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    control key

    This sounds like some sort of accessibility feature is enabled(perhaps stickykeys or something). If you are using windows, open the accessibility control panel and turn off everything you don't need.
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    Ubuntu Compatibility

    Does the cutter speak HPGL? If so, then you are in luck. Most vector-based drawing programs(such as inkscape) as well as most cad programs(such as qcad) allow saving as HPGL. Then it's just a matter of sending the HPGL file to your plotter: cat foo.hgpl > /dev/ttyS0 or whatever your cutter...
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    Software question

    So basically you're trying to avoid being busted for plagiarism? I've never heard of a program that will do that for you. And I doubt any such program will be sufficiently advanced so as to not be extremely easily detected by anyone who reads the output. But good luck in your search. :)
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    System with two ethernet ports?

    Why? Ethernet is full duplex.
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    Simple USB question

    All USB cables are equal(quality issues aside). Color is just color.
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    Dumpster Diving!

    Big chain stores like BB and CC tend to not throw out anything worthwhile. Possibly. Chances of anything happening are quite slim, though. Firstly, the store probably doesn't own the dumpster; thusly, anything placed in the dumpster is technically property of the garbage collection company...
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    Searching for XBOX 360 Deals

    Asking doesn't help anyone when the whole forum is filled with requests rather than actual deals. That's why it's against the rules.
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    Question about finding hardware

    huh? Have you seen the prices items tend to go for on ebay? Pretty close to what they are worth. There isn't some magical retailer out there who sells stuff considerably cheaper than everyone else. If there was, then wouldn't everyone be shopping there already?
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    Non-contiguous disk usage is not an error.
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    Linux that boots up with no log in. Opens VmWare.

    You missed his point. If all you are doing is running an OS inside vmware, why not just run that OS directly?
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    Who has the fastest net connection?

    I think his confusion is a result of your speed test results being considerably higher than what a T1 should be. What is your actual connection?
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    Opteron 148 46.46

    Are you serious? Check the title of the post you quoted. ;)
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    freeware of partition magic

    Check out gparted. You'll probably be interested in the livecd. But if you just want to create a partition in the empty space then you can just use the windows disk management control panel.
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    A good site to learn the command line? That is a guide that a couple professors at my old university wrote. Probably not the best, and it isn't comprehensive, but it's a good starting point to get an idea of how to do things. Some of it is Truman-specific, but you can ignore...
  15. J

    Music player?

    Because xmms works and I don't need 90% of the features amarok has.
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    Opteron 148 46.46

    Our trouble? Exactly how much trouble did you experience? It was pretty obvious the page deal was bogus.
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    It's all about ethics

    Making an offtopic post in response to a closed thread isn't exactly wise. ;)
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    It's all about ethics

    Wrong window? :p
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    Opteron 148 46.46

    I really have no use for this, but it's almost too hard to pass up. Are there any good motherboard deals to go with this?
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    More features

    If you are willing to click on something to enable quick reply, why can't you just click on 'post reply'? :confused:
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    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz Socket 939 OEM processor $39.99

    I have a buddy who got a pretty good deal on a motherboard/cpu combo a few months ago and he got all his rebates. The deal was up for a few weeks at least, so I assume quite a few people got in on it. It's a pretty big stretch to say that every decent TD deal is bad. I've seen plenty of good...
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    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz Socket 939 OEM processor $39.99

    What does that even mean? There have been plenty of good TD deals posted here. Have you actually attempted to get any of them?
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    Music player?

    I know xmms is unmaintained, but I've been using it for years and it does exactly what I need. Yeah, audacious and bmp are better, but I still like xmms.
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    Designing a Scripting Language: Suggestions?

    I've taken some programming languages and compilers courses, so I know a little bit about the subjet. My big suggestion is to completely fully specify your language before you start coding anything. If you halfway define it and then kinda fill in the rest as you go, then your language will...
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    FF 2.0 Crashing like nobodies business

    Why is this in OSes? :confused: Are the crashes reproduceable? Do they only occur under certain circumstances? If so, it would probably be helpful to file a bug report. If not, then it'll be pretty hard to help. Also, what type of "crashing" are you talking about? Are you getting any...
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    Microsoft Buys out FIREFOX!

    Thank god. :p Well then wouldn't this be wlwc?
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    Microsoft Buys out FIREFOX!

    You can't seriously think that's real.
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    NEW Eclipse Saitek Gaming Keyboard coming - lighted keys !

    You really had to bump this again a month later just to say that? :rolleyes:
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    Linux has such horrible multimedia support

    I don't think anyone is arguing against user feedback. That's part of what makes software better. Rather, we're arguing against complaining and the general attitude of "I don't like the way it works/the way it looks/etc., so it sucks". Yes, complaining is a form of feedback, but there are...
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    What does HardOCP stand for?

    Overclockers Comparison Page.
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    Linux has such horrible multimedia support

    Ubuntu has security update notification enabled by default. There is a tray icon and a box pops up asking the user if he wants to update whenever updates are available. The open source graphics drivers provided by default work well enough for most people(the kind of people who run 800x600). I...
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    Linux has such horrible multimedia support

    mplayer has some very active mailing lists, as well as a couple official irc channels.
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    Linux has such horrible multimedia support

    I'm not going to turn this into another windows vs linux thread, but I have some issues with this post. Familiarity should not be a factor in usability. If it was then every new program would be unusable. As I mentioned above, linux is different and like anything else, it will take a bit of...
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    Having some issues understanding program specs

    Validation is not the same as error detection. Validation is simply making sure the packet looks like what it should look like. You could have a valid packet with a garbage payload. Besides, are you just going to pick some arbitrary error detection/correction scheme and try to apply it to the...
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    Linux has such horrible multimedia support

    It sounds like you want linux to be windows. It's not. Things are different. mplayer is one of the most mature, full-featured media players ever. It's a very powerful program, but you have to learn how to use it. It isn't a shitty program just because you aren't used to it. And I'd wager...
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    Having some issues understanding program specs

    If I answer this, does this mean I get the job? :p I don't understand where the confusion is. If you know the format of a valid packet, then that's how you validate the packets. Error handling is just the usual stuff. Be sure to cover all your bases. No offense, but this is like first...
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    The program that converts images to 1s and 0s

    The asciiomatic will do it. There is also jitac, but I've not used that one.
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    Hans Reiser Arrested, Who?

    All the real linux geeks hang out in the linux forum, where this has already been discussed. ;)
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    You don't need to buy a new keyboard. Just change your layout in your operation system. And you shouldn't be looking at your keys anyway. :p The fact that a vast majority of computer users use qwerty is indeed an issue. If you find yourself working on several different systems, then...
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    Yeah that's what I was trying to say above - it's more efficient but not necessarily faster. It took probably a couple weeks to learn it(with a training program) well enough to use it, and probably another couple weeks to get up to a decent speed with it. Dvorak didn't really affect my...