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    Would this new Corsair AIO option cover an entire 3960x?

    Pretty sure the package IHS size is the same on all TR so if it works on one it should work on all i would imagine. Larger cold-plate doesn't necessarily mean the fins under it will cover all the dies but you would hope so. Another question would be can the 240 rad handle the heat load of the...
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    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    Ah this explains the trouble i was having :P
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    Could folding/DC help find a cure for the Coronavirus?

    Its certainly possible but the team or company working on the virus would need to design a project and distribute work. That part is not so simple.
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    Does the [H] team have interest in being whitelisted for Gridcoin earning?

    I think i have everything setup. Just need to wait a while and see how everything syncs and that i am actually earning. I went the GRCPOOL route as it sounds like otherwise you need 5000GRC to stake which might be challenging unless you buy it. Sounds like you can solo mine later down the...
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    VOTE: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2019 {part two}

    Having a ton of gear is part of the equation, but in my opinion a big part is how helpful you are in general with sharing tips and information / configs and other advise with your fellow crunchers.
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: January 2020

    Gonna throw out a nom for Tornlogic as he has been a prime beast
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    VOTE: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2019 {part two}

    [H]aunt Jemima, but HandJob works and i dig it.
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    VOTE: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2019 {part two}

    3 days left and RFGuy leads with HJ a close second. Who is holding on to their votes? Who will forget to vote? (probably WFeather or EXT64)
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    Does the [H] team have interest in being whitelisted for Gridcoin earning?

    I am interested! however you look at it you can use things like this to offset / finance new gear or pay off some of your hydro costs. Not expecting huge returns but adds another layer that could be fun.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Don't know if its just me or if your fans are strange but it sure looks like you have all your case fans blowing out including the front ones?
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    X570 reccomendation

    I own an x570 Aurus elite and it has been very solid. X470 prime pro has questionable vrm and after my last 2 asus boards i dont think i will buy asus again.
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    When I enable XMP with this memory computer will not boot?

    some people enjoy ringing every last bit out of hardware and the journey is the fun part. Some do not. Do you notice a difference in the software you are running? I would say the speeds you are getting are good and call it a day.
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    Thoughts on another FAH challenge between H and TAAT. Please comment

    Yes sign me up for team "[H]ard on for ChelseaOilman (Big Adv edition 2020)"
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: January 2020

    Don't be lazy and just look at last months nom thread :P
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    PrimeGrid's 2020 Challenge Series

    Pretty sure this is where most of my efforts are going this year outside of the Pent and SG events.
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    Vote: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2019 {part one}

    Also Vote for me and i guarantee there will be new CPU's released by AMD and Intel in 2020!
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    Vote: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2019 {part one}

    You have two votes. Did you create a second forum account? ;)
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    PrimeGrid Recognition Thread

    Picked up my 100M badge for GFN. Still no primes :P
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: December 2019

    I will also add a well deserved congratulations to Lopoetve!
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    PrimeGrid Challenge Series 2019

    Team is currently in 3rd place in the last challenge of the year for Primegrid Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Summer Solstice Challenge Couple of our members are doing really well on the individual side of things: Question is who is going to hang on to third? will it be...
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    [H]ardOCP vs Team Anandtech Folding@Home race

    You should switch over to the primegrid challenge which is running for this next week still: Team is currently in 3rd place.
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    Western Digital Unveils WD Blue SN550 M.2 NVMe SSD

    I have a couple of SN500's i use on some of my rigs. They are decent but not earth shattering by any means. They were super cheap however. I couldn't find the SN550 yet at any of the retailers i checked. I would be interested in the 1TB version if the price is right which it should be.
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    [H]ardOCP vs Team Anandtech Folding@Home race

    Thanks for the challenge guys it was fun!
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    [H]ardOCP vs Team Anandtech Folding@Home race

    Here is a Point Per Day database:
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    [H]ardOCP vs Team Anandtech Folding@Home race

    Calling all members of the [H]orde. Seems TaaT is kicking our butts so far and we need more firepower to somehow turn this around in the next six days!
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: December 2019

    This is where we are up to for the year so people don't nominate those that have won already: My nomination this month is for lopoetve who has brought some outstanding firepower to recent challenges this year and managed to blast his way up the charts. He has also been active on the forums...
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    First Build inyears (guidance please)

    Well it certainly is a concern and there is a very good chance that board doesn't come with the later revision bios. Do you have a friend with basically any ryzen chip you can borrow for an hour or two to flash your bios if needed? If nothing else and if you don't mind waiting AMD will ship...
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    Corsair RMx. Any reason to not buy 850 if it's cheaper than 650?

    I have always regretted buying the lower capacity PSU because i didn't need more power. I always end up needing more power. This is likely not true for most people however.
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    Vote: DC'er of the Month: November 2019

    Things have been a bit quiet lately i agree. Perhaps we need more shit talking old school guys like yourself to come back and post more! Show us how its done. I will say i think i shit posted my way to my first title for sure :D
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    2019 WCG Christmas Race Challenge Thread

    you should hopefully have a little bit of extra time. I don't think they will immediately cancel your task on the deadline unless you have not started it already. i have successfully returned results a few days past the deadline before but yeah you don't want work to go to wast thats for sure.
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    It's been a log time - 6+ years! Old Rig Start Up, Need Counseling!

    Amazingly enough your rig specs should still do ok on modern games running 1080p on medium settings.
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    It's been a log time - 6+ years! Old Rig Start Up, Need Counseling!

    If CMOS battery is dead then time clock will be off and bios won't save settings. shouldn't stop it from posting or anything but it won't remember your changes after restarting. Its easy to change and you can get them at pretty much any store that sells batteries. just power off pull it and...
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    [H]ardOCP vs Team Anandtech Folding@Home race

    are we starting on UTC time for Dec 1?