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    ASUS Shows Off Concept GeForce RTX 40 Graphics Card Without Power-Connectors, Uses Proprietary Slot

    Not much out there to replace PCIe with. New versions keep getting faster, nobody really wants more lanes per slot (but there's some server x32 slot designs out there), it just wasn't meant for massive power delivery that gpus need now. I like this in theory: if your motherboard has this power...
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    Copied drive problems

    How much stuff do you have to lose on the new drive that wasn't on the old drive? If you really need bulk storage, grab a spinning drive, you get the best bytes/$ there. You can copy your new data to it, and then muck around with the m.2 disk.
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    Weirdest Game you Ever played?

    PacPix is pretty weird too. Draw pac-men to eat ghosts, but the game animates your distorted to hell drawings if it can tell it was a Pac-Man.
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    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    It's a very low cost dedicated server. Less than $30/month and it's at the big internet exchange in my metro. VPS is cheaper, but this way, I get the whole, ancient, box to myself.
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    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    I'm renting a server with dual Xeon L5640 (6 core westmere), released 2010. I've also got an Athon II x2 machine I boot occasionaly for my hobby os, and used to fiddle with weird NIC drivers to avoid breaking my regular 'home servers'; it's been a while since the hobby os was in a good spot to...
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    Anyone foreyed in to resizable bar on socket FM2+?

    I have no reason to mess with it, but it seems like a reasonable thing to mess around with. If enough address pins are routed from the cpu/memory contoller to pci-e, and the address space is allocated without overlaps, no reason not to try. Not sure if there's some utility to test the gpu...
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    New Generation of AMD Threadripper "Storm Peak"

    It's probably also useful to reduce their oem support load to a single vendor and get things ironed out before everybody starts using the new thing.
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    Realtek Ethernet Network Adapter not detected on Gigabyte Aorus Elite AX V2 B550 motherboard

    No, PXE boot. Should be an option like boot from hard drive, optical drive, usb, network.
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    Realtek Ethernet Network Adapter not detected on Gigabyte Aorus Elite AX V2 B550 motherboard

    Sounds like it's disappeared, never to be seen again. You could try lspci on a Linux boot if that's in your wheelhouse. Otherwise, if it's there, you should be able to select it from boot options (often boot from network has it's own bios enable setting), and if not, I'd assume it's dead. Grab a...
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    Weirdest Game you Ever played?

    Odama blends tactical wargaming with pinball gameplay. The game takes place in a feudal Japan setting.
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    FASTEST Server Networking $55K 400GbE Switch Time! A Look at the FS N9510-64D A 64x

    That's not the same kind of deal. Wave division is magic where you stuff a bunch of individual signals onto a single fiber, but nothing processes all the logical signals at the same time; this record has 552 channels multiplexed on the fiber (well it says 4-core fiber, so about 145 channels...
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    Intel Publishes "X86-S" Specification For 64-bit Only Architecture

    I think we're not too far away from 44-bit being too few for (server) addressing, that's "only" 16TB, which has to be enough for system ram and memory mapped i/o. But much more and it becomes real unweildy, real quick.
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    Intel Publishes "X86-S" Specification For 64-bit Only Architecture

    This is probably fine for data centers; almost everybody is running 64-bit only Linux, so NBD. Outliers running unix are fine too. Windows server probably isn't bad either. But the gains just aren't going to be very big. Keeping ring 1 and 2 and the I/O stuff in ring 3 isn't free, but it's not...
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    Intel Publishes "X86-S" Specification For 64-bit Only Architecture

    I don't know how much of anything this is really going to save, but ok I guess. The smp init stuff and the 5-layer page table transition bits are nice, but there's no reason they couldn't add that without taking away the other stuff.
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    Microsoft's deal to buy Activison/Blizzard for $67 billion, dead?

    When every you announce a merger, all the worldwide regulators look to see if they should deny it. Some of them can be ignored, but US, EU, and UK generally can't, because even if you aren't headquartered there or have no presence there, a lot of your customers are there, and their regulators...
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    Does keeping Hyper Threading enabled make any sense for home systems? Especially on AL/RL CPUs...

    I've needed to turn off hyperthreads when doing some haproxy optimizing in tcpmode. But I also ended up having to ignore cores for that one, dual 14-core machines, but the nics only had 16 queues, so lots of idle cores because cross core communication in a highly network i/o boubd workload is...
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    YouTuber Deliberately Crashes Plane into Los Padres National Forest for the Views

    I can't substantiate it, but I read he bought this plane for $5,000, and several articles mention sources saying it needed major maintenance. That's not too big of a cost for a YouTube stunt... if only it had been done properly (which probably means getting a permit to crash it in Mexico, cause...
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    PSA: check your pinouts on both parts before doing something sketchy.

    There's not a lot of devices that enjoy 12v on a 5v input. I'm not surprised the magic smoke escaped. Carnage pics please, I would assume these are beyond repair, but if you've got time and parts, replacing the bits that blew up could be fun; the problem is if any active electronics got those...
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    MSI Breach Leaks Intel BootGuard & OEM Image Signing Keys, Compromises Security of Over 200 Devices & Major Vendors

    Doubtful if that microcode update addresses this key leak. Intel cpu microcode updates are loaded into the cpu during the boot process, usually by bios software or the operating system. But this key is used to sign firmware images so if your signing malicious firmware, you would leave out the...
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    Tesla shareholder suit says Musk and co. lied about Full Self-Driving safety

    California, if you file for a permit with the DMV and follow reporting standards and other regulations; note that Tesla regularly sends the CA DMV letters that say their software definitely isn't self-driving while also doing PR saying it definitely is. Arizona also allows it, but I don't know...
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    Depends, there's the 9254 with 4x 6-core that boosts to 4.15Ghz, or the 9174F with 8x 2-core with base of 4.1Ghz and boost at 4.4. Xeons have skus like this too; useful for enterprise databases that need the memory channels and i/o, but are paying per core licensing.
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    Tesla shareholder suit says Musk and co. lied about Full Self-Driving safety

    The jury is still out on this one. I was ok with them until I got a ZF 9HP, which I hate. On topic, Tesla has been overselling driver assistance as self-driving or similar for a long time when it's not. I hope they're punished or the lesson for companies is it's ok to lie as long as you always...
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    Mortal Kombat 1

    If it's getting rebooted, can we get hold back to block? :P
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    What condition is your phone in?

    I buy cheap new phones. Dropped this one on the corner when it was pretty new (the back is damn slippy) but it still works, and if I need to open it ever, at least I've got a place to start from. Back has cosmetic issues under the transparent layer too, so that's neat? It's done with oem...
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    Massive AMD Zen 5 IPC gain of 25%+ reported as leak alleges increased L1 cache and revamped L3 cache for Ryzen 8000 CPUs

    It is and it isn't. The root issue is that OSes were built for Symmetric multiprocessing, where all cores are the same. With the 5900x3d or 5950x3d, things are weird because a process that has a small memory working set would be better on the cores without extra cache because better clocks, and...
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    If I'm being generous, the ISPs know users are going to have problems with their CPE, and are trying to make life easier for everyone by having their standardized CPE that their techs know how to help with. Otoh, they do seem to pick some garbage CPE don't they?
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    Ryzen7 5700G .... Can it serve as a video edit system for short format projects (Pr + Ae).

    Hmmm dual core from 2015 vs eight core from 2021. Not sure which would be better. I'm pretty sure the 5700g has hardware decode and encode and for more codecs than the i3-6100. But if not, it also has way more power to do it on the cpu. Accelerated encoding is useful for realtime applications...
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    Fans Freak Out As Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Leaks Two Weeks Early

    Ok, then buy the cartridge, keep it if you like it, sell it if you don't. Easy peasy. Everyone seemed to like Animal Crossing but me, but I was able to pawn it off on a friend (who enjoyed it), so no big deal.
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    Mesh office chair vs. padded

    I hated the herman miller meshy bs chairs at my last job. I was much happier with the previous job's normal looking, but actually super ergo chairs (everything was adjustable, super nice, unfortunately it's some tiny brand that nobody carries), and I got some steelcase leap v1 thing recently for...
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    Western Digital Online Store hacked

    I've received three of these today. Not sure why. Of course, I also got an email from Bank of America about a new acccount, addressed to the email address dedicated to AT&T (U-Verse fiber, closed in 2018). Took 40 minutes on the phone to get that fully closed, thanks.
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    So why is Comcast trying (tracert ?) to connect to a mail server in Sunnyvale, CA when I am now in NYC?

    You might also try switching dns servers. Because it seems like comcast is just doing random selection, you might get to a server that works. It's refreshing to hear that disabling ipv6 didn't help, sadly it often does. (I'm not a big fan of ipv6, but direct ipv6 is much better than a whole...
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    So why is Comcast trying (tracert ?) to connect to a mail server in Sunnyvale, CA when I am now in NYC?

    Mail isn't high traffic or latency sensitive, and comcast has a reasonable national backbone, so it basically doesn't matter where on the continent it is. That said, it does look like is going through some sort of DNS based global load balancer (based on the CNAME). my house...
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    How long do motherboards generally last?

    The capacitor plague and the switch to unleaded solder both contributed significantly. A large increase in power usage plus active cooling without robust thermal throttling added another failure mode. All in, stuff from maybe 1999-2009 is probably not going to last without major maintenance, but...
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    “Windows 12” or what ever they choose to name it could be heavily ARM optimized.

    It all depends on what SoC means. For some definition, current x86 cpus are already SoCs. Especially for those with integrated graphics, you need a rom, and ram, maybe an ethernet PHY, and a ton of passives. The AMD A300/X300 chipset isn't really a chipset, it works because the cpus are SoCs.
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    SoftBank's Arm registers for blockbuster U.S. IPO

    Selling the whole shebang for $30-70B is different than IPO to raise $10B --- that $30-70B is what goes to Softbank, and this $10B is what stays with the newly independent Arm. Softbank would still sell its shares for something (probably not all the shares at the IPO).
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    What is a sata 3.3 cable?

    That's an excellent question because 3.3v is the voltage, and 3.3 is the revision of the sata spec where they removed 3.3v from pin 3 and instead use it for power disable. It could be either. You should be able to push the 3.3v pin out of the cable at the PSU end if you need to, since that's...
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    SoftBank's Arm registers for blockbuster U.S. IPO

    I'm pretty sure Arm was publicly traded for years before Softbank bought them, not sure if it's better to be owned by Softbank or the public market.
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    What can I do with a PCI-E 4.0 x1 slot?

    Cards are supposed to work down to x1 electrical. For that Mellanox 10g card, running at pci-e 3.0x1 means missing out on a few Gbps, you might get closer to 7-8Gbps instead of what you should, but eh, close enough. Although that OWC card looks like a nice choice, too. Warranty is probably...
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    What can I do with a PCI-E 4.0 x1 slot?

    Sure it will, if the x1 slot has an open back, either because it came that way (which would be nice, but unusual), because you opened it up through force or heat (which I wouldn't do cause I know I'm going to mess it up), or because you used a riser. Looks like that card runs at pci-e 3.0, and...
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    Fraud Alert: Newegg sold me a laptop w/ 48GB SSD, but it states 256GB SSD on the receipt

    Depends on the locality... My wife filed a police report in Oakland, CA cause someone used her identity to rent a fancy apartment and tried to open some credit cards, and there was zero follow up. Even our local PD couldn't get Oakland PD to return a call. Chances are good that's what will...