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    Upgrade suggestion from 4790k and 1070.

    I came from a overclocked 2500k 4.7ghz 8gb ddr3 and a GTX 1080 FE. I mainly play overwatch and I can tell you from just upgrading my cpu/ram 3800x and 16GB DDR4 I gained a stupid amount of FPS using the same settings. I’m talking about an increase of 50-70+ FPS. I have a 1440p 144hz GSYNC monitor.
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    Upgrade itch! Need help!

    I have a 1080 FE and will wait it out. You done gone this far. What’s a few more months right!?!
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    I had 2 MSI 7950s I absolutely hated due to their vapor chamber cooler that made them run extremely hot. Thank god for the mining craze I was able to sell them no problem. Bought a 780Ti instead.
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    rumored RTX 3xxx specs

    Im Ready for the 3080 or at the very LEAST 3070. I have a 144hz Gsync Monitor. Coming from a 1080FE. Gotta feed this 4.35Ghz 3800x of a beast cpu.
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    Stability and overclocking - what do you consider stable

    300 seconds of r20. Overwatch runs like a dream no crashes. YouTube Facebook works just as well. Yup I’m happy. Can’t wait for Nvidias next gen x80 cards to replace my 1080 FE
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    Small ATX case help

    I have some spare parts that I’d like to turn into a living room box for movies. I hate using the Apps in the TVs to watch movies. Can anyone recommend a small pc case. I hate that I have an ATX MB but I will have to work with what I’ve got. 2500k Hyper212. (Wish i has the stock cooler to...
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    I had a 9800 Pro which I was very proud of. Then I thought I hit the jackpot when I had to RMA my XFX 8800 GTS 320mb card and got back an incredible G92 8800 GTS 512mb. So my favorite is the G92 512mb.
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    Help with Twitch stream being choppy

    Like many have said just spend $15 on a Long ass Cat5 cable and do a direct connection into the modem. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’ve always had a direct connection to my main PC. Never ever had a wireless card in my pc. Wireless is great for everyone using it for Facebook and YouTube. But...
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    My Corsair H100i RGB Platinum ran me $120 on sale. I couldve gotten a D15 for $90. Whats the average cost to go full "run of the mill" water setup? Just curious. And with no experience too..whats it cost to pay someone to do it?
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    YAIC: Yet another Intel convert. Building my first AMD system

    You Only Live Once. I grabbed a 3800x because it was on sale and $30 or so more than the 3700x . I’m just sitting on my 1080 until the next **80 comes along. I
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    NVIDIA Shows That Their GeForce RTX GPUs Are Much Faster & Powerful Than Next-Gen Consoles

    Please explain more about this. Screw the article.
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    Overclock 3900X

    I don’t have a 3900X but my 3800X after some tinkering was able to do 4350mhz at 1.325v. Doing 300sec Cinebench r20 netting around 5100 or so depending if I inhaled or exhaled when I executed the program. Temps stayed at 69c with my AIO. So I say you’re doing great so far.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    Im really enjoying this 3800x. Im getting Boost clocks in the 4.5 - 4.6 ghz. Granted only a few cores hit 4.6ghz. Temps seems very good too.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    Even with 1.45v a few cores will fail P95 at 4.5. I’ll take 4.4 tho.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    So I did Prime95 blend test stable at 4.4ghz 1.4v temps hit a maximum of 70c on stock TiM that came with the AIO.I bought some mx-4 thermal compound and it’s arriving today. Guess my chip ain’t that much of an OCer but I’m fine with that.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    I will do that tonight after I get off work.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    Absolutely living this upgrade. 4.5ghz 1.4v on a H115i w stock thermal pad idles around 35-40 ish and from what coretemp tells me the max was 70c after an hour of Overwatch and BL3 and running some benchmarks. GTX 1080FE +200 core Borderlands 3 on high settings with fog off is netting me 75-100...
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    I use Amazon and Best Buy. Others use Newegg. Pretty sure there’s plenty more lol but I mainly use Amazon and Best Buy.
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    Death Stranding (first title from Kojima Productions)

    This is probably a test demo game Kojima came up with to see if his sheep’s will follow him. He succeeded and now he knows if he puts out anything with his name on it people will flock and buy. This guy is a fucking genius. He knows his followers will come in and make justifications on why the...
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    Next logical upgrade

    I’m holding onto my 1080 FE overclocked +200 core until next gen. Gonna grab whatever Nvidia card I can get my hands on for $500-$600. My GSYNC monitor has me tied to Team Green until further notice. Maybe hold onto your 1070 a bit longer? Overclock it a bit to gain some performance maybe?
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    3rd gen Threadripper, big fail and missed opportunity for AMD.

    All I can say is that I upgraded to an 8c/16t Ryzen 3700x today for the same money Intel would charge me for a 4c/8t years ago if Ryzen hadn’t come into light. Thank you AMD.
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    Upgraded from 2500k to 3700x. Mind Blown...

    Old System I5-2500k 4.5ghz ASRock P67 16GB DDR3 1600mhz GTX 1080 FE *EDIT* New System R7 3800x (4.5ghz 1.4v) Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO ASUS Strix ROG B450f Gaming 32GB DDR4 3600mhz GTX 1080 FE HP 27” 1440p 144hz GSYNC So I finally got around to putting my new rig together and like...
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    GTX 1660 Ti for $ 64.94, It's might be fake lol.

    Wtf my head is spinning trying to make sense of these words
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    Build new PC or upgrade Platform and keep GTX 1080

    So I went with a 3700x 32GB ram and an MSI B450 tomahawk. Keeping the GTX 1080 FE. Thanks guys!
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    Build new PC or upgrade Platform and keep GTX 1080

    32GB ram does sound like a good idea. I have a Rosewill 750w PSU that’s rated at 80+ Platinum from 2012. My case is a huge Coolermaster HAF 922. Im looking to have a smaller case. My Monitor is GSYNC so I’ll stick with Nvidia. I was looking between either the RTX 2060Super or 2070Super. But In...
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    Build new PC or upgrade Platform and keep GTX 1080

    Current specs: 2500k@4.5ghz 16GB DDR3 GTX 1080 FE 27” 1440p 144hz GSYNC Option #1 Ryzen 5 3600 w/aftermarket cooler 16GB DDR4 MSI B450 Tomahawk Reuse 750w 80+ Platinum PSU Keep GTX 1080FE Save $ for new Videocard Reuse SSD and HDD Reuse Case Option #2 Ryzen 5 3600 w/aftermarket cooler 16GB...
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    Refresh Rate Poll

    1080p60 to 1080p144 was what felt to me was an experience that was felt and noticed immediately. The mouse movement on the desktop was what I noticed right away. So so smooth. Then I jumped into Overwatch. Holy shit so so smooth yet again. I’ve never went back to 60hz again. Then the upgrade...
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    Which CPU for Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra?

    I ran into a insanely great deal on this Motherboard(By insane I meant it was damn near close to being FREE.). I’m coming from a 2500k overclocked to 4.7ghz with a GTX 1080FE. Which Ryzen CPU? It’s purely for gaming. I’ll be needing ram as well but I’m not too picky about that. BTW I have a 27...
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    87 year old shows off Animal Crossing town

    OP same dude who confuses Rogue and Rouge....
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    Contra Rogue Corps

    I’m still amazed people are still misspelling Rogue and Rouge. Like damn man how excited were you to see people’s reaction to a game, may it be positive or negative. You got me to reply!
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    Nvidia is preparing something SUPER

    0/10 sorry bro.
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    Single player games don’t interest me much. So I’ll name a multiplayer game Q3A on the DC Q3A on PC (UFT mod and RA3) That game and it’s multiplayer mods is the best time I’ve ever had in gaming. This was back in like 2000 or 2001.
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    I’ve read this a few times and still can’t understand what you’re trying to say. Seems like you wanna just use the word epeen in a smartass way but failed miserably .
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    nVidia (and Navi) 3xxx series 7nm speculation...

    We need a GPU mass extinction event where AMD comes out with a RTX 2080 killer for $249. That’ll fuck with nVidias pricing....then let’s sit back and watch the whole world burn.
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    I bought my GTX 1080 FE from Best Buy 2 years ago at $549. It overclocks nicely to 2050mhz core. It’s paired with my 2500k at 4.7ghz and a 1440p 165hz GSync . Plays games nicely at high to ultra settings. Definitely gonna have to upgrade my entire cpu platform soon. Been eyeing Ryzen.
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    Its maybe getting old but damn...

    So my daughter who’s 90 % recovered from a virus which caused her temps to go up as high as 104 in a children’s hospital. She’s 3. There’s an Xbox 360 in her room. I went to pick it up being curious as to never actually being this close to one. Holy hell its heavy. Now I’ve picked up my fair...
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    1080p to 1440p. Holy cow...

    I don't know if the visual improvements are real but playing Overwatch at Ultra Settings I can't help but feel a bit more immersed and everything looked so crisp.Hell I had to push the monitor a bit further back than I did with my 24 inch 144hz 1080p. Any recommendation as to what games I...