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    FS: Lenovo Yoga C940 i7 - gtx 1650 - 15.3" touchscreen

    Have a mint condition Yoga C940 with OEM charger and stylus included. i7 9750, FHD Touchscreen, nvidia GTX 1650 16gb ram, 500gb + 32gb Optane nvme (combo drive by Intel). Battery condition is excellent. Rated at 96% as battery conservation mode was always enabled limiting charge to ~60%. It was...
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    FS: Razer Blade Advanced 15 - XPS 13 2 in 1 - 980 Pro 2TB

    XPS sold, Price drop on the Blade
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    FS: Razer Blade Advanced 15 - XPS 13 2 in 1 - 980 Pro 2TB

    Have several items for sale here, so here we go: RBA 15 - i7 10875H, 32gb ram, 2070 Super, 1TB (WD SN750), 300HZ FHD. I used a BIOS programmer to unlock undervolting, I ran it at -120mv CPU, -90mv cache. Because I liked it very silent, I usually ran it on lower tdp power settings, temps were...
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    WTB: Gaming Laptop 1660ti level gpu

    Omen 15 would be awesome, but something similar. Nothing too high end due to cost. Just want to upgrade one of my daughters gaming laptop (1050 TI level). Just bought a G14 from a member here, but I have 3 daughters, so I need one more to avoid drama D: (the youngest is a desktop gamer)
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    ALL SOLD - ASUS ROG G14 Laptop with Ryzen 4900H and RTX 2060 6gb

    oh man, I was looking for a laptop for my 10 year old daughter who needs to upgrade from her 1050ti laptop, this might be the one...... i'll try to get back to you soon
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    Sold: Razer Blade Pro 17 - QHD 165Hz - GeForce RTX 3070 - Black

    Fantastic price, I'd buy in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a 2020 Blade 15 Advanced...... tempting despite that! I know you read a lot of horror stories about Razer, but mine has never once had a single issue. Undervolted/tweaked/tuned and it runs quiet and cool, solid machine.
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    WTT: 2060 Super for 2080 TI or similar

    I have an MSI 2060 Super Gaming X in mint condition from my HTPC that I'd like to trade for something a little stronger. I know 30xx series is out of reach, but maybe someone has a 2080 super or 2080ti that they've moved on from or want to downgrade?? Of course cash will be added, please let me...
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    FS: i9 10900X

    One last price drop before I try to figure out a reason to keep it and upset the wife with yet another PC 😅
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    FS: i9 10900X

    Price drop!
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    FS: i9 10900X

    Asking $315 shipped OBO for my 10900X I'm not much of a overclocker, I did the minimum and had it running 4.7 all core with no issues. Probably goes higher but I just left it at default voltage and such, as I didn't have the need for more. Ran it on a Corsair H115i platinum...
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    FS: Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK w/Noctua cooling mod (Skull Canyon)

    Not hard, the mount is being held down by 4 bolts. I have a brand new cover (same one in the picture without the cutout for the heatsink). Honestly though, I wouldn't recommend it as there is a metal housing that I had to cut which I would imagine shielded the plastic covers from direct heat...
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    FS: Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK w/Noctua cooling mod (Skull Canyon)

    modded NUC6i7KYK w/16gb 3200 samsung ram, 500gb 960 EVO nvme, OEM PSU (extras are new untouched skull lid, fan grill and new used internal fan) Asking $365 shipped I have a heavily modified NUC6i7KYK. As you can see, I've done a Noctua mod to cool the little beast down. Prior, attempting to...
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    WTB: 9900

    Looking for an i9 9900. Doesn't need to be a K but if the price is right, sure but not using it on a Z mobo. No F chips as I accidentally damaged my GPU and need the igpu while I wait for replacement. I can do paypal and also have a 9400F as partial trade if interested.
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    FS: EVGA 1080 TI Hybrid w/ Noctua NF-A12

    $325 shipped OBO. Great performance, low noise, low temps, upgraded the fan to a NF-A12. Unfortunately bad timing on my part to decide to consolidate my main PC and HTPC now. Ever since upgrading my living room tv, I hardly ever use the HTPC. Going to be converted to a server and toss its 2060...
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    FS: Thinkpad X230

    $200 shipped Selling an X230 that I bought last year for a project that never happened. i5 3210 8GB ram 250gb mSATA Samsung Evo 850 1TB toshiba 2.5" spinner IPS screen OEM charger larger 9 cell battery with 12% wear (purchased used last year @ 10% wear) I bought this from a user on a...
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    FS: 7820x

    Price drop!
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    FS: 7820x

    SOLD shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Purchased from a fellow [H] member here who ran it at "1.150v at 4.6Ghz stable and temps where under 70c" My board wouldn't allow me to go below stock voltage, which I ran @ 4.7 and Mesh @ 3.2. Would do 4.8 fine but my case doesn't have great airflow so...
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    FS: ASUS RT-AC5300 Router

    Price Drop! :D
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    FS: ASUS RT-AC5300 Router

    Selling my trusty Asus RT-AC5300 router. Original owner, always kept in an elevated and cool room. It's running a version of Merlin's firmware from earlier this year that was rock stable for me. Out of boredom I took a deep dive into a Ubiquiti setup. It's nice, fun and all but imagine my...
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    Skylake-X (Core i9) - Lineup, Specifications and Reviews!

    I was eager to jump to the 9800x but due to availability issues I wasn't able to purchase one, "settled" for a 7820x but after reading many users with the same issues you had, I'm glad I went with the 7820X. Haven't felt the need to delid because I'm running 4.7 on just under 1.2v and temps have...
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    FS: 16gb DDR4 2666 SODIMM

    I have a Kingston branded 16gb stick of 2666 DDR4 that I pulled out of my MSI GS65 laptop. I powered it on before swapping out hardware just to make sure everything worked. Looking for $62 shipped
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    FS: Brand New: Timbuk2 Authority Pack in Fog

    Good price, just paid double for one last week for my BIL.
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    WTB: PS5 | FS: FormD T1, Thinkpad X1C, M1 MacBook Air, Corsair K70, Keychron K2

    Oh man, that evga laptop is so tempting. Wanting to build my daughter her first gaming pc but that may be a more practical option!
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    WTB: i3 8100

    Guess it depends on the price. Building my 8 year old her 1st PC, so obviously doesn't have to be a beast when the most demanding games she plays are the sims and minecraft, which is why I went with the lowest end modern i3.
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    WTB: i3 8100

    Looking for an i3 8100
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    WTB RE2 Remake code

    This one isn't too shabby
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    FS: 4790k - Z97 Asus mobo - 1080 GTX Hybrid - Noctua D15 - 32gb DDR3 Corsair 2400 - 16gb DDR4 2666

    All sold except the 1080 - price added (sorry about that)
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    FS: 4790k - Z97 Asus mobo - 1080 GTX Hybrid - Noctua D15 - 32gb DDR3 Corsair 2400 - 16gb DDR4 2666 Have several items for sale: 1080 GTX - It's a PNY branded Founders Edition that I later installed an EVGA hybrid kit on. Two Noctua fans included. Runs stable 2065 in the mid 40's in my poor airflow Evolv ATX case. Full disclosure, I never used the HDMI port...
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    Phanteks Dual 1200w Power Supply

    Excellent seller bump
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    WTB: i7-7820x

    Looking for a 2066 chip, would vastly prefer a 7820x
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    WTB: USFF / SFF desktop

    Looking for a prebuilt USFF/SFF PC like a Thinkcentre Tiny or HP elitedesk usff, Intel NUC, etc. CPU can be weak/old and barebones if necessary.
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    Wtb: i3+ haswell cpu

    Looking for a haswell cpu. Would like cheap, so low end i3 works.
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    WTB: Noctua NH-L9i or Noctua NH-L9a

    Looking for either, lmk!
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    FS: DJI Spark (broken) - Controller - 3 batteries - external charger - hardcase

    Zero water damage. We have crazy random wind gusts where I live, took her too high and got knocked into a huge pecan tree. Few bumps on branches the way down to a dirt country road.
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    FS: DJI Spark (broken) - Controller - 3 batteries - external charger - hardcase

    My DJI Spark met it's untimely demise. Internals seem to function, or sounds like they do. Camera works still, shows up on my phone as it should. You could use it for parts as I have honestly less than an hour flight time on the damn thing. I'm including the original battery, two new batteries...