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    Web conferencing / meeting services provides almost everything every other does, FULLY free, Open source, can self host. Only thing i wish it had was accounts to where you could directly connect to an individual. the generally office is using Hype, which is generally horrible. More so that it requires some...
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    Thoughts on Synology vs real server?

    kinda old post but.. my ds412+ is still running well. One or two users transcoding is fine. Much more than that it gets iffy. I've since dropped that and went straight to smb browsing with VLC on my fire stick. it just works and no messing around with plex, kodi or whatever. Ease of use is...
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    Worth it to go from x79 to x99?

    I have a 3930k. Still does everything just fine. if you are gaming just upgrade the video card. not super up to date with your CPU though. IMO if you are gaming take that money and move to a Ryzen. I recently got a chinese 2011 board and dropped a 2650Lv2 into it. Great for a VM host once...
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    Virgin Flight Delayed By Galaxy Note Wi-Fi Hoax

    Steven Tyler should set his to "Janie's got a Gun"
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    Self-Driving Uber Running A Red Light

    Lets get serious for a minute.. you have a tech blog not a billion dollar software company.. you don't have 5$ to bet ;-P
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    Vanity Fair Editor Sues Twitter Troll For Giving Him A Seizure

    I don't know who the bigger idiot is... It may be an ass move.. but you'd think living with epilepsy during his life.. you'd have precautions against such things especially after the first time it happened months ago. I don't really care to get into the legal issues.. if nothing else the...
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    Amazon Accused Of “Intolerable Conditions” At Scottish Warehouse

    100% agree.. Also like to say that here in the states there are places where if you call off you can be "punished" even if you have time, certain days you cannot call off baring extreme emergency and if you do you can be fired on the spot... i'll make an assumption.. most of these workers are...
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    WTB: Phenom II X6 1075T/1090T/1100T

    those 1090T's are pretty nice for their time. Still running one on one of my desktops Was just thinking of selling the whole system not too long ago but will probably just reimage it and keep using lol
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    FS - Servers, pc parts, etc - Local NH

    PMing shortly.
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    Z68 + 2500k / X79 + 3820

    man i wish that was a 3930 instead... Bump for looking and decent price.
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    First Vulnerability Found In Microsoft Edge
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    How To Unlock Windows 10 God Mode

    it isn't god mode if you don't have to push the ~
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    wonder if this would violate the protection act under the 'disturb' clause?
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    Japanese Court Rules That Bitcoin Can't Be 'Owned'

    this.. doesn't .. make .. sense...
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    Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K IPC & Overclocking Review @ [H]

    so 2600 guys.. time to upgrade. 3930.. . you know i think i 'might' wait one more round.. or maybe Skylake-E (if there is one).
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    I Like Windows 10 But I'm Going Back To Windows 8.1

    I expect this to be about RSAT... Random Comments on 10 from someone who skipped 8(.1) Must get RSAT soon or i'll have to go back to Windows something else.. or i'll RDP in to another box that has it... /shrug Edge was cool for about 20 minutes when i realized edge didn't mean...
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    Why I’m Dumping Google Chrome

    click... bait. agggh.
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    Senator Urges DOJ And FTC To Investigate Apple Music

    If Sen. Al Frankan's kids do not marry Ben Stein's kids both of their lives will be failures.
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    Ford Developing "Spotlighting" LED Headlights

    Hopefully they'll be okay.. Bet you they'll drive a lot slower at night now
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    Ford Developing "Spotlighting" LED Headlights

    instead of blinding the oncoming person walking along the road in the video why not just project the infrared person on the windshield? This tech would also be pretty crappy and piss people off in the city unless you are looking for a prostitute :-)
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    Online Cheating Site Hacked

    lol or an estate lawyer.. predict a larger amount of deaths along with divorces.
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    White House Unveils ConnectHome For Low-Income Households

    and that is needed in ones home? Tell you what ok .. lets do that.. but then limit firewall it off so all they can get to is Government services you know places like DoT, DoJ,White House, MSNBC and then see how long it lasts.
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    White House Unveils ConnectHome For Low-Income Households

    Actually it was President Reagan who actually implemented the Lifeline program in the early or mid 80s(?) I think as part of the Communications act.. um.. in the 40s? something like that. I know it stalled for a while then picked up steam in teh 90's again died off and then President Bush...
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    No Star Wars Battlefront Split Screen on PC

    LOL it would be interesting especially if you can play it in 4 k on a 40"+ monitor on PC.. might actually make splitscreen useful but don't really want it.
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    Anyone here use a Asus Rampage 4 Extreme

    that high pitch whine was a fairly common issue for the early releases. Luckily mine is fine. and i'm pretty sure the fan is controllable through bios or software i don't remember. Probably doesn't get THAT hot. so you could tone it down. It probably is replaceable but its not just a simple...
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    ASUS TUF Sabertooth X99 Motherboard Review

    "Hey its pretty much the same board as the other X99's but built the way we should build all boards and it has this cool looking shroud and back plate.... give us money" :-) Just picking on the ASUS guys.. love the look of these... not so much the color though EDIT: When they say 'Military...
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    Microsoft HoloLens Used To Teach Human Anatomy

    gota agree.. the porn would be amazing. But after a few days of that we'd have to find another use. If i had any decent skill in development/modeling i would create and app that would have a calander and when instead of alarms a Minion (would pop out of no where.. like out from under a couch...
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    ASUS Sabertooth X99 Review

    man the sabertooth line is sexy.. just need to get the armor painted and set :-)
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    Replacing HDD with SSD; which SSD would be compatible?

    That's what i thought too but read a review where the reviewer couldn't get it to work at all on SATAII with just a specific drive Granted the site could be full of it too.. which wouldn't be too surprizing :D
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    the federal tax is 18.4 cents. your quoting state + federal.
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    It will buy the Mayor a nice steak dinner and help keep the teachers pension... a little.
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    To be fair lol. I live less than a mile away from the NY border and its fairly nice to OMG! in less than 10 yards and I also live in the lake effect area. Oh yeah and PA generally takes better care of the snow and ice as well.
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    It was proposed by the President as well in the certain zones across the country that had highest unemployment or something (don't remember) don't know if it actually happened though. Chicago's problem boils down to is that they spend more than they get in. I don't care who you are, what...
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    while that's true they could give breaks to companies to develop better infrastructure. New York State is doing this now to attract some business in. but if you didn't see my earlier post they just had to take a large loan and layoff 1400 people to make a payment to the teachers pension and...
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    they cannot because they need to pay for other things they couldn't afford when they had already promised. the new taxes are to help pay for that.
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    lol so i just read that Chicago laid off 1400 people and borrowed some money to make a 600$ million payment to the Teachers pension fund.. and then the next day asked the pension fund for a 500$ million loan. /facepalm.
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    Chicago Now Taxes Netflix And Other Cloud-Based Services

    no surprise here. they tax what you make and they tax what you spend.
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    Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Law Takes Effect In California

    This is just software right? Why not just reinstall the OS?
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    Replacing HDD with SSD; which SSD would be compatible?

    1> Yes 2> Look at your motherboard/manual make sure you have SATA ports (hint you do) make sure they're SATAIII (AKA SATA3 or SATA 6GB) If it is SATAII then make sure you buy an SSD that is SATA2 compatible. I heard some newer ones are not could be BS though. 3> SSDs use much less power in...