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    Still On Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice

    If you you are gonna keep using Xp use a guest account instead of admin.
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    Manual Windows NT Driver Transfer

    Good old nt4, no plug-n-play and device manager.
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    Manual Windows NT Driver Transfer

    I would back up the drive with a program like acronis. Then put it in the new system.
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    What 18 Popular Websites Used To Look Like

    Some sections went away, and genmay happened.
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    Prince Targets Facebook Users in $22m Lawsuit

    Prince is odd and smart at the same time as Kevin Smith explains.
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    10 Low-Impact PC Games That Just Let You Chill

    auditorium is my game
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    TomTom for Android: $23.99 with lifetime maps

    I'm still sticking to my tom tom one v2.
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    Police 'Stumped' by New Car Theft Technology

    Nope, they are pretty easy too like the dodge caravan from that era.
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    How People Spend Time On Their Consoles

    I use my Wii to stream movies from my PC. The 1 game i do have for it, Excite Truck is pretty fun
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    I want my USB ports to work with PC off..

    Yep something in the bios. I know on my pc if i shut it down, power will still come from the usb. Unless I unplug the power cord and plug it back in.
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Just got this one Included: Wii Console, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, Wii Ac Adapter, Wii Av Cable
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Ok went to get one and it's random What's in the box? Wii Console Wii Console Stand Wii Remote ""Nunchuk"" Wii Ac Adapter Wii Av Cable Wii Manual(s) What's not included? Wii Stand Plate Remote Strap ""Sensor Bar"" Sensor Bar Stand Wii Sports Disc Wii Sports Disc Manual...
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Unless i'm reading that wrong, Its Product Grade:5
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    RIAA Sues Napster

    kazaa k++. It funny that this still works. I think it's like WOPR in WarGames 2 "The Dead Code" only 5% of its potential efficiency
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    Pumpkin Carving With A Pistol

    America!! F** Yeah!!!
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    Any racing sims like GT on PC?

    Their is always "live for speed" even if it's up in age, its still pretty good.
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    software options for an ancient system

    That's not an old system. Just max out the ram and you are good to go.
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    How do you deal with a virus?

    This^^^ combofix is my favorite tool. It can bring any pc back fro the dead
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    Mozilla Releases Firefox 15

    Weird I never had problem out of FF.
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    Can't Update Windows 2000

    That is one thing i don't understand why. I know update are not being made, but it was working so fine at a time. Everything from Windows NT4 to Vista could update with no problems. They could at lease make a mega service pack that covers all updates. Running windows 2000 without updates can...
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    Can't Update Windows 2000

    Got it fixed, so i did a reload again to make it right. 1. Install W2k 2.Get IE6 SP1, that is some what hard to come across since M$ redid their website. So I used IE6. 3. Install update agent 3.0 and...
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    Can't Update Windows 2000

    Well I found an answer in a weird place. Still not working because microsoft says my time and date are wrong Page 2 Now i wonder...
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    Can't Update Windows 2000

    I just did a fresh install of 2000 on an older Pc. Installed service pack 4, the bootleg SP5 one, and even the windows update agent. Did a net framework install and java. I searched high and low and found nothing. Before the format it worked fine. The error number is 0x800B0109
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    Using a 6 year old lcd, how far behind am I?

    That's why i see no reason to update my 1999 era 19" gateway.
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    New DVD Anti-Piracy Warning

    Makes me miss VHS and laser disc. To bad D-VHS never did take off, but it lives as DV cassettes.
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    Cool Craigslist Crime of the Day

    I get this joke :lol:
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    Building new PC, do I need a floppy drive?

    Like its been said before windows 7 and 8 can use USB, floppy, or 5 1⁄4 if you wanted. On the HD detech screen their is a choice to load drivers that weird ebay raid card has. Yes 7 still supports 5 1⁄4. But my mortherboard doesn't support it. So i have a combo floppy drive with...
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    Win 7 on Toshiba Satellite A205-S5000

    I have 7 running on that laptop. It's alot faster than vista.
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    What You Could Do With A Laptop In The Past

    Like that dave chappelle one where the player haters went back in time and shot the slave master.
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    How long does a good PSU last in typical home environment?

    That hadppen to my old 2000 400w Antec. The 5v rail drop to like 4.35 but still works fine to this day. Now my 2004 535w Enermax has bad caps, sometime it will not turn till the power has been unplug for about 2 hours.
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    The End of the DVD is Coming Fast

    I miss VHS they could take kicking. But i wish dvd/blue-ray could used something like this. But for a nice warm video tone. You can't beat laser disc
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    Can i used my droid as a 56k modem?

    I'm in a place that has "High Speed Net" but it's only like 4k. On my cdma i could do at least 10k thru netzero. And verizon wants more money to turn my phone into a hotspot to use the data plan on my phone.
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    Can i used my droid as a 56k modem?

    Like my old cell phone Casio Boulder could be used as a cdma modem. Can i use my droid commando as a 56k modem to connect to my laptop and desktop. Not trying to do a wi-fi hot spot.
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    Wikipedia Editors Question Site's Blackout

    Google Cached = welcome back wiki
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever

    I worked at UPS and the package car drivers loved that part. But most of them have been working their for about 10+ years and they love their job. The big double trailer guys have been their for 20+ years. During chrismas (peak season) the belt would get so backed up that a laptop would fall...
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    Controllers for emulators.

    I still use my PSx to USb converter. Looks like this, but mine is for 2 controllers. And for it being so cheap, i'm surprise it's still around after all these years.