to the imbalance between the demand for cards and the available supply? Yes, but in my opinion, they...
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    How many generations of CPU for the X670 chipset motherboards

    Didn't they mention in one of their press releases that a 3D cache lineup was coming sometime after the initial launch? I would guess they are taking the time to bin some chips for that due to the potential heat dissipation issues or have they resolved that this time around? I suppose it would...
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    How many generations of CPU for the X670 chipset motherboards

    I mostly sell to friends or on here. You can get a relative idea for pricing by browsing the For Sale / Trade sub forum: I have purchased a bunch of stuff on here and through the HardwareSwap subreddit
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    [Rumour] Intel to cut back on Arc discrete GPU

    This is not the competition anyone is hoping for.
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    How many generations of CPU for the X670 chipset motherboards

    Sell it for some cash to help offset the upgrade cost or do the dumb thing that I always do and build another computer because why not?
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    How many generations of CPU for the X670 chipset motherboards

    The first point makes sense for general consumer grade hardware. The last point about the TRX40, while disappointing, is such a small market of prosumer customers, that I would give them a pass. I think at least some of the issue with the backlash against Intel comes from changing the platform...
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    Ubisoft disabling online service for multiple older games, which will make DLC unavailable

    Could they also not simply issue a patch disabling the "phone home" technology and allowing people to continue to play the game(s) offline? This always seems like a simple, sensible solution, but it never seems to happen.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 7700X Pictured, Installed On AM5 Motherboard specs/prices

    Marketing is going to do what marketing does. 1TB 5400RPM non-hybrid HDDs in modern laptops instead of 250 - 500GB SSDs can attest to this.
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    Leaving Asus for MSI after 22 years.

    This is the part that I will never understand. Why is Microsoft issuing firmware (BIOS) updates via Windows Update? It is going to cause problems. It is inevitable. There are [H] users that don't flash their BIOS out of fear of breaking things. Why would anyone think this is a good idea for...
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    AMD APU's with Discrete GPU's?

    Makes sense. I have one PC with the 5600G and another with the 5700G. I don't really notice a difference in day-to-day things. They're both using B450 motherboards with M.2 NVMe SSDs and pretty much the same RAM. At the office I have the 5600X and I definitely noticed a difference in Adobe...
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    AMD APU's with Discrete GPU's?

    If bleeding edge performance is not your primary concern, then the 5600G may offer a worthwhile upgrade at an even more affordable price.
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    transient power consumption spikes

    Something tells me that GPU manufacturers that already skimp on the components will be less than enthusiastic about increasing the bill of materials even a few cents to compensate for this when they can deflect blame to the PSU.
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    Klipsch 2.1 BT (Bluetooth) $49 Walmart

    I had the non-BT set, but brought them into the office. Ordered a set of these, got them the next day, and so far they're very similar while hardwired. The neighbors haven't BT'd into them yet and I didn't bother to test out that functionality as my experience with BT in the past has been that...
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    The EU doing the stuff our regulators are too lazy to do

    It's popped up a few times over the last few years in different places. As Twisted Kidney mentioned above, I'm glad I'm not involved in lawmaking. It feels like there is always a pendulum swing between onerous government intervention and laissez faire ignorance, with only the occasional...
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    The EU doing the stuff our regulators are too lazy to do They're working on it.
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    transient power consumption spikes

    That's just it: the minimum PSU that they're recommending is not handling the load. Should we really need 1.5kW+ PSUs for gaming desktops?
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    transient power consumption spikes

    While I can't argue the point of using the Internet to research these things (it's probably a large part of why we're all here at [H] isn't it?) I guess I'm failing to understand your disdain for "...these streamer/vod scumbags..." or why it is relevant to the conversation at hand. Industry...
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    transient power consumption spikes

    How do you know what PSUs are compatible with which GPUs? One of the points that was discussed in the video is that some of these video cards are seeing momentary spikes of double their rated power usage and that their rated power usage is what is being advertised in conjunction with the PSU...
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    Lol evga Notify

    It may not have anything to do with the quality of their product, but rather the quality of their service. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that EVGA was indeed selling pallets of GPUs to mining operations, while hundreds or thousands of loyal customers waited in the queue. I can...
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    WD Green SN350 2TB NVMe - $155 + Honey

    It wouldn't be the first time that I've seen a manufacturer cut a corner and only allocate partial lanes for the storage or chipset. A drop from x4 to x2 bandwidth could roughly cut your speeds in half.
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    WD Green SN350 2TB NVMe - $155 + Honey

    Windows update has written more to most of my SSDs than I have.
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    The Department of Justice Revised the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to Permit Good-Faith Computer Security Research

    This is where it would be nice to see some representation in our republic that has at least a rudimentary understanding of the legislation they enact or the laws they are responsible to uphold - or people that are not so arrogant as to believe that they know all things without accepting input...
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    I'm pretty sure that Hardware Unboxed uses a 5950X test bench for all of their video card testing. Their 3080 Ti review results should be comparable to your setup I would think.
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    Any reason to not go mATX board instead of ATX?

    I think the logic is reversed. ATX cases will accept smaller motherboard form-factors (e.g. mATX, mITX, etc.). Cases that accept ATX motherboards can still come in a smaller form-factor variety, depending on the expansion options supported and the layout of the components. The SFFTime P-ATX...
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    Buying open box motherboard - dumb idea?

    I've purchased quite a few open box motherboards from Microcenter in the past. They will usually let you look at it at the back counter by the hardware components prior to purchasing it. Even if they don't, it's a brick and mortar store that you can bring your item back to in the event that it...
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    "The Controversial Gun Motherboard": Gigabyte G1 Assassin Lga2011 4-Chan Memory Support Rare Motherboards X79 Chipset

    The only chances they are taking now are with how many RGB LEDs they can cram onto the board and how badly they can mess up the RGB controller software.
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    Any reason to not go mATX board instead of ATX?

    As long as you can find the features and expansion options that you require, then mATX should be fine. Like others have mentioned, mATX motherboards can get weird with slot placement, IO panel connectors, and generally go toward the cheaper end with respect to component selection, so your CPU...