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    Maingear and Sood Defending a Defenseless Position on Selling Crypto Boxes?

    If some miner wants to pay that insane amount for a 6 card mining rig I cant blame Maingear or any other company for wanting to get some of that business. It is easy for us who have no stake in the game to complain but if you have hundreds of thousands or millions invested in your business this...
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    Intel Responds to CPU Security Issues

    AMD should sue Intel for libel for implying that their cpu's are also at risk.
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    Apple Apologizes and Offers $29 Battery Changes

    How many billions have they made by tricking people to upgrade their phones because of this scam? Also $29 may seem like a fair deal, but the reality is even with this they are going to make even more money off the people they tricked. These battery replacements should be absolutely free for the...
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    Walmart Is Reportedly Developing a Store of the Future with No Cashiers

    The problem isn't really the cashiers, its stupid customers who wait until the get to the cashier before they start asking idiotic questions about coupons or even worst when they pull out their checkbook. That is why self checkout goes so much faster since it tends to eliminate those people...
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    Apple Addresses Alleged Throttling of iPhones with Degraded Batteries

    Because of this I did a quick google and other than heating the iphone to soften the glue that holds the battery, it isnt that difficult to change it out and it costs about $30 or so for the tools and battery.
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    Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet

    I think now that google fiber is seeing the cost of expanding their ISP infrastructure they are thinking twice about letting the government regulate their business.
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    Stanford University Data Glitch Exposes Truth about Scholarships

    Right now a smart lawyer is putting together a title ix class action suit against standford for an easy payday.
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    Awesome Home-Made Wooden Counterweight Desk

    How easy would it be to raise that table with a case, a couple monitors, speakers, and everything else you have on a desk?
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    HBO Orders Bar To Stop Showing Game of Thrones

    you have to pay a different price if you are ordering from a business establishment or for commercial purposes, it is something like $1500.
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    FCC Just Overruled State Laws That Were Blocking Municipal Broadband

    So what can now stop municipalities from blocking private competitors from their localities after they enacted their own broadband?
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    Hands-On With Microsoft’s New Holographic Goggles

    I dont think the hololens are made to be worn outside like a pair of sunglasses, it is a productivity tool to be used with your computer.
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    Sony Pictures CEO Claims 'We Have Not Caved'

    They didn't cave into the threats of "terrorists", they caved into the threats of people even worst...the lawyers. Can you imagine the lawsuits if something were to happen in a screening at this point in time no matter how trivial? They would be completely liable and claiming "freedom of speech"...
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    Robots Getting Your Cyber Monday Orders Ready

    came for the bots stayed for the ass :D
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    Time Warner Cable Also Charging Netflix For Direct Connection

    That is not what they are doing because you are still getting your washer. They are simply slowing down the delivery speed you get the washer because XYZ Company is exploiting their delivery service and monopolizing all its trucks impacted their other customers shipping needs. They simply want...
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    Time Warner Cable Also Charging Netflix For Direct Connection

    When the backbone of your company's business model is based on using another company's product in order to deliver it and you are now worth more than them, they are going to take their taste. Im pretty sure nothing is stopping them from starting up their own ISP if they truly feel it is against...
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    Elon Musk's Hyperloop Alpha Design

    Projects like this have zero chance of actually happening because every foot will be hit with eminent domain lawsuits filed by ambulance chasers who will knock on every single home owners doors along the way with promises of jackpots.
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    ET3 is Building a 'Hyperloop' Transport System

    As great as this sounds there is always that depressing realization that nothing new can be done in the US because of the insane costs from everybody along the way wanting to get their piece of the pie especially when the government gets their fat fingers involved.
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    WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI

    I think there is a major difference between exposing the truth and committing espionage and the US government is trying to blur that line to justify its overly aggressive approach in persecuting people for the prior. In the end our government has already shown that they will flat out spy on...
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    Bill Gates Retakes World’s Richest Title

    any "philanthropist" that still manages to accumulate even more billions in the process is a fraud, it's all just public relations spin to fool the public to his insatiable greed.
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    J.C. Penney Apologizes For Former Apple Exec's Moves

    During this time Penny also hired Ellen DeGeneres and had ads featuring same sex couples. I suspect a sizable portion of their customer base would be put off by this and with how polarized everything is nowadays once that happens they dont come back no matter how many silly coupons sales you...
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    Browser Wars: Chrome Hits 17-Month Low

    The only reason Im still using Chrome is for the Google Voice extension which no other browser seems to have their own version of.
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    Intel Will Lead Us to à la Carte Pay TV

    A la carte will not work as intended because most stations/channels are owned by a few parent companies who will only sell their channels as complete packages not individually.
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    Inside the Brain of a Koenigsegg

    $2mil supercar designed with the IntelliMouse Optical 1.1 :D
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    Cool Video of the Day

    first problem would be they wouldn't mix and second is if they did it wouldn't stick to the car body.
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    C|Net Forced To Pull "Best of CES" Nomination

    The sad thing is there will be 100's applicants to CNET who will be more than happy to shill for the company line and this guy will have a scarlet letter following him everywhere since the corporations who pretty much run it all have no stomach for people with integrity like him.
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    School Can Force Teenagers To Wear RFID

    last time I checked you were not forced to recite the pledge and get suspended if you refused
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    School Can Force Teenagers To Wear RFID

    training kids from an early age that they must be subservient to those in power is very important in the new america. Obey!
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    Need a non-gaming wireless mouse recommendation

    my only advice is to avoid the performance mx as the left mouse button will eventually crap out on you and the silly "fix" they post online only works for a few minutes before you have to do it again.
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    Intel’s Cable TV Service Will Soon Roll Out City By City

    the problem is almost of those useless cable channels are all owned by 3 or 4 companies whoy force you to also pay for the useless ones to get those few people actually want. So say Intel somehow manages to work out a la carte service and you want to Get ESPN, well ESPN is owned by Disney so...
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    Landline Households Shrink Dramatically

    I haven't had a land line in over 5 years, there is just no point.
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    Apple's US Plants Could be Highly Automated

    Makes sense since once the manufacturing and assembly becomes more and more automated the shipping costs are what is going to bring these factories back stateside.
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    Microsoft Surface RT Pricing Starts At $499

    MS never fails to fail.
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    Technology Gone Seriously Wrong

    The catch 22 of these sort of vehicles is the dense cities they are designed for usually have great public transportation.
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    iPhone And Apple Jumped The Shark

    That is probably part of the sales strategy where they initially release a very limited stock that sells out quickly to set up the narrative of a must have high demand product.
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    US Slips Down the Ranks of Global Competitiveness

    wait till tonight when they will no doubt release a completely made up unemployment report just in time for Obama's speech which of course will be magically below 8%
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    Microsoft Surface for Windows RT for $199?

    Now just release the pro at $499 and MS will officially takes over the tablet market. :D
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    The Facebook Insiders Who Dumped Stock

    Is there anyone who didn't expect this to be the typical dot com scam where they inflate it's value prior to the IPO with a orchestrated media blitz to lure the suckers who buy on hype?
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    Cooler Master Elite 120 MiniITX case

    Back in stock, these go fast so put in your order.
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    Cooler Master Elite 120 MiniITX case

    Back in stock at newegg! *edit* and it's gone, thankfully I got mine in.