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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    Yeah, all you people who are for having to accept cash. You should be forced to work in a stop and rob for while and have to handle some of the disgusting bills that get passed around. I fully support a cashless society, if only for the improved hygiene of it.
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament For what it's worth I've been involved in two situations where I intervened. The first I was at a gas station after work at about 3am. As I was filling up I noticed a guy...
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    Florida has a law that establishes minimum sentences, it was commonly called the 10-20-Life law and it's been around since the late 90's.
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    Domino's, Ford to Test Pizza Delivery via Driverless Cars

    I'm sure we'll have plenty of bots that will be able to go out and get it for us if any of these designs are an indication of what's to come. Personally would love to have a Boston Dynamics BigDog. I can see it now, go fetch my pizza doggo, and kick a dent in the car for it being late...
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    Windows 10 S May Not Play Well with Desktop PCs

    Yeah so 10 S is not a full blown version of Windows that you can install on any random box of hardware....big surprise there. I guess if I become a premium member at his site he will give me more gold nuggets of knowledge like that? That pic of him makes me think he shit his pants...
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    This AI Factory Boss Tells Robots And Humans How To Work Together

    Controlled mainly by an "AI boss," work can be assigned based on the capabilities of the employee Oh yeah this will turn out well....
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    AMD RX Vega FreeSync vs NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI G-Sync Coming Soon

    Old link but interesting none the less..,review-33278.html
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    Watch a New Trailer for "Blade Runner 2049"

    ryan dipshit and jared dumbass....... should have gone for the trifecta and had uwe boll make it
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    Ethereum Price Plummets As Mining Difficulty Skyrockets

    Turn your systems up side down, it'll increase the mining efficiency by 34.74%.
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    Neill Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Short “Rakka” Now Streaming on Steam and YouTube

    Had to stop it about 3 minutes in, while the visuals were kinda cool the monologue had me wishing aliens would invade. Shut up and get to the action already....
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    234 Android Applications Are Currently Using Ultrasonic Beacons to Track Users

    Would it not be possible to write an app that listens for these signals and then uploads their location, including the name of the offending retailer, to a website for all to see and potentially boycott?
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    NVIDIA Gameworks FLOW DX12 Demo where's the boob physics?
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    Ryzen 5 1400 OC Review on YouTube

    Is it me or did that G4560 kick some serious ass in that video for being a 60-70 dollar chip?
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    Star Wars Spin-Off Will Reveal How Han Solo Got His Name

    His names Junior, the dog was called Han Solo....
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    One Motherboard Maker Explains why AMD AM4 Boards are Missing

    Never underestimate AMD's ability to step on their dick. I also wonder how many early adopters are kicking themselves for buying those $300 MSI boards.
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    40 Percent Now Say They Won't Buy Another Samsung Phone

    Most people will settle for whatever upgrade their carrier allows.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    I miss the good old days where they used half naked women to sell stuff...
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    PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 470 Video Card Review @ [H]

    AMD finally starts getting their shit together with a DX12 graphics card...Microsoft takes a shit with Windows 10 :sour:'s hoping Vulcan lives long and prospers :vulcan:
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    Robot Stacks 1,000 Bricks An Hour

    Ok I'm gonna say it, there's some creepy looking dudes working for this outfit. Our Team | Fastbrick Robotics
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    “Star Trek” Reveals Title, First Look At U.S.S. Discovery

    At first glance it reminded me of a Romulan Bird of Prey
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    Tech FAIL Product of the Day

    I want to try mounting some of these in the 5.25 drive bays in my computer case.
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    FBI Pilot Program Has Collected 430,000 Iris Scans

    I get the feeling someone already has a patented way to do scans at a distance. I would think the UK would be rather far along in this as they have a lot of cameras already. Perhaps instead of one powerful camera they have a way of merging the data from lots of them...
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    6 Generations of GeForce Graphics Compared

    Guess I'm waiting for a 1080Ti now :cautious:
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    SilverStone Argon Series AR08 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Nice review, why would I want it instead of a CM Hyper TX3 though? I get the feeling it's an average HSF for a premium price simply because it has the SIlverstone name on it. Or maybe I'm just getting more cynical.
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    With HoloLens, Microsoft Aims To Avoid Google's Mistakes

    Somehow I doubt looking like a dork will be the biggest concern. "Over time, less expensive hardware would create a larger market," he said, adding he expected the first consumer HoloLens to be priced under $1,500.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Overclocking Preview @ [H]

    Wonder if EVGA is going to roll out an ACX 3 cooler for this card?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review @ [H]

    Any chance of letting the system run F@H for a while :D
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    The GTX 1080 Is Real

    Only one 8 pin power connector is going to make cable management a helluva lot easier. I'd be tempted to buy on just for that reason :D
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    FAH Non profit conflict of interest

    How naive does one have to be to not know that the people involved with this project would one day figure out a way to profit from their involvement with it? Universities and the people who run them, professors and administrators alike, never do anything for "free". There is always a motivation...
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    'Rainbow Six Siege' Scandal Shows Cheating Still Undermines eSports

    best part of the article... Clever tells me he also recorded a video of his last match against the Astral team in which he positioned the monitor on the other side of the room in clear sight and sent it off to the ESL. As luck would have it, his team lost the match, but he notes he was...
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    BLACKROOM: A New FPS From Romero & Carmack

    Not surprising at all since Adrian is the art guy and Romero is the level guy, neither of them can code an engine. What would have surprised me is if they had used the Source engine.
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    Big Progress in FAH Daily Production

    Well seems I have started getting the client hang where it says it's updating and everything is greyed out....and I just got another 970 :mad:
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    Max Video Card for i7 920

    I was running a 980 with my 930, I say was as it looks like my X58-UD3R board has died. I won't be able to do any thorough troubleshooting until Sunday though. Really annoyed about the situation because I just picked up a 6700k last week and was hoping to do some testing.
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    John Romero And Adrian Carmack Together Again?

    Romero always wants to play the rockstar when really he's just Ringo...
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    Big Progress in FAH Daily Production

    hmm seem my old TX750W has died. Newegg has the RM850i on shellshocker for 99$ after mir..... coincidence or conspriacy?
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    Big Progress in FAH Daily Production

    Well I just pulled the trigger on an MSI GTX970 100ME. Hopefully I got in under the Saturday delivery deadline.
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    Stickers For Your Plugs Kickstarter

    I use a metallic Sharpie
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    Big Progress in FAH Daily Production

    Nothing serious, just holds random crap. The cpu isn't overclocked and I think it only has 4gb of ram in it now, been a while since I've done anything with it to be honest. The fan making noise is the only reason I've been thinking about it lately, poor little thing.
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    Big Progress in FAH Daily Production

    I got a 550ti in my file server that the fan is dying on. The box has a G3258 in it and it's running linux. Would a 970 be a good choice for it to do some folding?