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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Common upgrade! Thanks for the chance!
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    Crosshair V - Will not post. DRAM led stays red.

    I did remove the card right away. First thing I figured was it was the sound card. There is a little "go" botton on the top right to bypass the error. It just causes the boot device led to flash.
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    Crosshair V - Will not post. DRAM led stays red.

    I've had my setup for about 1 1/2 years now. It worked fine last night. I came home and installed my new Soundblaster Z card. Turned the power on and everything fired up as usual but my displays failed to light up. FX8120 ASUS Crosshair V 16 gigs samsung low profile 5870 1 gig I'm on...
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    8150 first hand

    I've had a 8120 since last December. I keep it at a modest 4.2ghz with 1.3v and while it's only paired with a 5870, I have yet to find a game or program that doesn't meet my expectations. I saw the doom and gloom of the benchmarks before my purchase but have zero regret. I actually really...
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    War of the Roses Beta sign up!

    Thanks! Signed up.
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    Corsair 500R - first w/c setup complete

    I'll look and see if I took pictures of the process. Basically I cut the middle bar out and had to bend the holes down and level them off if that makes sense. So everything would sit normally. It wasn't the prettiest thing as I'm not too skilled with metal bending but I made it work...
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    Rune now on Steam I have zero problems running it. Enjoy.
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    Rune now on Steam

    My buddies and I LAN about twice a year still and this game always finds some play time. There's a Dx10 shader pack and a ton of free maps. It can be pretty epic in multiplayer especially after some drinks. I'm not sure how single player is.
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    LAN Games?

    Rune! So much fun, runs on the Unreal Tournament engine. You can tweak it a bit with a DX10 shader and such. We used to play "Giants Citizen Kabuto" back in the day. Fun times and it supports up to 10 people.
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    Project: Bar/LAN room

    Looks awesome, great work so far.
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    Corsair 500R - first w/c setup complete

    Thank you! I tried my best to measure with some spare tubing I bought from home depot. Mostly eye balled the lengths but was happy with the end result. The tubing from the motherboard to the graphics card was probably the most difficult. I used some metal cutters to extend where the drive...
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    Why did you buy Bulldozer?

    I know, I need to look up a guide for this fancy UEFI bios though. So many options! haha.
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    Why did you buy Bulldozer?

    I picked one up recently and have had zero problems, be it from game frame rates to everyday operation. Windows zips along noticeably faster than my overclocked e8400. I haven't even had the need to overclock but am water cooled when that time comes. I received a good deal at micocenter on...
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    Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case

    I had to file the holes to line up properly but it fits no problem at all. I also dremeled the plastic off the inside of the front bezel and used 20mm fans. It fits flush without a problem.
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    Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case

    I enjoyed building with this case, very well put together. My setup is in the W/Cing forum but here are a few pics...
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    Corsair 500R - first w/c setup complete

    My goal was for the case to have the stock look while cooling efficiently. I'm actually very happy with the FX processor performance upgrading from an E8400. All my games run great at 1900x1200, which is also why I found no need to replace my 5870 yet. I had to shift the HD cage about a...
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    Steam Inventory Trading Thread

    If anyone wants to trade for Left 4 Dead (original) let me know.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I've had great luck using Corsair since my very first computer, thanks for the quality products!
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    Looking for help on build

    I have some changes I've been contemplating, are they overkill possibly? I want to get the koolance rp-452x2 reservoir and run it with dual pumps for redundancy and it will help with cable management in the size of case I'm using. Also as for the loop setup. Would I want to go: Pump/Res...
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    Watercooling 5870, what are my options?

    They sold out. It was XSPC Razor GPU blocks. I snagged two they were marked down to $40 from $100 so figured it was worth a shot.
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    Looking for help on build

    Awesome, thank you both for the help. Good to know my PSU is enough, I've had it since last year's black Friday sales. The EX240 will probably be the radiators I go with and then I'll figure out the fittings at the same time. Thanks for the varying prices on the fan selection. Hopefully...
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    Looking for help on build

    Working on my first water cooling build and looking for a critique on my parts or helpful suggestions. My goal is quiet operation, decent cooling performance and some overclocking potential. My case is the Corsair 500r. I plan on upper and front mounting the radiators in a single loop...
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    Watercooling 5870, what are my options?

    I found these on sale? Anyone have experience with them?
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    Will I bottleneck my crossfire 5870's?

    My system is getting long in the tooth but it still plays everything at 1900x1200. I figured I could throw this extra 5870 since it will be sitting around anyway. My current build is: Abit IP35 Pro Xeon E3110 @ 3.0 (375 fsb) w/ H50 4 gigs G.Skill Radeon 5870 1 gig 1x c300 ssd 1x...
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    Oct 14-16 Intel LANFest Sacramento Fall 2011

    Anyone from the Northwest (WA,OR area) looking to go to this? I'm debating taking a weekend vacation to drive down there but would be kind of boring / expensive to go by myself. Kind of sucks BF3 is about 10 days from release but I'll play anything.
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    Rise of Nations or Empire Earth?

    Rise of Nations was awesome. My buddies didn't like it because of the borders aspect but it was a great game. Easily the better of the two.
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    The official Red Orchestra 2 thread

    I'd love to LAN, especially if someone has some good tips for this game. I played the original off and on but none of my buddies were into it. I'm deployed until the end of September but currently have it pre-ordered. Just waiting to get back!
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    Red Orchestra 2 Pre-Purchase Discounts & Bonuses

    Picked it up at GMG and already activated the key on Steam. 20% off plus the $5 dollars in credit from a referral purchase. Only $22, Great deal!
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    Games you were looking forward to but were cancelled.

    Yes! The original was such an awesome LAN game.
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    Kingdom Hearts I or II?

    I beat KH1 and started KH2 but never finished, need to go back someday soon. I still have my ps2 hiding in the garage with a 120gig hard drive mod. There quite a few RPG's I missed from that era I should look into.
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    Longest gaming session? Guy dies in UK after 12 hrs of Xbox

    My friends and I would game from Friday till Monday every weekend in high school. We'd regularly sit from 4pm till the next day. We'd also get out at night and play capture the flag or paintball the next day though. 12-18 hours of gaming wasn't uncommon for us though. Sure miss playing...
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    Tribes : Ascend 20 minute game play video

    Loved Tribes and Tribes 2 back in the day. Saved up to get my own land line so I could be on the internet without preventing people from calling my parents. Miss those days sometimes. Gameplay looks good, very much looking forward to this!
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    Best precision gaming mouse

    Using a G9x now and find it works great. I'm looking at grabbing a Steelseries Ikari, has anyone used one of their mice before?