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    Cryptocurrency Mining Slowdown Could Lead to GPU Price Cuts

    I just bought a used GTX 1070 Evga, for $220. That is my price point, and won't spend much more than that ever. Card is in great shape and replaced my AMD 280X
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    The End of Blu-ray

    I have yet to buy a Blu-ray player, still just DVDs. So I must be part of the problem. Streaming is just too easy, and my van still has a DVD player, so that is what we purchase for the little ones.
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    Air Force Revs Up Production of Precision Bomb Dubbed "World's Largest Sniper"

    Looks like they can adjust the explosive nature of the bomb even in mid-flight. That way it can be a very small yet concentrated explosion, or something larger to take out surrounding targets.
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    Google Forgets to Tell Consumers That Its Nest Security System Has a Built-in Mic

    I carry a microphone around all day, it is in my phone. I'd worry about that before something this silly.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Buds Commercial Leaks

    Looks like a beautiful phone. I personally love the hole punch design. Not a fan of the notch. My last two phones have been a pixel and pixel 3, but I do miss the hardware Samsung puts out. (don't miss the choppy UI that always happened after OS updates. Unusable)
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    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    Yep, I still buy DVD only. We have never bought a Blu-ray player. Mostly just stream what we need.
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    Google Pixel 3

    I'm jumping on the $400 off Verizon deal. Upgrading from my pixel 1 to a 3. Have never rooted, don't care about locked bootloader, and have been with Verizon 15+ years so device credits work great for me. Makes the phone much more reasonable now at that price.
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    Just a Reminder...

    Turned off my ad blocker years ago for HardOCP. Any little bit that helps. Love the site and have been a visitor for years now.
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    I have used these during my two years living in Uruguay. Have been shocked many many times.
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    Google and Facebook are Already Accused of Breaking GDPR Laws

    That is plenty of free choice. Either use it, or don't. Go find a product you agree with and use it instead.
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    Classic NES Makes its Way Back Again

    My boys, 9 & 5 have gotten many many hours out of the snes classic. Still tons of fun to kick their butts in some street fighter. It has been fun to play these old games together. So I'll buy the nes classic. I still have my NES in a box but doesn't work well anymore. The memory of Christmas...
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    Can I please get Netflix to make a new Stargate series. Please!
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    Ready Player One Sneak Peek at SXSW 2018

    1000% agree. Audiobook is amazing
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    Facebook Co-Founder Says Technology Will Continue Destroying Jobs

    One of those lessons I learned many many years ago, is that in a way it does not matter how much money you make, but more of your discipline to budget and live within your means. For my job I am in other people's homes daily, working in close contact with their families. I have been in many...
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    States Push Back after Net Neutrality Repeal

    The FCC voted in 2015 to regulate broadband Internet providers as a public utility. This is what we are referring to as net neutrality laws. This is what the FCC just voted to do away with (get rid of net neutrality). It could be argued the idea has been around for longer, but the internet has...
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    States Push Back after Net Neutrality Repeal

    I've had no issues with throttling in my daily life. On cellular or internet. But government meddling isn't the answer. I'd rather see more competition, not regulation.
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    What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective

    I used Vista for years with little to no problems (outside of drivers in the first few months). Was on two of my systems. And I was one of those people that preferred it to XP back then.
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    States Push Back after Net Neutrality Repeal

    So this net neutrality law only existed for what, 2 years or so? I just don't see why we need to allow the government to regulate and meddle with it when it has survived without their "help" for so many years before that.
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    New Moto E4, Android.

    Wrong kind of unlock. It means unlock the screen (password, fingerprint, etc...)
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    New Moto E4, Android.

    Move files by USB Unlock your Android device. With a USB cable, connect your device to your computer. On your device, tap the "USB for..." notification. Select Transfer files. A file transfer window will open on your computer. Use it to drag files. When you're done, eject your device from...
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    New Moto E4, Android.

    After you plug in the USB cable, your phone should default to "charge only". Are you pulling down the notification tab and changing it from charging to something that allows you to move files onto the phone?
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    NORAD Tracks Santa’s Christmas Eve Movements for 62nd Year

    Everyone's situation is different, and everyone's family is different. If not doing the Santa thing works for your family, that is great, just respect what others are doing also. I have two boys and the oldest now knows about Santa. It was an awesome experience when we sat down with him two...
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    Amazon Echo Is Three Times as Popular as Google Home, Says New Sales Research

    That is not far off. I am bilingual (English/Spanish) and I am aways amazing, at how well Google assistant will translate from one language to another (or using Google translate) OR using the Google keyboard on android - it has an option to type in a language, and it outputs in the other...
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    Amazon Echo Is Three Times as Popular as Google Home, Says New Sales Research

    Nope Typing on the laptop at the moment. And my poor car does not have Bluetooth. I kill cars with mileage, so I don't get the fun toys in my car unfortunately. My point is that these assistants don't work for everyone, but they do work for a lot of people and you can't just completely ignore...
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    Amazon Echo Is Three Times as Popular as Google Home, Says New Sales Research

    You haven't use much voice to text much lately, my is usually 99% accurate. It gets a weather more you use it. Way faster than typing. I love to search on my desktop also, but voice is sooooo much faster. But it isn't just search. Example: I'm diving, following the GPS. I say "ok Google...
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    Amazon Echo Is Three Times as Popular as Google Home, Says New Sales Research

    I use the Google assistant on my phone constantly (pixel 1). The thought of having to type everything would be crazy to me. Probably helps that I have a home health type job, so spend my day in the car traveling. So easy to just say OK (hey) Google and my phone does whatever I want. Could not...
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    Microsoft Receives Patent to Protect the Headphone Jack

    I want the headphone jack. Use it in my car daily. I also had zero desire to charge headphones.
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    “Pay with Google” Officially Launched

    I don't think anyone read the article. This is not android pay, using your cell phone at a retail store/business. This appears to be an option for payment with things online. There will be another option that says "pay with google", similar to the "pay with PayPal" options you currently see...
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    Crashplan Is Exiting the Consumer Market

    I have 1.5 terabytes of family pictures and videos mostly, now have to figure out my options. I've been happy with crashplan, hate this change. Any suggestions?
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    It's Still Difficult to Just Buy a Google Pixel Today, and That's Insane

    I am quite happy with my Pixel. Got it with the Verizon Black Friday sale, 128GB. The software experience has been amazing after my last 4 years of Samsung phones. No complaints for the price I paid ($360ish).
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    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    Yes! Currently using USB Type C with my Pixel phone, and planning on adding an external HD in the near future using Type C connector
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    Like them or not, Google's Pixel phones will be the iPhone competitor we've demanded for years

    I just ordered Pixel 128gb in black from Verizon's black Friday sale @ $15/month payment plan for 24 months (total cost $360). Finally replacing my S5. My idea had been to wait for a price drop next year, but this works. They have the 32gb at $10/month.
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    s5 update to marshmallow

    I noticed that it changed the name and file path of the SD card. I use MortPlayer for my Audiobooks and it 'lost' my Audiobook folder on the SD card due to this following the update. I just had to go into the settings and redirect it to the new sd card file path. Might be something that helps.
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    s5 update to marshmallow

    Don't have answers, but just noticed (due to your post) that the gray screen option is now missing. Didn't use it much, but was nice to have. S5 in verizon here, overall have been pleased with the marshmallow update that came down last week. But yes, lost some options. I noticed that under...
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    Do you all use "Ok Google" a lot ?

    QFT Have used it for years now and could not do without. You have to give it time to learn your speech patterns, commonly used words, and use the correct commands with it.
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    Google Releases Android 5.1

    I have been using lollipop on my verizon s5 now for at least a month with almost no issues. In fact it is been a much smoother experience than with the previous KitKat installed. NOTE: I did need to clear cache due to the update causing problems initially, but since then zero issues. No change...
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    European Parliament Votes in Favor of Breaking Up Google

    QFT Thinking a company is "creepy" does not constitute this action. Lots of other options available for you to use out there.