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    How do you upgrade unifi controller?

    You're supposed to upgrade the controller first. Once upgraded, within the webinterface it allows you to update to the latest AP firmware too. If you do it the other way around... I could imagine problems like you experienced...
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    Have I finally exceeded the limits of Tomato?

    I would keep AD and MS' DNS all virtualized and/or at least separated from your main home network. No need to introduce all that complexity into the rest of your home network (IMO).
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    Have I finally exceeded the limits of Tomato?

    You run AD at home? Any particular reason why? Dump tomato definitely. Go with a Ubiquiti WAP and pfsense and you won't look back, I rock that same setup. (unifi ac pro, custom built low noise/power high performance pfsense router).
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    Can't resolve DNS through wired, wireless is fine?

    So DHCP assigns IP/GW/DNS etc? Yet it fails to resolve hostnames? Can you ping IPs outside of your network in that scenario?
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    Cisco noob, DHCP+vlan not getting along

    Thanks all, especially you Daedalus0101101! Getting a LOT closer here... 1) Computers now get IP addresses (as well as gateway, dns, etc) correctly now when plugged in 2) When plugging the router to the modem, I can now both ping outside IP, and resolve hostnames and ping them too. The only...
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    Cisco noob, DHCP+vlan not getting along

    The modem is connected to TWC, I haven't plugged it into this router yet (still have that plugged into my main router, I wanted to get this configured prior to plugging it in with that). Why would connecting the router to the modem make the DHCP begin to work and assign IPs? I'd expect that to...
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    Cisco noob, DHCP+vlan not getting along

    Attempting to setup a Cisco 1811 with a basic config that would 1) WAN on fa0, receive IP via DHCP from modem 2) it has 8 switch ports, all automatically configured on vlan1 it seems 3) setup DHCP so any port on vlan1 can get an IP (pool, and DNS servers Have followed a few...
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    Free 10w light bulbs, water saving devices

    Simple Energy Efficiency Not sure which areas this is valid in, but in Milwaukee there are free and reduced price options anyways. Example of what I'm seeing.
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    POE Switch For School

    what's the budget? I'd say go with an HP Procurve...
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    Asked Many Times, But...

    Cat6a. It really doesn't cost much more, and helps futureproof / won't ever have to re-run new line if you ever had to.
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    4770k vs 4790k

    Go with the 4790k combo. After all the horror stories I'm hearing of AIO coolers having their fluids drying up I'd avoid them. Used to have a H100 myself and never liked the pump noise it made, was happy to ditch it and go with a CM H212 Evo. Quieter and still keeping my processor plenty cool...
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    Dell Poweredge 5810

    Do you mean Precision 5810?
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    bulletproof AP

    Another +1 on Ubiquiti UniFi APs from me. I've never had issues with mine. Have one at my dad's house (N), at my own house (the new AC pro), and setup 3 N long-range ones at a hotel once at my last job (small MSP), been rock solid, easy to setup, and fast. Have NEVER had issues needing to...
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    AM1 Chips?

    I have a Sempron 2650 in my pfsense router I built. Got it because the mini-ITX board I got had a DC power header on it and it looked like a decent enough chip. So far extremely happy with the setup. Then again though this is an entirely different application. Super quiet and low power (<18w...
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    LGA1151 motherboards with DC-in power jacks?

    Like the title asks, are there any LGA 1151 boards that take DC power directly? I know there are some AMD boards that do, and older Intel socketed ones, but what about 1151 specifically? Thank you
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    WTB Cheap Sandy Bridge CPU

    how cheap is dirt cheap for you?
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    school me on how to figure out why my NAS drive creeps on data xfers randomly.

    You need to remove as many variables as you can, test, and work your way back up testing along the way. What do you mean by "nas box" ...please define the actual hardware and software that make this thing up. How is it configured? With 4 drives in RAID 10 connected to a gig switch (with a gig...
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    The "UniFi AC" is what I was thinking of (the square one). If later revisions / firmware updates that may be possible, but I know at least initially they did not hold up to their N-based units at the time. That's been fixed with their next series of AC-enabled units.
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    I have the new UAP-AC-PRO... Loving it. I pre-ordered it in November, didn't get it until January. Sadly I don't have any AC devices to test it, but it's been rock solid and easy to use. I used to have a UniFi AP (the original n based one), that was always stable and easy to use too, I set...
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    Problem with home network slowing down to a crawl...

    Throw the router into the garbage, and build a pfsense box. For the sake of testing speed/performance/stability, just use normal PC components you already have and install it. If everything tests out well, then work on building a low power, quiet, unit. For wireless... either throw in a...
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    Dead fan in Enermax Revo 85+

    Just use a fan header from the motherboard or 4-pin molex/speed control it etc. Run the wire out of the PSU with the rest of the power connectors, or some other misc hole. I replaced the fan in my Antec powersuppy with a Noctua... moves a lot of air and is super silent! Way quieter than the...
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    Looking for an i7 Quad Core Laptop under 13.3"

    Looks like your options are slim. MSI GS30 (open box, no longer made) Same one but new: and this "Aorus X3 Plus" whatever that is...
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    Dead fan in Enermax Revo 85+

    Buy whatever Noctua 140mm you can buy.
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    Cheapest way to get 4x 10Gbe switched

    Liking the look of that switch. How loud is it?
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    Cheapest way to get 4x 10Gbe switched

    There's that 8 port Netgear 10Gbe switch for $750 out there, are there any cheaper ways however to get 4x 10Gbe ports on a single switch? This can include second hand items on ebay. Thanks!
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Hah! I love it. Please post more pics when you change out any parts.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Awesome looking build. Usually not a fan of Lian Li cases but your machine makes it look great. Noctuas, great looking WC setup, clean wiring and components. 1+
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    Network pics thread

    Same picture for both..
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    Ubnt wired PoE network cameras

    use the $100-125 hikvisions myself too and they're great little cams. bought poe injectors for them too. If you buy them from Amazon apparently you gotta be careful what box they come in, there are knock-offs or chinese versions of the same thing which aren't as good or something. They have...
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    My two cents on EVGA. This is my last EVGA product.

    I've always used evga video cards and have never had problems with them. To answer your question why evga is/was popular, it was because they were one of the few that 1) had a lifetime warranty on their cards 2) they give you a 90-day step-up for upgrading your card The lifetime warranty is...
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    Jumping on the 6700K bandwagon: boxed or OEM?

    Where are you seeing OEM 6700ks? Tell us... for reasons. :p
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    It's not the printer language that's the issue, it's the ability to scan to the PC. The current one they have can print too but the scanning software is straight out of the XP days. They released a newer update but it's far too buggy and reading online it looks like everyone has issues with it.
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    Thanks for that link / model too though. I'll keep it in mind.
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    I've worked with samsungs in the past and haven't had issues. They're (my customer) already coming from a 10yr old Canon that has no Windows 8 support so they're pretty miffed about them. Staying away from Brother too since they always have the toner and drum separate. I think it's a...
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    Don't want an inkjet. Found this (deal too for $250) Can duplex scan, laser, etc. Looks good to me.
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    Not everyone calls it that sadly.
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    cheapest MFP that can scan two-sided

    There are a number of cheap $100-200 MFP options, but it seems that none of them have two-sided scanning (advertised). Anyone aware of models that do have it? Any in the $200-400 range? Thanks
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    Network pics thread

    Why do you need all this for a lanparty? :eek: Also wouldn't RAID10 give you better performance?
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    Network pics thread

    How are you liking that HP 1910-8g-PoE? It's been a huge tossup between the 1920-8G-PoE+ and the HP 2530-8G-PoE+ for me. Both seem pretty similar, except that the 1920 is "smart managed" and has layer 3 lite abilities, and the 2530 is "fully managed" and is L2 only. I can't make up my mind...