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    Sony "May Never Know" What the Hackers Stole

    Sony is garbage. They have repeatedly disrespected and harmed their customers, and I won't have jack to do with them again. In my opinion they should be shut down totally from doing electronic transactions or storing cutomer information, effectively banning them from doing business in...
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    Warner to Raise Content License Fees for Netflix, Redbox

    How about just producing movies that more people would want to see? Face it, most movies aren't worth more than the price of redbox or netflix, which is why they have boomed in recent years. Blockbuster $5 rentals were just way overpriced for what the consumer received. To me, most movies...
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    Intel Chipset Design Error!!!

    After this fiasco, it will be a long while before I upgrade my cpu/mobo to this mess that has been Sandy Bridge. At this point I'll just have to be damn impressed with performance to pull the trigger, and that looks like it's going to take some time judging by Intel's roadmap.
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    Young Kids Learn Tech Skills Before Life Skills

    Agree totally. Moving a mouse to open a browser is no more difficult than other recognition activities a young child would do, and not a whole lot different. Tying shoe laces is a lot harder than clicking an icon, because it requires more motor skills, coordination, and pattern memorization...
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    Activision-Blizzard Shuts Down Modders

    Blizzard has absolutely no qualms about stepping all over the trademarks and copyrights of other authors/creators/artists, so they won't get much sympathy from me. Personally, I hope they have to waste millions suing thousands of people for infringement in a nod to poetic justice.
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    America... %#*@ yeah!

    I want you to look at your grammar, then look at what you just said, as opposed to REALITY, then rethink what it is you are doing posting. You should be banished to using ONLY foreign products, including a CPU and operating system, until you wise up.
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    new gaming rig

    Sorry, I did not realize you wanted the monitor to simply watch video on, because on the questions you answered, you popped gaming right out as the first thing. Dell has a few 24" 1920x1200 , but they are a bit pricier.
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    new gaming rig

    I'll just chime in to say that $150 is overkill for the system you are putting together, and you might consider something like the Corsair 650w. $90, $70AR. You might also want to think about another case on your budget. You can save another $20-$30. Possbily a $69 Lancool job whoch Newegg...
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    CNN: Gaming Leads To Mental Health Issues

    Since most whackjobs in the modern era choose to post crazy crap on their Facebook pages, can we then say that Facebook leads to mental instability? No. Are you aware that most published scientific research is IN FACT, wrong...
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    Looking to upgrade for WoW

    A couple things: Remember to update the firmware on the SSD (currently rev. 006), plug it in a low number 6 port, and change the bios as needed. Download iometer, and make sure it's giving you the speed you paid for. You'll find the load screens shorter, but also loading large numbers of...
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    Should i get a new case or not?

    Are rhe case fans the original ones?
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    HAF 912 extreme dust build up..

    So, you think your case just created additional dust?
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    Gaming Benefit

    Why have 2 6970s and even consider buying an 8400? I could understand if the 2600k was $1,000, but why bottleneck the couple grand you spent on video cards and monitors worrying about a $300 chip? There are some great articles around the net about building balance into a pc. Check 'em out if...
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    Case upgrade choice - can't choose

    If you are looking at the 650, perhaps the mid tower Lian Li PC-7FNWX might be for you.
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    Gigabyte G1-Killer line (first images)

    That mobo is just plain fugly. Enthusiasts pay big for cool looking components, but the designer really missed the boat in thinking this was in any way attractive.
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    The 15 Most Hated Companies in America

    This is mostly a list or companies with horrid, horrid customer service records, or routinely out and out cheat their customers.
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    HardOCP Question on SSD

    I'll take Cruical, Corsair and OZC.
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    Corsair HS1 and LOTRO anyone?

    What fixed it for me was changing the mic volume in windows which for some reason didn't metter in vent, but mattered in LoTRO.
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    SIlverstone RV02W-EW - White Edition

    That thing is butt ugly. I predict Newegg "shell shocker" will be it's eventual fate. Right there with all the Rosewill junk.
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    Just purchased my first ssd, any installation / optimization tips?

    Tom's has a new article on tips, etc. but I'm not sure just how much help it's going to be at this point.,2800.html
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    Low Latency or More Memory?

    Corsair used to have an interesting bit of information on their website that spoke to the performance of having 8gb vs 4gb. I think you will see a larger difference going that route than paying a premium for slightly lower latency. There are many articles around the web comparing latencies...
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    MSI P55-GD65 LGA 1156 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I bought my 65 based on the 80 review by the [H] and I've been very satisfied.
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    Smoking Near Apple Computers Voids Warranty

    I can see the commercial now.
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    LHC May Be Colliding Particle Beams In a Week

    Can we have one more Christmas prior to global destruction, please?
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    Psst! Hey Buddy, Want to Buy a 13,750 Sq.Ft. Sign?

    I guess there isn't an app for that.
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    Non-Deal of the Day

    Yeah, this rental will be the first thing I do right after I buy a Tesla automobile and scale Mount Everest wearing a gold-plated Speedo.
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    NVIDIA CEO, Visiting Dubai, Says “I’m all Apple”

    At the rate Nvidia is going alienating it's customer base, it almost looks purposeful.
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    India to Auction 3G Bandwidth in January, Allows Foreign Bidders

    I can see the commercial now... A man walking through the nasty streets of Calcutta dodging cows and rats, with the stench of decaying flesh wafting up from the river, saying "Can you hear me now?" in an Indian accent.
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    Anyone else NOT renew aion subscription today

    There is nothing end-game to justify the boring grind in this game. I'm no kid and I willingly did hell levels and the brutal grind that was the original EQ, and nearly 10 years of other mmos. I don't mind the grind if something is worth it end-game, but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend...
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    Will this RAM work for an i5 rig?

    I think the reason many people go above and beyond and keep threads going like this is trying to help the people with the same questions, prior to them having to post. Not so much to bombard you with solutions after your purchase :)
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    Will this RAM work for an i5 rig?

    I'm not sure you can go wrong with dominators. Good choice. You can almost bet that your OC Genie isn't going to get the memory right and you will have to tinker with it. Here's another link to help with that. It's a GD-65, but should help where...
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    This mem a good choice for new i7 system?
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    Case Suggestions

    Frozencpu has some nice pre-modded cases, but if money were no object I think I would go Murderbox. The Corsair 800D would be on the top of my list for a pc case under reasonable price restrictions though.
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    Will this RAM work for an i5 rig? That is a good article showing performance of various ram speeds and timings. What makes good ram or better ram? Two things really imho. 1) Reliability. Most people stick with the bigger name brands like Corsair due to reliability. Dead ram...
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    Good CASUAL mmorpg?

    Third for LoTRO. Great community compared to the other games filled with crybaby 14 year olds. You won't be sorry.
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    Will this RAM work for an i5 rig?

    I was a big OCZ fan a few years ago when they were hungry to make a name for themselves, but I just don't see the value any more. I bought some 4gb 1600 9-9-9-24 corsair kits for $80 with free shipping from Newegg due to the low profile heatsinks, but if I had the headroom I would have gone with...
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    prolimatech megashadow vs megahalems rev. B

    No performance difference in the two, but my understanding was the regular megahalems had a different plate changed on the top (visible side) that prevents oxidation like you will see on the megashadow. Imho, the megashadow isn't worth the extra $15, and if I did it over again I simply grab a...