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    $4,000 Futuristic PC Workstation

    This chair already exists. JP used it in Grandma's Boy. Maybe they should try to invent robot ears instead.
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    Colts Owner Buys All His Players An Xbox One

    I came to this thread to see the QQing, I wasn't disappointed. Cry more, let's see them tears!
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    SCE CEO Jack Tretton Doesn't Own A PS4

    his kids want an xbox one
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    Google Killing Off IE9 Support for Gmail, Apps

    When users can't access their Gmail anymore, they are going to blame Microsoft not Google. It's going to be because "IE SUX", or "M$ BLOWZ".... I It's an effort to drive more people into their useless chrome OS toy that are coming from older PCs.
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    Internet Explorer 11 Now Available For Windows 7

    Is it the fault of the computer or the fact that you don't know how to use the computer? I am assuming the latter since I have 4 machines on 8.1 and no issues.
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    Scammer Sells iPhone Box With Actual Apples Inside

    this moron got what she deserved.
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    Funny Windows 8 Ad

    You're such a rebel.
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    Don't Use Your iPad As A Camera

    This is the ultra douche. I was at a Yankee baseball game and this guy was recording himself or taking selfies with his iPad while using his iPhone the entire game. It was beyond annoying.
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    Windows 8.1 To Have A Boot To Desktop Option?

    Out of curiosity, what were/are you using the start menu for that you're unable to accomplish now?
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    Analyze Your Own Blood Alcohol Level with the Breathometer

    What advantage could this offer over a small breathalyzer that has a small 7 segment type display? This seems pretty ignorant, and is just another ploy to give iPhone users an excuse to pull out their phone to "show off" their creativity and originality... thoughts?
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    Just How Much Do People Hate Windows 8?

    Explain to the rest of us how your genius mind came to this wonderful conclusion, please.
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    New Build - Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro

    Out of curiosity, What do you feel the new start screen prohibits you from doing over what the traditional start menu did? The only thing I can think of is the functionality that you get from some pinned programs where you can see a frequent/recent file list. (which you can still accomplish by...
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    New Build - Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro

    How does removing a start button negate keyboard and mouse navigation from windows 8 desktop? My computer illiterate fiancé had next to zero struggle in learning to navigate Windows 8... In your defense though, she did bitch and moan about it being different when she first used it, but...
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    New Build - Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro

    Get Windows 8, take the 20 minutes necessary to effectively begin using the start screen instead of the old start menu, and enjoy. Pin your top applications to the taskbar, configure some desktop shortcuts, and enjoy being able to jump to the start screen for live tiles. Anybody who...
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    Tech FAIL Video of the Week

    sneaky sneaky!
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    Windows 9 Coming November 2014?

    More frequent iterative releases with cheap upgrade path. Makes sense to me. Windows 8 has been great so far on my desktop, looking forward to Blue.
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    Tech FAIL Video of the Week

    What exactly wasn't in English?
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    facebook timing out on win8 tablet

    is it possible you were hijacked or have some kind of malware?
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    Winmo 8 phones.

    I think rogers is the carrier in Canada that has the Lumia 920. If it is like the US, you need to go to an official store and not an authorized dealer. If they have dummy phones on display ask a rep to see a real one.
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    Over The Top Apple Product Placement

    now that they have some toys, all they need is a PC in there to get some real work done.
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    France Takes on Twitter, Bans the Word 'Hashtag'

    what do they call a hash table in French?
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    Apple's Amazing New Patent

    because turning the shoe over or inspecting it as you place it on your foot is way too much work.
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    Office 2013 Not Included with the Surface Pro

    This was obvious. Corporations would want a discount on the device because it conflicts with their EA. Consumers buying this that need office probably already own it. Surface RT has office because it's running Windows RT (consumer grade, can't go to store and install office, can't join a...
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    Windows 8 Previews to Go Dark in 3 Weeks

    Typical Windows 8 basher = pure ignorant. No explanation needed. Resist change all you want but in 5 years your feeble minds will finally "get it".. well at least I'll pray for you.
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    Most Useful iPhone Case EVER

    looks like a terrorist tool.
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    Microsoft Surface Sold Out Online

    If you're a doctor then you should be able to understand. People aren't fooled by anything. It's a wonderful fully functional device that meets every single need of 90% of the consumer market. Stop resisting and give it a chance. I thought windows RT was going to be a garbage toy and...
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    Windows 8 Sales Rate Higher Than Windows 7

    This will be the most successful windows version because it's unbelievably well thought out. They had wonderful execution on their launch and an overwhelmingly positive response from people who were willing to give it a try.
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    Steve Jobs’ High-Tech Yacht Makes Its Debut

    I hope it sinks on it's maiden voyage.
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    Microsoft Surface RT Pricing Starts At $499

    What are your qualifications again? I want to know what your logic is behind this statement. Better hardware, better platform, and it is a premium device. If you want a cheaper WinRT tablet get an Acer or some other garbage. You get what you pay for.
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    Three Tools to Tame Windows 8

    This is the same tired ass argument that every person with a low technology IQ uses. The file system + file history, taskbar and multi-monitor enhancements, modern UI... all incredibly powerful features. There is no possible way to argue that Win7 is in the same league as Win8 (even though...
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    Microsoft's Ban of Nudity on SkyDrive Questioned

    This is so they can ban accounts that exploit the free nature of it as a hosting site for smut. There is nothing preventing from people responsibly using it privately for their own perversions.
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    Acer Chairman Reconsiders Stance on Microsoft Surface

    Acer has been selling shitty products for 20+ years. Microsoft was probably fed up of their oem customers raping the shit out of the user experience by using garbage hardware + shitty bloatware. Dear acer, If you aren't going to innovate and compete, then GTFO of the way.
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    No Booting To Desktop In Windows 8?

    I'm going to get a kick out of this thread in a year when I come back to it to see how silly everyone looks for not wanting to get rid of the garbage start button.
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    No Booting To Desktop In Windows 8?

    Could you elaborate on your retard logic? Why do you feel that saving 2 seconds on a cold boot is going to make it "ok" to upgrade to Windows 8?
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    Apple Tech Support Lets Hacker Take Reporter's Email

    never trust a consumer toy company to protect your important data.
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    Linux Is Not A "Second String" Operating System

    Unfortunately we live in the real world where developers need to feed their families. We don't waste time on fledgling platforms like linux. This is the same reason that android blows D and why so many game developers work with iOS as a priority and android as an afterthought.
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    Microsoft's Previewed

    You clearly don't work in any field that requires formal intercompany communication. You're talking about Facebook. They have an almost universal penetration and have the features you're talking about.
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    Blizzard Doesn't Like Windows 8 Either

    The problem is that now they can't charge $50 for a game when you can download 50 games for the same price on the marketplace. This is why they are haters.
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    Why don't computers work?

    you're holding it wrong.
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    Android Based Video Game Console Kickstarter

    cheap XBOX knockoff running android with a Metro style UI ? count me out.