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    How to tell a PE from a non-PE?

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    X800/X850 or 3000+ Bottleneck?

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    Would this affect FPS?

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    Is it worth upgrading from an Athlon 64 FX-60 to Conroe

    IMO stick with what you have. You got a killer rig. If you want to REALLY run cooler, spend your $ on a watercooling setup from Petra's, not just a CPU that THEORETICALLY should put out less heat.
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    w00tage x1950xtx

    Bah! I got you beat! Non-overclocked XP 3000+ here :D My vid card could be a rice cracker and I'd still be CPU limited.
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    Your Video Card Upgrade Ladder

    I say the 9700 Pro had the most staying power.
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    Will AC5 make that much of a difference on stock cooler?

    5 degrees is significant if you're overclocking.
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    ATi Noob

    Omega, cause the pwn. Everyone will tell u that.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    Not really... They're Canadian, they can do anything.
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    Will this make condensation? Need help ASAP

    But then again, if you're not sub-ambient, then you're not [H]. RIGHT GUYS?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Which make of 1950XTX to get?

    I have a sapphire card and I love it. Reliable as a rock. That's all I have to add.
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    Best looking game to date

    QFT Voodoo pwnage.
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    Should I buy now or wait longer

    Buy now before DX10 comes out and you're tempted to spend $2000 on a single graphics card.
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    Gaming at 1920x1200

    X1900XT 512MB
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    6600GT to X850XT...should I?

    I'm sorry but the X850XT blows away a 6800GT. It even beats the 6800Ultra in most comparisons. Heck, my X800XT competes with a 6800Ultra.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    I'm not arguing, I'm just seeing how worked up I can make this PRIME guy, he's hillarious :D ATI PWNZORZ!
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    Best drivers for X800XTPE.

    +1 for Omega drivers.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    Yep, but not dual CPU. That's my point. The 7950GX2 is not dual core.
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    When do you think core 2 duo's will drop in price?

    If he's sweating over an extra $80, then he should not be considering an E6600. He should be looking at a E6300.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    Really? Would you bench a dual CPU system vs. a single CPU system and call it valid? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: You could do it for comparison sake, but that's it.
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    When do you think core 2 duo's will drop in price?

    Exactly! And that's just stupid! Back in my day we neverused books and pencils, we wrote on cement slabs using our fingernails. Kids these days... no priorities...
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    The GX2 is a single card, but it's not a single GPU solution. So if you compare dual GPU from nvidia, to dual GPU from ATi, then that's the proper way of looking at it. You should not compare a GX2 to a board that just has 1 GPU. The only reason it's done in reviews is to show that ATi's single...
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    When do you think core 2 duo's will drop in price?

    I just don't get it. You want to wait for it to drop like $80 bucks? I spend that much on a Friday night on booze alone. Why wait so long just to save $80 dollars? That doesn't make sense to me.
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    Good time to buy a 1900XTX?

    Get the X1900XTX. I've seen them as low as $280.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

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    Zalman VF900Cu thingy

    Too much AS5 dude.
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    Help me pick out a Conroe setup!

    RD600 will be great, if you can find a board with it. I'm guessing it's going to be rare.
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    No R600 for X-mas :(

    Don't believe anything until they make an official statement.
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    2407 24" Display/V Card Recommendation

    X1900 crossfire is a pretty good buy right now.
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    X1950 XTX at 550$?

    Yes but when the 'next, better card' is a next generation card, then it is worth waiting for and refraining.
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    Jump from 3700+ to x2?

    I say wait.
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    What utility are you using to OC your 1900?

    How good is powerstrip?
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    Help me pick out a Conroe setup!

    Agreed. I think the best option will be the RD600... unfortunetly it looks like the only place you'll be able to get one is from DFi, however that's not a bad thing cause IMHO they make the best motherboards.
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    Incorrect core/memory speeds (X1900XTX)

    I said this like 2 months ago. We need a sticky please.
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    Help me pick out a Conroe setup!

    Nah, I'm not 'always' gonna wait. Once I get my $1500 in January I'm gonna go out and buy the best of whatever is out there. I just don't think it's smart to buy now when next gen stuff is right around the corner.
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    FX55 for $149.99

    We also get better pricing on Hallmark cards which say "To my cousin... sorry for having sex with you." ...oh crap, that's still USA only. DAMNIT!