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  1. 4saken

    Diablo 4 review: The horror’s back, and we couldn’t be happier

    To be fair, yes D3 sucked. Then it turned into a masterpiece. Everything I have seen from the Betas, stress tests, etc so far has me super excited to dive into D4. I am not a die-hard player, definitely casual Diablo fan, but can't wait.
  2. 4saken

    Street Figher 6 pc benchmark

    100/100 12900kf 3080. Looking forward to the launch. Between this and D4, not sure how I am going to manage.
  3. 4saken

    The complexity of copying data on x86 microprocessors

    sweet, paid subscribers only.
  4. 4saken

    Mesh office chair vs. padded

    Mesh for life. Thanks to my companies COVID WFH program, (sales here remote anyway), picked up a couple Herman Miller Aerons for home at no cost to me. Won't ever go back.
  5. 4saken

    AMD faulTPM Exploit Targets Zen 2 and Zen 3 Processors

    lol, that is a ridiculous exploit.
  6. 4saken

    Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (From Software)

    Same. Haven't played more than an hour combined on those series. AC6 looks interesting though, but definitely waiting on reviews.
  7. 4saken

    ROG Ally

    right. I have a 512 SD and love it, no complaints at the price point. But, if the Asus comes in at those price points. Definitely may bite.
  8. 4saken

    Ryzen 7000X3D Series: A Brief Technical Chat with AMD
  9. 4saken

    3Dfx Voodoo 2 on a Modern PC!

    literally same upgrade i went to in early college.
  10. 4saken

    Has the Steam Deck stayed part of your gaming life?

    39.5 hours on mine, since December. I dont use it religiously, but I definitely use it in diff situations.
  11. 4saken

    Worst things you've done in (online) gaming?

    I loved Team Killing in BF series by mining jeeps and kamikazing, heli kamakaizing, blowing up our own base right after round start. I think* I have grown up a bit since then.
  12. 4saken

    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    Im an NVIDIA homer now, price gouging, etc, etc aside. I loved the 5870, 9700, 9800 Pro. My vid card died in my puter in 2008, the day my daughter was born, and one of my memories is wife saying to go pickup lunch and get a replacement card at best buy, which happened to be the 9800 pro at the...
  13. 4saken

    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    No one who spent that much on an NVIDIA is mad. Just saying.
  14. 4saken

    Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Causes Concern Within Tech Industry, Roku Divulges its SVB Investments

    wouldn't say boldly, but yeah its coming and its gonna be bad. Ignore if you want, fair, but carry on otherwise. Get to see where we were financially past years and years in profitability and what our outlook is now. It is NOT good and it is industry wide, outside of outliers that will be...
  15. 4saken

    Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Causes Concern Within Tech Industry, Roku Divulges its SVB Investments

    100% This is 1000x worse than 2008. Anyone pretending it isn't get back to us in 2-4 years. Gonna be a very slow roll by design of financial failures. CDBC incoming. By design. The SV company i work for gave us training to promote ESG etc to customers, seriously? I am not saying those...
  16. 4saken

    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    They have 10 years of track record confirming this. /s.
  17. 4saken

    Meta “threatens” to pull news from Canadian users

    So government approved news only, got it. Meta and Google are probably 100% for it.
  18. 4saken

    Is DOSBox Staging better than real Retro PC? Part 2 Audio Sound and Music

    Will this help me enjoy Jumpman, or KQ1-3, or Space Quest more?
  19. 4saken

    Nvidia GPUs made by Intel look like they're actually going to be a thing

    didnt know intel needed saving, outside of the AMD chug fest here.
  20. 4saken

    RoboCop: Rogue City Gameplay Video

    Grew up in 80's, never really enjoyed Robocop(yeah i know :( ), don't feel it holds its own in modern times like Alien and BR do. But that being said, this has potential to being a low budget gem, and maybe some new material if it is successful, i'll give it a shot.
  21. 4saken

    Diablo IV: System Requirements

    I mainly play PC, but Diablo surpsingly, to me at least, translates to controller extremely well on the console versions. Whichever you will be gaming at most i suppose.
  22. 4saken

    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's bet big on A.I. is paying off

    You should see what my large Healthcare customers are doing. It is pervasive, top of mind, and always in the top 3 CTO/CIO projects going on. It is massive, and only going to continue to grow exponentially.
  23. 4saken

    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    I played the SW demo, was neat, i've heard the late game is really solid, but not sure I will spend 60$ on it. I only upgraded GT7/No Mans Sky/Thumper for VR on PSVR2. Waiting for some other titles to come out, so most of my time will be in GT7 as well. Thumper is just a fun time waster.
  24. 4saken

    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    GT7 is absolutely game changing for me. It is the best racing VR experience by FAR. Coming from a PC sim racer who has VR'd in iracing, pcars, assetto, etc. I am not comparing merits of each racing title, just the VR experience. GT7 is insane.
  25. 4saken

    Playstation VR Thread.

    Played a bunch of GT7 today, blown away at the detail/fidelity. It feels very natural with a wheel/pedal setup. Also upgrade Thumper to Ps5 for 4.99, always fun time killer. Played a bit of No Mans Sky, gotta get used to the controls in VR, but definitely looks and plays great.
  26. 4saken

    Playstation VR Thread.

    I've been reading both have day 1 patches today, unless that changed.
  27. 4saken

    Playstation VR Thread.

    Mine is in tomorrow. Mostly going to get it setup and go right into GT7 and probably no mans sky. I'll wait to see what rises to the top on current new releases, nothing really jumping at me.
  28. 4saken

    Gran Turismo 7

    Can't wait. Headset getting here tomorrow. Hopefully sooner than later in the day.
  29. 4saken

    The Expanse: A Telltale Series

    Ill play it for expanse, but telltale games are just so numbingly casual. Easy achievements i guess.
  30. 4saken

    Microsoft's deal to buy Activison/Blizzard for $67 billion, dead?

    yup not going anywhere. Stopped buying COD about 5 years ago, then the latest ones MW2022 made it fun again. I don't play them religiously but the series is a staple like Madden/etc now. OT tho, ima sony fanboy with consoles, but being a big PC gamer, im OK with MS buying any studio since we...
  31. 4saken

    Intel misses Q4 badly, Q1 guidance is abysmal

    I work in the tech sector. This isn't just going to be intel. Guidance across the board is abysmal. This year is going to be a blood bath economically.
  32. 4saken

    DirectStorage Causes 10% Performance Hit On RTX 4090 In Forspoken

    Yeah, had it on my list, but have held off to see if its improved.
  33. 4saken

    DirectStorage Causes 10% Performance Hit On RTX 4090 In Forspoken

    Good thing this game is getting shit reviews. Wont have to worry about it.
  34. 4saken

    What game made you a PC Gamer?

    KQ1 on a pcjr. :) Nice. Also made me a lifelong grammar nazi.
  35. 4saken

    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    yeah, semi interested. only seeing ppl trashing it atm. But waiting for it to settle down.
  36. 4saken

    Playstation VR Thread.

    Nice. Kind of forgot about preordering this headset. From what I've been seeing, im excited to get it in next month. I'm not anti-VR but pretty meh about it, but keep falling for the next new gen headsets anyway. There is a lot about the PS5VR2 that is very intriguing compared to other...
  37. 4saken

    Ubisoft cancels three more games, issues dire update

    As long as they keep supporting Trackmania Club, i'll be happy.
  38. 4saken

    HandBrake 1.6.0 Debuts AV1 Transcoding Support for the Masses

    it moved SUPER Quick to mkv after divx/xvid/avi, they almost died overnight(not literally). We all collectively gave sighs of relief when we could rely on just mkvs and VLC back in the mid - late 2ks
  39. 4saken

    Intel to start licensing x86 cores…

    agreed. this is very intriguing.
  40. 4saken

    Death Stranding (first title from Kojima Productions)

    I don't have the directors cut, but tbh, not sure it ever showed up as such. I just clicked get game and went on with my day. However, I do see my original receipt from early today does only say Death Stranding, not the Directors cut. So they have a leg to stand on imo.