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    FS: Amazon Gift Cards!

    $820 of Starbucks? What the hell am I suppose to do with half a cup of coffee?
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    FS: 5x MSI GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptops (i7-10870H, RTX 3080, 32GB, 2TB SSD)

    I would probably consider this if the screen wasn't TN.
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    Wtb: best Gpu i can get for $300-400.

    Probably a 1080 Ti, I would look here or in hardwareswap, don't go to ebay. That's what I have and I skipped the 20 series as it wasn't much of a boost. I don't see myself finding a reasonably priced 30 series until the end of the year unfortunately.
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    FS: 4tb and 10tb HDD in WD External enclosures

    How old are these?
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    FS: 2500K, Asus P8Z68-V PRO, 16 GB DDR3 GSkil RipjawsX, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Combo

    It's been in storage for a while, and might as well see if one of you might put it to good use. I am the original owner of all of the components. You are will be getting a 2500K that can hit at least 4.3Ghz, never pushed it. Asus P8Z68-V PRO, 16 GB DDR3 GSkill RipjawsX, Cooler Master Hyper 212...
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    Flickering screens and application relocation

    I was actually thinking that so I disconnected the TV and it seems to be fixed but unfortunatly I don't have another HDMI cable that long. I ordered another and we'll see if that was it, thank you.
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    Flickering screens and application relocation

    I had been getting this flickering where the screens go black and everything stops working for like a second every now and again, and sometimes the browser windows or any other opened application would switch to the other screen. I have reduced the problem, it use to be longer pauses, and it...
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    Applications keep switching monitor

    It stays the same in both Win 10 Display Setting and Nvidia Control Panel. The order is always 27" primary, 24" third, 65" second. I don't know why that is but I've never been able to change the numbering.
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    Applications keep switching monitor

    Hi, I have 2 monitors and a TV hooked up to my PC with a Nvidia 1080. Resolutions as follows: 1. 27" 1440p, DisplayPort monitor 2. 24" 1200p, DVI monitor 3. 65" 4K, HDMI TV The problem is that every time I turn on the TV all the windows switch around, like if monitor 1 has Chrome up, then it...
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    Building 3 Identical Systems - Please Evaluate

    The 3700x is a better value, it's like 1-3% slower than the 3800x.
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    x570 TDP

    Previous AM4 mobos work with a TDP of 5w, x570 work with 11w. My question is beyond the obvious of shorter life-span and more power, what are the practical implications of this? I mean what kind of actual life can we expect or actual increases in the electric bill, etc... You know practical...
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    FS: MSI 2080ti Ventus OC :SOLD:

    Well that's some friend, I don't see how this is your problem instead of his. Best of luck, and seasons greetings.
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    FS: (USA) Google Pixel 2XL 128gb (Verizon) $149

    Don't know if it's just me, but you have the same 8 pics repeating 4 times.
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    FS: [USA-CA] AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Cool thanks, just wanted to avoid drama before it started.
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    FS: [USA-CA] AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Didn't your post get removed from Reddit?
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    could take a picture of the screen? thanks
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    WTB 3900x or 9900K bundle

    I am looking to build a new rig, I want either a 3900x or 9900K with a good x570 or z390 mobo respectively in either ATX or ATX-E. If you have a CPU, mobo, or mem for these builds I would be interested. No offense, but I'm not going respond to offers that are near MSRP. I would rather buy new if...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Holy cow, $300M and almost 9 years. I'm not saying it's fraud, but probably like 99% of the industry has created better with less time and money. And before you start belittling me, look it up, the most a AAA title takes is around 7 years and that's rare. It's either a grotesque mismanagement of...
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    WTB: Looking for low budget cpu/mobo/ram combo that can 1080p game.

    there a few 2500K or 2600K out there around that price, although it's old you won't find better value once you overclock it.
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    32" G-Sync 1440p 32GK850G Monitor - $160 shipped USA

    This is absurd, he could have changed the price or closed the thread what is this crap?
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    What will be your go-to replacement for

    This place is becoming a ghost town
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    FS: 2 x TP Link TL-PA9020P Powerline Adapter Kits

    I don't know...$115 for a white label baby...what kinda tricks can it do?
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    9900K or wait for KS?

    I read I think on Gizmodo that when the KS hits the market the 9900K/KF/KS are going to all get a considerable price reduction. Do you think that's reliable info?
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    Thorian88 sold me a 1080 gtx Ti and ran with my money

    Does anybody know if the guy that bought that other really expensive rig received it?
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    1080ti WC // i7 8700k // ASROCK x390 Taichi Ultimate

    hottnucks How is he not a troll and how is this not a problem? The guy has completely cutoff all communication with the involved parties, has not given his money back and there is proof that he has been online on the forums during that period.
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    1080ti WC // i7 8700k // ASROCK x390 Taichi Ultimate

    I too almost bought it, but he didn't reply to a question about the memory, that was Monday.
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    2080ti i9 9900k FAST watercooled custom pc for sale... $$$

    I think the rules say you have to put prices on all the things you list unless you want a trade.
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    EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra - $500 shipped USA

    Is this legit? If so, I'll give you more for it PM.
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    FS: HP ZR30w: 2560 x 1600 30 inch IPS monitor

    This the same monitor I have, love it. Getting long in the tooth though. Any suggestions on an upgrade that won't feel like a step-down?
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    1 CarFax Vehicle History Report

    Do they expire?
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    Looking for a new monitor

    Very nice choice, I like it at first glance. Thank you.
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    Looking for a new monitor

    GTX 1080, maybe 2080 near future. Around $600, the less the better but I'm flexible.
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    Looking for a new monitor

    Hi, I'm looking for a 27" or 32" monitor, I like accurate color reproduction. My preferences are: -IPS only -10bit preferably -1440p for 27" -4K for 32" Any other bells and whistles are fine, and I'm leaning more towards the 27". Thank you for helping.
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    I'm sorry you feel that way even though no one said nor implied anything of the sort, and technically I'm not wrong. And you trying to illicit a response from me over nothing is indeed immature, but I do thank you for your "civility".
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    In large part due to Bloch's Law Different parts of the eye have different response speed. The corner of your eye doesn't see color, but is fast; the center sees color, and is slower. This means that when you look at a 60 Hz monitor straight-on, the image is perfectly steady; but when you look...
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    It amazes me that people think they can perceive so many fps, you can't it is biologically impossible.
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    Warm: Dell Direct- 24" GSYNC Monitor - S2417DG $349.99 Free shipping

    Cold day in heck when I buy a TN panel.
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    Steam Summer Sale has started (until July 5th)

    People still get exited for these? Why? Don't you know about bundle or global key sites?
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    AMD GPUs Back in Stock

    Wish I could trade my 1080 for a vega 64