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    Microsoft Announces Variable Rate Shading Support for DX12

    Why would you want to waste resources on something a human is typically incapable of perceiving. The light spectrum is infinite but we more or less stopped at 1.07bn colours from a 32-bit palette and no one is asking for more.
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    Nvidia revealing an updated version of path traced Quake 2 at GDC

    Wonder what the frame rate will be like with the NVIDIA contribution.
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    What If Zen 2 Actually Sucks?

    It's a good video, but I do agree with the premise that everything so far makes it difficult to make a bad case for the processor outside of sand bagging the release or having stock issues. Even if the thing draws parity with the 9900K and lower end HEDT parts it should start a decent price...
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    Microsoft Announces Variable Rate Shading Support for DX12

    Works alright in Vulkan with Wolf 2, be good to see it expanded.
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    Windows Update Fixes Previous Patch's Mouse Issues

    Will need to see how it goes when I have a moment, I had to pull the previous patch.
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    A Tour of Deepcool's Fan Factory

    Shenzen is the digital equivalent of Detroit at it's height. A whole city centralized around the production of a specific product segment. All of the supply chains feed into there and uprooting them at this point would a needlessly costly exercise.
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    I'm so entirely drained by the endless series of wing nut outrages at this point, there are more important things in life than yet another Marvel movie.
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    At some point the media will get over reporting on every single instance where a Tesla is involved in a collision. 10 bucks says at least 3 Fords also caught fire today after a crash.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I was thinking more along the lines of unlocking full RGB.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I feel like maybe if you flashed it with the EVGA vbios it might unlock that, it's functionally the same PCB and they have full control over their lighting when hooked up to the header.
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    WHQL 419.17 Driver Released. "Game Ready" for Anthem, DiRT Rally 2.0

    There is actually a feature within gsync (frametime compensation) which will not activate while vsync is disabled. Having it enabled from NVCP is the best option.
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    GOG Ends Its Fair Price Package Program

    Well they could always pull the saving throw of removing all of The Witcher titles from other services and locking Cyberpunk to GOG only but I doubt that would be very popular.
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    Far Cry New Dawn Physical Sales Just a Quarter of Far Cry Primal's

    Farcry is pretty stale at this point, not surprising.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Yeah low airflow isn't a criticism you can lay on the O11, still wish it was 140mm.
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    Hardware Unboxed Calls NVIDIA DLSS "The Biggest RTX Fail of Them All"

    The final image using DLSS really is appalling when stacked up against a simple upscale.
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    So is the RTX 2080 TI FE seeing better quality stock?

    I've got a Samsung supplied card, no problems after 5 and a bit weeks.
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    Metro Exodus Settings and APIs Tested

    I've been playing a little myself. 3440x1440 on Ultra with RTX High (No DLSS, unsupported for Ultra Wide), perfectly smooth. This is an RTX implementation I can genuinely get behind, the lighting is very transformative which is a stark contrast to BFV's reflection usage. Digital Foundry put...
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    Metro Exodus RTX Settings Analyzed

    I mean ultimately it will be used for both along with shadowing.
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    Today's Battlefield V Patch Adds DLSS and Optimizes Ray Tracing

    They should probably fix their DX12 implementation first if they really care about performance.
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    Obsidian Reveals Outer Worlds Combat Details

    From what they've said is more of a Mass Effect/Alpha Protocol world, so not a fully open environment just locations.
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    "Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

    Needs a reference to the admins ICQ
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    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    It would be worse if they had GDDR6 modules.
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    Only Plebs Use Office 2019 over Office 365, Says Microsoft's Weird New Ad Campaign

    I'll keep using my partner program $20 local licenses thanks.
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    Radeon VII having problems?..

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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video @ [H]

    Good looking unit, the direct contact for the power delivery is also good unlike the 2080 Ti FE reference which needlessly sandwiches the 2 layers of pads and putty plus the base plate between the VRM and the vapor chamber making it basically worthless.
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    Metro Review-Bombed: Dev Threatens Next Game Won't Be on PC If Sales Are Low

    Empty threat, PC is the largest market these days and nobody walks away from that sort of potential revenue stream.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    They really need bigger than a 120mm rad on that thing. I get that they're going for universal compatibility but at least offer a 140/240/280 option. The pump does appear to be a standard Asetek design however the cold plate is custom. In theory you could tear down the AIO in that and...
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    AdoredTV: What Is Zen 2?

    Provided everything works out this could be my first AMD system since my Athlon X2 3800+ back in 2005.
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    No shit. The industry evolves so quickly that anything you learnt 5 years ago is only half as relevant as it used to be.
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    Quake 2 Ray Traced.

    Yeah that seems primed for a source mod to support RT considering how focused it was on lighting and shadow.
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    Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

    The lag is appallingly bad, you endlessly rubber band all over the place.
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    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    /slowclap. They could have done this years ago, they've been putting 2560 AMOLED's in 10" tablets for ages.
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    It's why Winston was probably one of the most important characters in the franchise, he's the audience surrogate that steps in during the second act one things start getting more off the wall.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    I turned all this stuff on the other day out of curiosity and I got and bombarded with constant foliage flickering.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Yeah a small amount of air is all they reall need. Nvidia's braying about a full coverage vapor chamber is semi hog wash as none of the power delivery or memory components actually make direct contact. It's all transmitted through the based plate via 2 layers (both sides) of thermal putty and...
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I don't have a measurement on them, there is a side intake pulling in air over that side of the card and small 40mm fan mounted at the rear at the level of the GPU to pull hot air away. Edit: Also the FE VRM is so ludicrously overbuilt that the total heat output of the VRM on that side under...
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    BioWare: Anthem Won't Run at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X

    Always were, always will be. That and Bioware aren't anywhere near as technically proficient as other developers.