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  1. Slyr7.62

    Your CPU progression

    wow NattyKathy you had a bunch. I might've forgotten 1 or 2. 2.4 ghz p4 3.06ghz 333FSB p4 E8400 wolfdale E0 (1 of the premier gaming dual cores for a few years) i5-3550 (long live ivy bridge, lol) - z77 not really having nvme and certain other features is a big part of why I'll be upgrading...
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    12600k 12700k already getting big price cuts.

    Amazon is higher of course, but the KF 12600 @ 281 is pretty decent. It's the Z690 mobos that are spendy right now. --Edit: 267 if we factor in that 5% back later :)
  3. Slyr7.62

    Desktop GPU Shipments Down 16% Year on Year

    We should sell our 970's while they're still worth a decent amount. If the value goes too low, I'll just give a GPU to a relative, which would be a bit of a waste if they don't game. oh well. It stinks that we have to spend about $200 to get a card that uses less power but no better performance...
  4. Slyr7.62

    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    Oh, you iphone can play Crysis? (y):woot: The only recent thing I've seen from Apple that's a decent value is the $300 or less "2018" Ipad.
  5. Slyr7.62

    Samsung Starts Mass Production of Industry’s First 4-Bit Consumer SSD

    HEck yeah. I'm waiting for $100 1TB SSD's because that's the size I've been used to. I did snag a 1TB MX500 for $165 on prime day. :)
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    Samsung Note 9 - expected pricing is utterly ludicrous

    These boneheads don't realize that if phone financing is like cars then the $1000 phone is gonna be more like $1200 or so over time. I'd rather buy a brand new modern phone for $150-250 once every couple years. I don't even do that. I get a $100-150 Samsung that uses the Tracfone service & spend...
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    More NVIDIA 1180 GPU Rumors

    I'm thinking about selling my Dual fan 970 while it can still fetch $150+. What say you? Putting in another $150-200 for a 1070/Ti would be nice. Bought it a year or so ago for $165. Not gaming alot right now so I could sell & go without a GPU for a while to wait for a good price.
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    used EVGA GTX 1070 Ti @ $375

    Hmm. My GTX 970 was $160 from ebay a year or so ago. I bet I could sell it for more than that now. :rolleyes::ROFLMAO: Sell my 970 & put $200 towards a 1070 TI? decisions, decisions.
  9. Slyr7.62

    Official Prime Day Thread

    Good to know. I'm used to 1TB HDD's. Update: I bought 2 of the 250GB MX500's at $50 & $55 for relatives, and the 1TB for $165 since it's almost exactly 1/2 the price of the 2TB sale price. I don't need more than 1TB right now to spend an extra $85+.
  10. Slyr7.62

    FS: **NEW** iPad 9.7" Wi-Fi 128GB Space Gray (2018 model)

    Edit: Dibs, please. $350 is great, it's been about a year since I sold my 2nd gen handmedown 16GB ipad. Got to go to work now but, I'll check in around lunch time or right after work. PM sent also. Thanks.
  11. Slyr7.62

    Official Prime Day Thread

    I bought the $25 gift card for $5 credit to account. Also purchased the $55 + tax 250GB MX500. Somebody will enjoy it. The 2TB is a great price @ $319+tax but I don't feel like spending that much. Probably will be rare when 2TB ssd's are under $300 or 1TB for under $180.
  12. Slyr7.62

    EVGA 450W & 500W BR 80+ Bronze power supplies, $20 and $30 shipped

    Yep, still great price. :D
  13. Slyr7.62

    EVGA 450W & 500W BR 80+ Bronze power supplies, $20 and $30 shipped

    I bought 2 as well. $41 with tax to Cali. Coupon only took $2 off. o_O
  14. Slyr7.62

    Official Prime Day Thread

    Darn it. $185 ain't bad but $155 or $140 would be awesome. I would've bought 2. That 2TB MX500 is about $180 cheaper than the Samsung or $130 under the Sandisk. :jawdrop::wideyed: $55 at checkout for the 250GB MX500 if...
  15. Slyr7.62

    Samsung Starts Mass Production of 5th Generation V-NAND

    It will be good when a 1TB SSD is under $170 commonly.
  16. Slyr7.62

    Rumor: Sony Could Be Considering a PlayStation Classic

    I still have a working PS1 & PS2 :eek:;):geek:
  17. Slyr7.62

    Anton Resists the Storm

    Haha. 'MERICA! Reminds me of completing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 in 1 go. That would take a solid 8+ hrs.
  18. Slyr7.62

    Android App Locks Your Phone If You Use It Too Much

    This gives me an idea that all phones should just disable all non-emergency functions or apps, except for google maps or similar for the driver of any vehicle while it's moving above 5-10mph.
  19. Slyr7.62

    Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Coming Soon

    Playing that DM or Team Deathmatch on PC would be awesome. Using a rocket launcher to make a tunnel is fun. I might be thinking of Red Faction 2, been a while.
  20. Slyr7.62

    Charter Internet - 60 to 100

    Yikes, i had ATT 6Mbit/s for $40-45. Currently Comcast 55Mb for $50-60 after the $30/mo for 1 yr. My DL is up to 65-70 often.
  21. Slyr7.62

    NEwegg hurry! 1080ti

    Honey Badger DGAF. My max is probably $400 but I don't currently game much since I'm working alot. I was a broke-ass student so got a used GTX 660 for $60. Used GTX 970 was $140. Padre spent $380 on a 6800 GT back in the day when work was aplenty. Not sure how much my 5950 Ultra was. :eek::LOL...
  22. Slyr7.62

    GM Plans to Launch Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel or Pedals Next Year

    It only might be cheaper for those who use Uber or such a few times a month then don't go anywhere, hmm. Obviously my $4,000 payed-off truck getting 20MPG sure is cheaper than taking a "cab" to work, for example. Someday I'll get a work vehicle that gets better mileage, but that's just a...
  23. Slyr7.62

    [Hawt] [Hawt] [Hawt], 960 EVO's at Microcenter B&M

    Exactly. I know these are better than certain Sata SSD's but I got a 275GB Crucial MX300 for $70 late last year on Amazon. Real good price/GB. It still shits on HDD's.
  24. Slyr7.62

    Need for Speed Payback Official Reveal Trailer

    Campaign only kinda sucks. For example Nfs The Run & new Hot Pursuit. Fun though. 2002's hot pursuit 2 has a great "arcade" deal where most of the game is just racing laps. Having the Mclaren F1 & F1 LM was badass also. "Free ride" in these new games isn't quite the same. Much fun though.
  25. Slyr7.62

    Your GPU progression?

    All of these I've had go through a single main PC. Nv FX 5200 around 2003 Nv FX 5600 or 5700 Nv FX 5950 Ultra 256 MB Nv BFG 6800 GT agp Nv 7800 GS agp - free Nv 8800 GTS 512 Nv 9800 GTX 512MB Nv pny GTX 260 192 shader, 65nm - $160 Nv msi GTX 460 - $40 LOL, didnt use long Nv evga GTX 660 2GB -...
  26. Slyr7.62

    Self-Driving Car Has Hard Time Detecting Stopped Vehicles

    Some peope dislike a technology that has a strong chance of hurting someone. "self-driving " cars need much more advancement and testing before being put on a roadway.
  27. Slyr7.62

    1080>1070>1060...but by how much?

    Also, there are the people with the means and desire to drop $400-500 on a compared to those spending $300 or even just $250.
  28. Slyr7.62

    Netflix Shares Soar On Huge Growth In Subscriber Additions

    I concur. They could do more with more. I'm glad Amazon Prime & Netflix are not $30/mo. Well, I do send $60+/mo to Amazon. I just get products for that $$. No commercials on all these shows is great. I missed that you mentioned Longmire also. 4am will do that to me. I think season 6 will be on...
  29. Slyr7.62

    Netflix Shares Soar On Huge Growth In Subscriber Additions

    If anyone likes a good modern day sheriff show, checkout Longmire. 5 or 6 seasons on Netflix. Cable TV of old can kiss Netflix's ass. $12/mo vs $60+
  30. Slyr7.62

    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys -- best prices, volume discounts, Windows 10 Upgrade!!

    I had a good experience lately. Went from XP 32bit to Win 7 Pro 64 bit for $10 thanks to Ion. Awesome. Used a Sandisk flash drive rather than a disc. Less than 30 min, not counting the updates now. It'll take time to reinstall some stuff but that's no big deal.
  31. Slyr7.62

    Have a single GTX 950. What Would You Do?

    I agree about that. Also, I'd say the 3gb Gtx 1060 is pretty good at $200 depending on version. It's not much worse than the 6gb gtx 1060 in most cases.
  32. Slyr7.62

    [Techspot] 6 generations of AMD Radeon $200 GPUs compared

    I remember the 5850 was pretty good value also. Those 5000 series were good competition. good Bang for buck is a gtx 260 for $65 or gtx 460 for $35. lol, perhaps i wait a long time to upgrade. gtx 660 for $60 coming up.
  33. Slyr7.62

    Video card brand in your first PC?

    I''m not surpirised. Did noah use that gpu also? ahah. No diss, I think its cool to watch so many tech items come out. Im just in my twenties. I started with an Fx 5200 in the days of dial-up, Fawk! jumped to the Fx 5950 Ultra which played UT2004 and similar pretty good. "M-m-ma-ma-Monstrr...
  34. Slyr7.62

    Battlefield 1 Open Beta This Month

    UT killing spree sounds in other games would be sweet. BF1 looks pretty good though. Ma-ma-ma-MONSTER KILLLLL!.......... GODLIKE!
  35. Slyr7.62

    You May Need Less RAM Than You Think

    Pong runs better with more ram. Would you likke to play a game? :D
  36. Slyr7.62

    Samsung Unveils Successor To microSD Cards

    True. m.2 is pretty compact as it is. but, microsd could easily go from a pc to a phone, etc. Sometimes i feel microsd cards are too small. lol
  37. Slyr7.62

    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Some older cards worked pretty good for years and years. I put a 6800 gt in a relative's pc still used. That's cool you have those neat old cards. I like the 7950 gx2 i got for free, lol. it's fun to get nostalgic, huh.... says this under 30-yr old. :eek: I had dialup for a while also. Kept me...
  38. Slyr7.62

    Samsung Unveils Successor To microSD Cards

    heck ya. These are faster than my hdd. would be awesome to just slot these in like ram for storage.
  39. Slyr7.62

    You May Need Less RAM Than You Think

    'MURICA!!! Might as well. Ive had 4gb in plenty of older builds with 32bit os but now ill get at least 8.