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    I'm starting fresh. How would you build this out?

    Containers all the way down doesn’t play nice with opnsense firewall and passing through nic cards. That’s one big one.
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    I'm starting fresh. How would you build this out?

    Going to rebuild my home cluster. Goals are balanced redundancy, Plex storage, personal cloud, pen test lab, couple light websites. Refresh Hardware: Server 1: 5900x 64GB ECC, 1TB NVME, 280GB Optane, 8x10TB, 2x10GbE Server 2: 2400ge 64GB ECC, 2x 1TB NVME, 8x10TB, 10GbE Server 3/4: 2x NUC 10700u...
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    I would tend to agree with you. The only difference with the leaked information this time around has to do with the information being stolen through the hack apparently. The timelines and performance figures were taken from the data dump direclty. I hope they keep the nvlink, but there's a...
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    I agree to an extent. I look at this as a middle ground. If I wanted a 3060, that’s one thing. But I still want a halo card at the best value. Honestly, there’s not my my 3090 does that a 3080ti doesn’t besides some large machine learning projects. That’s doesn’t mean I don’t “want” it. I...
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    Do you you remember when the 3080 was only $699? Neither do I.
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    Didn't mean to start a flamewar here. This is still [H], and we're talking about the highest end gpus, just the best path to acquiring them. I think I'm going to go the temporary 3080 ti route for now. My 3090 FE has served me well, but I will definitely be itching for the 4xxx series. We've...
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    By little value, I mean it will probably be on 4080 level performance if not 4070. Resultingly, it will sell at price parity to those cards if not less depending on features/power/size.
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    I care about performance, but I'm ok with 20% of the year having 90% of the performance for a savings on 100% performance the next year. Part of my fear is that the 3090 ti is going to be a novelty card with very little value once the 4xxx series arrives in a few months.
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    The $300 does include taxes. That was my initial thought, I’d basically be getting performance and warranty for that price. Another thought I had is downgrading to a 3080ti for a few months at $1299, take a $600 profit and use it for the 4xxx series when they become available. I have a feeling...
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    Upgrade to 3090 ti or wait for 4090?

    It’s really more of an economics question at this point. My 3090 runs well, but I’m trying to maximize performance per dollar. Are GPU prices expected to plummet anytime soon? The 3090 ti probably won’t maintain value once the 4xxx series is released, but neither will the 3090. If I upgrade...
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    ASRock TRX40 Creator Serial Number Location

    It's like trying to find the start button on a Lamborghini.
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    ASRock TRX40 Creator Serial Number Location

    That was exactly it! Could barely see it
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    ASRock TRX40 Creator Serial Number Location

    I need to RMA my board due to a sound issue, but I can't find where on the motherboard the SN is. I tossed out the box cover that had the SN printed and my board is in my system with cards populating the slots. Can any save me the effort of disassembling my setup by letting me know where on...
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X temps

    Looking good. I managed to get my 3970 down to 69 with a custom loop. No off the shelf cooler seemed to do the job adequately.
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    A friend bought a SAS instead SATA It's older, but will get the job done. I think you'll need to buy the cable adapter.
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    2070 worth buying now?

    It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. You have deals like this: for a 1080 mini card which would give you 90% of the performance for $150...
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    [FS] Quad Core Rack Servers (10 or 12) 4-12GB RAM, 1TB HD - $1,000 OBO

    I haven't done a full inventory yet, but am willing to for anyone seriously interested. They're 2.26GHz or 2.6GHz Intel servers with SuperMicro motherboards. Most are full length, but a couple half too. It's all or nothing, I'm trying to clean out my basement. No OS installed.
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    Is Path Tracing the future, beyond Ray Tracing?

    Great video overview. Maybe one day a company will come out with a dedicated path tracing card "co-processor" to reduce the need for rasterization silicon taking up space. Imagine how much easier it would be to only have to worry about models, local light sources, global light sources, and...
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    Get wake on lan (WAL) functionality even when motherboard doesn't support it

    Get a wifi connected power switch and set the machine to always power on after power loss. You can get them for like $15.
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    Massdrop estimated shipping

    I got mine last week after ordering on October (I think). This round it looks like they managed to make them a little faster.
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    2 of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Experiencing Issues

    Many self-proclaimed economists spreading opinions as if they're proven facts.
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    iPhone X Intel Vs Qualcomm Modem Speed Tests Show “Significant” Performance Difference

    This is to be expected. They couldn't meet the demand with only one supplier, so they used another with slightly lower speeds. Both chipsets are within spec, and the difference isn't all too dramatic from the graphs.
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    Self-Driving Trucks Are Now Delivering Refrigerators

    While we're at it, why not reinstate the horse and buggy for long-haul distribution? Give the construction worker a shovel instead of heavy machinery too. You'll make a lot of jobs very quickly. The point of "progress" is efficiency. Real economic value is added by doing more work with less...
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    I can confirm that the voltages are off on mine too. Ryzen Master doesn't read the half steps from the looks of things. Great job on the 4.05GHz. I tried 4.1GHz at the 1.275v but it wasn't prime stable when disk access was added to the mix. Maybe a chipset voltage adjustment would produce...
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    Here it is chugging away like a champ at 1.26v. 1.25 ran for about 5 minutes before it crashed, I'm going to let this run for a bit, but looks good so far. I'm thinking about pushing it past 4GHz, but maybe later.
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    Benched over RDP, so the numbers might be a little skewed. Stock 2900, forgot to screenshot it. OC at nearly 3400, so all cores are pumping at 4GHz. And for reference. Single threaded Hyper Pi seems fine too. I'll try lower the voltage as low as it can go first chance I get.
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    When I get home I will. You're probably right about the single-threaded performance. The boost clock hits 4 on single threaded. I assume the OC will mainly benefit the multi-threaded applications.
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    Prime95 stable for almost a day. I'm using an h115i. If I had more time, I would push it to the limit.
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    How does the bitcoin economy work?

    Another variable to add to the equation: If BTC price keeps rising, all of the predictions on when it will cease to be profitable fall through. You may mine less coins, but you'll make more money per coin.
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    Is voltage typical for TR owners?

    I'm looking at the EK review and seeing 1.43 vcore. I have mine set at 1.275 (shows 1.284 cpu-z) for the same overclock 100% stable. I haven't even bothered trying to push it lower (just set it and forgot it). Any owners want to chime in if this is normal? Does [H] just have an early fab unit?
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    iPhone X Got Sold Out Within Minutes, New Orders Won’t Ship Before End Of Year

    True. But don't forget software development costs, Apple R&D and future costs. It's more like a $700 device for $1,149, which makes more sense.
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    GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Gaming 7 TR4 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I've been running this board for about a month now with 0 stability issues at 4GHz 1.275v 1950x. Set it and forget it after dealing with the intel wifi BSOD. I'm using an h115i, and it works well with temps under 70c load typical.
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    DDR3: I have 4x4GB, I need 4x8GB (z97 4790k)

    I've got a 4x8GB set I'm sellling if you're interested.
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    Curved Monitor Worth It ?

    If you’re strictly gaming, go to a nearby Microsoft store, they usually have them for testing. My friend has two side by side and enjoys them, but it really is personal preference. For professional use, I’m not sure it’s the right choice due to the distortion.
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    WD TV Live replacement

    I have a FireTV with Plex on it. Replaced my old WDTV flawlessly. Side-loading any android app you want is also a benefit.
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    Curved Monitor Worth It ?

    If it has the right resolution (not just 1080p), then it's up to your preference. It might be a little annoying for day to day activities, but it will be more immersive and impress your friends.
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    PlayStation Boss Andrew House Will Leave Sony at the End of 2017

    Might be a mistake. If he ran Playstation Now, he never realized to put the new games people are likely to play first on the store. The only game that is ever played on my PS4 is FIFA. When the 18 demo came out, we had to hunt for it in the store.
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    Best OC Memory For The 1950X?

    I had had an unusually slow boot with my old MSI TR board. The socket fitting for the CPU was better than my Gigabyte, but not worth the trade-off IMO.
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    Best OC Memory For The 1950X?

    This is probably a safe bet. For the record, I have the TZR 3000 CL14 kit (16GBx4) working well with a 1950x at stock XMP speeds.