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    FCC Approves Rules Allowing Phone Companies to Block Robocalls

    Boy I hope they didn't spend too many millions coming up with this crap. It'll do nothing to stop the calls but will likely be a revenue stream for the phone companies.
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    Anyone have any experience with Bush Business Furniture?

    I've got a few that are from Bush modular line. They're like what you linked in the original post but a different color. I didn't get an hutch with either. They're not cheap but they are well built, very sturdy and look nice. I have two of these, one 72" and one 60"...
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    IBM Scientists Say Radical New 'In-Memory' Architecture Will Speed Up Computers

    And batteries that charge in 30 seconds and last 20 years... These announcements are great and all but a lot of this stuff never hits the consumer level or gets released. Intel's Optane sounded like the greatest thing to happen to SSD's and it's been pretty boring so far.
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    The Only Safe Email Is Text-Only Email

    The web should be text only as well. No one needs video, images, sound, etc. Think how fast web pages would load.
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    Amazon to Add Second Headquarters with up to 50,000 Jobs

    The bidding war is going to be fierce. Amazon will probably get free land, no taxes, etc, etc. I know Maryland is bidding on this as well.
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    Best Buy Pulls Kaspersky's Antivirus Software from Its Shelves

    And yet we have tons and tons of Chinese products that could have built in backdoors, malware, etc. and no one seems to be concerned about that. The NSA is WAY worse than Kaspersky will ever be.
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    Firefox Plans to Anonymously Collect Browsing Data

    FF has been more problematic with every release. The latest release has a weird issue where randomly my typing slows or pauses for a few seconds. Doesn't happen often but overall the performance of FF seems to be pretty bad compared to the good old days.
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    Amazon Is Refunding Purchases of Dodgy Eclipse Glasses

    I'm just going to aim my camera at the sky and watch it later. My eyes have probably been damaged enough.
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    Windows Defender Application Guard to Use Virtualized Environment

    Or you could use something like Sandboxie which can isolate pretty much any application in a "virtual" environment.
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    OS imaging software for Windows 10

    Thanks for the replies. My use case is for disaster recovery rather than cloning the drive but I've used most of these programs for cloning and they worked fine.
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    OS imaging software for Windows 10

    What do you use and did it work you had to do a full OS recovery? I've always used Acronis or Windows' built in system image and have used both a few times for a full recovery using OS's other than 10. For 10 I'd like to find something that works well for online/offline imaging and has a good...
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    FireFox Really Slow

    It's been bad since v53, I've had a ton of issues after having zero issues for years. Don't want to switch to Chrome and won't use IE so I'm just stuck with it for now.
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    Where's the sniper in Sniper Elite3?

    I like Sniper Elite V2 a lot, to me Sniper Elite 3 looked more like a far cry game so I haven't picked it up but I will when it is DEEPLY discounted some day.
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    Fix Those Pesky Hacking Holes in Intel AMT

    Tried to run it on two PCs and it crashes right away. Not sure what that indicates. I'm going to try a few more and see if it works. AFAIK we never enabled this and it came disabled from the factory.
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    Windows File History Is a Great Backup Tool in Windows 10

    I do miss Shadow Copies for files, that was a great feature. File History is nice but getting people to either use it or connect a backup drive (in the case of laptops) is like pulling teeth. I also wish they would update the OS image process and modernize it instead of just using the old...
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    Windows 10 anti-bloatware update attempts to block installation of Win32 apps

    The OS is the biggest bloatware, when will they change that. I work on (fix) Windows 10 PC's pretty frequently now and damn is there a lot of crap going on without any programs running. Just watching resource monitor is crazy on these machines.
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    New Windows 10 Zero Day Exploit Allows Attackers to Cause a System Crash

    Secure and being filled with vulnerabilities might be two different things to some people. I roll my eyes whenever I hear anything OS or application is the most secure ever. Everything is going to have bugs and vulnerabilities and given the amount of code it takes for an OS it'll never stop...
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    Windows partition showing up as unformatted

    Got this laptop from a friend who said it wouldn't boot. When I power it on I get "Operating System Not Found" Booted with Windows recovery disc and no OS was found. Connected the drive to another PC and I can see two of the four partitions (Tools and Recovery are fine) but the 100MB and...
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    Network setup for large home with FIOS

    I was having some issues getting a good signal to a new TV and to devices 2 floors away. Got one Unifi-AC-Lite and the issue is solved. Could probably turn off the radios on my router and still get good coverage.
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    Russian Operation Hacked A Vermont Utility, Showing Risk To U.S. Electrical Grid Security

    This is more likely a case of some dumbass clicking on a link or going to an infected website than it was "hacking". The news just likes to say "hacking" because it sounds so much more menacing than the real story which is people are stupid and their systems aren't properly secured.
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    My 6290 has the same remote as my 6300. The "magic" remote or whatever stupid term they use. The one with very few buttons and a disc type control in the center.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Just picked up a Unify AP Lite today. For $80 seemed like a good option. Currently getting it all setup but the initial setup is quick simple. Tons and tons of options in the interface so I'm sure it'll take a while to get everything set up properly.
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    Two instances of firefox in task manager

    I actually saw this at a client's the other day. She complained that her machine was going very slow and when I checked Task Manager FF was using 3GB of RAM out of the 4GB she has. HD was getting hammered with all the swapping. Turns out it was just one page that was doing it. May be more pages...
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    Probably a basic question on subnets and networks

    Trying to understand the concept illustrated here. I have a /26 network which means 62 hosts. My assumption would be that I could have hosts with IPs in between .1 and .63 (which I believe would be the broadcast address). But this is showing I could have 4 networks (subnets?) On a subnetting...
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    addicting and i've only a 980ti

    eVGA b-stock has some great deals on 980ti's.
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    Netflix Is Finally Adding Offline Playback

    Just downloaded the app and there's a lot included. Didn't spend much time browsing but it isn't just shows created by netflix. This is something I've wanted for a while. I use Amazon downloaded shows if I travel and it's great.
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    Apple Has A Calendar And Photos Spam Problem

    At least this is finally getting some exposure. Happened to my parents a few weeks ago. I had them disable the icloud calendar and problem was solved but it's a big gaping hole in the Apple calendar to allow such a thing to happen to begin with. Apple will naturally deny anything is wrong and...
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    Free & Easy Remote Desktop software for Tech Support?

    I use the Quick Support version of TeamViewer. I'd rather not have something like that running on someone's machine until I need to connect. The quick support executable needs no install, just put it on their desktop and have them run it as needed.
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    RT-AC68U clone $59 - use code WIFI40 -

    Don't even have to be a tmobile customer so I can't see how you would ever need to return these. They've done this promotion before and no one who got them the first time has ever mentioned that. From their site: This product is available for purchase by both T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile customers.
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    I've got a bug and its name is Crypto...Locker

    Might be a good time to implement application white-listing via AppLocker.
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    For Sale: Gears of War 4 Code

    Bump :-)
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    For Sale: Gears of War 4 Code

    $SOLD Microsoft account is required to redeem the code Minimum Spec Windows 10 (v. 1607) DirectX 12 AMD FX 6 Core Intel core i5 @ 3.5Ghz AMD R7 260X NVIDIA 750 Ti 2GB VRAM 8GB RAM 90GB HDD Recommended Windows 10 (v. 1607) DirectX 12 AMD FX 8 Core Intel core i5 @ 3.5Ghz AMD R9 290X Nvidia 970...
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    Not getting email notifications

    My email is correct for my account, I get emails from Hardforum all the time. I guess I should be good to go.
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    The antivirus program becoming the virus

    I've used Avast for years on many machines and install it on plenty of systems for users who don't want a paid solution. Sure they may track your info, so does every other service you use online. If you install without customizing the install options it can cause performance issues. I simply do...
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    Need a good RPG

    I really liked this game when I played it a few years back: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™ on Steam usually goes on sale for less than $10.
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    My ass is killing me

    I can't sit for more than 15-20 minutes without some pain. I've gotten used to it because it's been going on for years. I've gone through multiple chairs in all different price ranges. Tried different pads and supports on the chairs and nothing helps. Don't mind spending on a chair but when you...
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    For Sale: Gears of War 4

    It is, PM incoming
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    For Sale: Gears of War 4

    Selling a Gears of War 4 NVIDIA code $OLD Terms: - I can only accept Non-CC Paypal - You must have positive Heatware references Heatware: Reviews/Feedback for MustISO |