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    Noise Canceling headphones

    Well this is a surprise. But yeah no active noise canceling headphones can touch the Bose qc15. if you EQ them they can sound pretty good as well. They don't play the loudest but are very comfortable.
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    Thats a pretty nice box. Specs? Well plate amps come in flavors from 25 watts to 1000 on parts express and no need to hack up a power supply.
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    Nice v-moda cans, but a bit expensive.

    Hah! Chump chan.... OH GOD!
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    Car audio is where its at. What are your goals for the subwoofer? 8" bandpass? What syle bandpass? Im assuming 4th order like the corsair.
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    Yeah lol i think a SA-8 would break the enclosure.
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    What you need to do is get a Dayton 1000 watt plate amp and replace the woofer with a sundown sa-8... :D
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    Perhaps it was just the set i was listening to but the sp2500's sub wasn't very good. The woofer seemed to bottom out before it could get very low. But as i said that could have been the particular set i was listening to. That little onkyo shoud be good and paired with a subwoofer amp to power...
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    Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

    Why not buy a 2.1 amp and wire all your speakers as passives to it? I have seen a few amps that are 2.1 Parts express and madisound have 2.1 plate amps and there are many 2.1 t amps. You will need a pair of crossovers as well due to the speakers being bi amped.
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    Oculus Rift DK2 on order, Now I need good sound

    Wow thats a great deal. I think i may bite. OP these are fine headphones but you will need amplification to run them.
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    Arcygenical's Fractal Iteration

    Nice! Also where did you get the 50 watt 3700k and how much? I would love a 4300k 50w flashlight....:D
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    My goggie chewed my left speaker wire on klipsch promedia 2.1

    That isnt a very good joke lol. Thats good to hear. Yeah i left out heatshrinking the wires after soldering or splicing.
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    My goggie chewed my left speaker wire on klipsch promedia 2.1

    If there is enough wire left over you can just splice it via Soldering or butt connectors. If its not the control box wires it will only be 2 wires. Wait did you have your dog put down over it chewing your $100 dollar computer speakers? I guess its none of my business but.... Jeez.
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    Molex undervolting trick - bad?

    Back with some of my older computers I had access to tons of 120mm by 38mm server fans that where loud loud loud and it was common practice to cut the molex connecters so i could run 5 volt. As for 7 volts i cant say. On a side note its good to see you upgraded your computer.
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    What is a good audio interface and neutral headphone?

    The HM5's are about the most neutral headphone you can get. Head-fi has them billed as the neutral champ. And are currently $130 on amazon.
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    What is a good audio interface and neutral headphone?

    If i wanted a neutral headphone i would look at the Brainwavz HM5 headphones. The DT headphones sound very good but they are not the most neutral headphones.
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    First Ever Build 8th grade project Mountainmods sponsorship

    8th grade for me had a store bought vaio with a 2.6 ghz P4 and a Nvidia MX440 64mb with 1 gig of ram that was 2003. Good luck with the build!
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    Wall mounted, Water cooled PC (The RecoilMachine)

    The pictures are very large. But that is very very cool! Great job.
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    Are M-Audio BX5 D2 a good choice for simple PC speakers?

    Also worth mentioning a T-amp will power external speakers the modi/magni stack is a dac and headphone amp and the Audioengine is a dac.
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    Cerwin Vega XD3 2.0 $59.99 @ BB

    You have 480 watts RMS for your computer. Im very sure atarione's smsl amp that puts out 20 watts x2 is quite a bit less power than your setup. Anytime you have a speaker setup there is an amp.
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    Vanilla Ice Project

    Pretty damn awesome lol.
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    Dashcat2 Build

    I know you wont. I have faith. What are you planning on developing?
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    I wish i had a system that is bad ass enough to be worthy of such a case.
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    Enermax iVektor Luck Draw - 3 Cases up for grabs!

    Looks, Most cases these days cool well enough.
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    Wall-mounted stereo computer speakers [~150$ max]

    The microlabs may be your best bet. One of the very few sets with a remote control.
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    Which speaker would you buy?

    Buy the energy pair and take whats left of the budget and sink it into a subwoofer.
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    Carrying case for full-size headphones?

    I wouldn't worry about it to much, They are pretty rugged little guys with decent sound to boot. Ive had them for a year or so and as long as you are not trying to break them you wont. I cant help but feel the case will cost more than the headphones.
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    2.1 BIY Help

    When you overdrive a amplifier it runs out of voltage. When you clip off the top of the wave form it becomes a square wave. When you look at a square wave with a oscilloscope the top and corresponding bottom of the wave are flat and are no longer alternating. They are DC current for a short...
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    Arkangyls Great Big Audio Post

    The xonar Is a good card and I doubt any card will sound different to you its all about drivers. Again this thread has came back from the dead.
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    2.1 BIY Help

    Yes if the sensitivity is 89db it will produce 89db at 3 feet away. The speakers don't clip, the amplifier clips if it is being driven to hard. Clipping is the introduction of DC waves into the AC current being given to the speaker, This is bad because it heats the coil up very fast and the coil...
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    2.1 BIY Help

    The subwoofers amplifier will not be powering the speakers. The inputs connect directly to the outputs on the subwoofer and simply tap a high level input from them to convert it to a low level. Some have a a filter on the output to filter out the lows the sub would be reproducing.
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    2.1 recommendations

    The micca speakers i listed are quite small and very good.
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    2.1 recommendations

    Well if you have a receiver laying around grab a pair of Micca MB42 speakers $59.95 And a Polk PSW10 $89.99
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    Looking for new speakers

    At that price range for a plug and play package you can get the JBL Jembe 2.0 speakers. Its all i can suggest.
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    Happy Birthday To Me!

    Happy Birth..... Aww shit.
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    Need Amplifier advice

    Just wanted to say Nenu makes some good points but doubling the power only yields a 3db increase. You have to have a 10db increase to sound twice as loud. And power is dynamic so a 300rms amplifier will not be putting out 300rms all the time only during loud peaks or very long sine waves. A...
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    Internal speaker in a 120mm fan mount

    You can find things like this.
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    Cooler Master HAF 912 "RESURREKTION" Case Mod

    Good job guys....
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    Final Fantasy VII Hits Steam for PC Gaming

    Yeah vanilla pc version had midi music and lower resolution videos. It did have mouths.
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    Human Head Transplants Coming Soon?

    I guess you can say Sergio Canavero is moving ahead in science.
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    Not hot but FF7 on steam!

    Lol im sorry but did anyone read this part? Cloud.... Based cheats? :D Anyways i may still buy this, I do still have ff7 on PS1 disk and computer disks.