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  1. Soul_Est

    LP/SFF Cooler mounting adaptors for AM4

    The you very much for showing that the T318 is a viable heatsink for AM4 depending on the board. I have gotten it to mount on my ASUS B450-I Gaming using the following (ignore the M4 hardware and fan): Four M3x20 machine screws Eight M3 nuts Dozens of washers The backplate from a Noctua...
  2. Soul_Est

    Yet another small monster.

    There is no kill like overkill. :cool:
  3. Soul_Est

    Project Skuld - Vertical Case with loads of capability

    Hope to see how you progressed with the project. I am hoping to see this case and more coming out to fill out the niche of SFF that Phanteks and Corsair occupy.
  4. Soul_Est

    Bristol Ridge APU OEM systems

    Or a WX4100 (or two) for a full on workstation. Nice find.
  5. Soul_Est

    Custom case questions.

    dtallon13 Please have a look a these resources. They will help you a lot with designing the case. Useful references for case design
  6. Soul_Est

    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    The Seagate Expansion Portable drives are just Samsung M9t's with a SATA to USB 3.0 adapter plugged in. They are an excellent place to start and yes, I am speaking from experience.
  7. Soul_Est

    Flexible PCIe risers

    Samtec is very designer/engineer friendly going by that webpage.
  8. Soul_Est

    Flexible PCIe risers

    Thank you for this excellent overview. It has definitely helped me with the research part of a couple projects I'm working on.
  9. Soul_Est

    <30w NAS build recommends

    For cases, you can also take a look at the U-NAS cases.
  10. Soul_Est

    suggestions for i7 6700k and evga 1060 sff system ?

    For gaming, you won't need an i7. That is only if you need the extra threads (and heat) for content creation or virtual machines. An i5 will be just fine.
  11. Soul_Est

    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    The G-Atlantic GA620 and GA630 may be similar to what you're looking to achieve. You can get it without an ODD cage and with a PCIe x16 riser and a dual slot and dual PCI slot cutouts. Information on the case is here: It would take some modification to...