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    Most aesthetically appealing Video Cards of All Time?

    I was always partial to the 8800 Ultra, was the best card you could buy for eons
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    ASUS Maximus VI Impact LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Thanks :) Much appreciated.
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    ASUS Maximus VI Impact LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I have the Maximus Impact and I'm seeing some peculiar behavior that maybe you guys could shed some light on. It seems that my voltages stick to some particular values like so: My vcore does not get set to whatever I set it to in the Bios, depending on how low or high I go, it jumps from 1.248...
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    blast from the past..3200+

    Same here, only reason I stopped using the platform was because my A7N8X deluxe died :(
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    what Fans for my H100?

    Make sure you want to get the High Performance Edition and not the Quiet Edition. RPM is doubled with the HP ones, and thus noise.
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    GIGABYTE R9 290X OC and ASUS GTX 780 Ti DCUII Review @ [H]

    Accidentally a word there ;)
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    I'm tired of the PC games market. Console at 30FPS, PC at 60FPS.

    It's probably hard to do. I remember running Crysis 1 on a slow core 2 duo and while the FPS was okay, I thought that the physics animations were happening in slow motion. Once I got a quad core, the fps was higher, sure, but the trees I was chopping down were literally falling faster. So I...
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    what Fans for my H100?

    I have a 140mm cougar fan that has significan bearing noise when undervolted but when running closer to max rpm it just turns into whooshing air noise. I have the quiet edition of the corsairs undervolted to 7V and they're silent enough that I only have pump noise (and that's very quiet too) on...
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    Is there a style of cooling that is better than water but still practical?

    Peltier or Thermoelectric cooling. CoolIT systems used to make some.
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    Could be this true?.. GTX 880 rumored details

    Fixed that for you!
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    KiLLeR System UnLeaSHeD!

    Now what's your sprint speed on those bikes? ;) Pretty insane rig. What games are you playing on it?
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    Yet another purchase recommendation thread

    I had a Z87X-UD5H from Gigabyte, and it was great. Loved the BIOS, very sensible (and runs in 1080p) layout, features were great too. No complaints. Then I switched to a mini itx setup so I got a Z87N-Wifi again from Gigabyte, but it was a bit disastrous, it wouldn't sleep, and some features...
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    Looking for user feedback on the Asus Maximus Impact mITX board

    I just measured the boot time from button press to the Win 8 logon screen: 14 seconds. edit: I also have, I think, enabled a 1 second delay at post so that I can hit Del to enter the bios, not that it's necessary because there's utility called DirectBios or something that you can click in...
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    Looking for user feedback on the Asus Maximus Impact mITX board

    I bought one a couple of weeks ago. Stock cooling for the processor for now, I needed to get up and running quick. 1. It's alright, I haven't installed the Asus drivers (just Windows 8.1 built in drivers) and I get a 216 to 300 megabit connection from my old WNDR 3700 netgear router on 5GHz...
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    Motherboard needed for Mini-ITX build.

    I have the Z87N-Wifi from Gigabyte. It's decent, but they don't seem to have their drivers all done up correctly. It works fine, overclocks etc., but there are niggling issues like powered off USB charging for iPhones that's not currently working and I had to manually set up Intel Rapid...
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    What board can I get that'll accept Q8400&DDR3 RAMs?

    If your current motherboard supports ddr3 it most certainly supports AHCI. I had a P35 chipset motherboard that only did DDR2 and it had AHCI. Anyway if I'm wrong, something like the Asus P5Q3 would do what you want.
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    Facebook to Acquire Oculus

    Honestly, this is why:
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    Facebook to Acquire Oculus

    I'm happy about this actually. This should speed up development and allow for a higher quality experience than what a company can do just by itself. Plus with Facebook's expertise in big data / storage / bandwidth management I can totally see this going next level and being in the mainstream for...
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    What motherboard has stayed relevant for you the longest?

    Asrock 775Dual VSTA. This beast had DDR1 and DDR2!! It also had AGP 8x and PCIe x4 slot lol.
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    No surprise here, XFX 290 DD VRM temps over 100c at stock volts

    Didn't know my graphics card could double as a car hahahhahahahahah. Anyway, people have been whining about VRM temps ever since they've included sensors that read it. Guess what, the drivers are reading the temps too, and they'll shut down / crash if it reaches the critical temp..
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    Is 8Gb of RAM enough for all games?

    If you want facts instead of the broscience in this thread: TL;DR: Some latest games use more than 8GB of RAM.
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    Are some USB sticks just not bootable for some reason?

    I have a patriot rage xt, 16GB drive that works flawlessly as an installer for Windows. Using the same tools and process for making the patriot bootable results no functionality for two Sony sticks that I have. I've done low level formats, used a Lexar tool for bit flipping (supposed to make the...
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    Any ideas on how to replicate a Mac text selection feature on Windows?

    I'm on Windows 8, the address bar in Chrome nor IE exhibits the behavior I'm describing.
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    Any ideas on how to replicate a Mac text selection feature on Windows?

    Yeah click and drag works, but not exactly the same since you have to drag all the way (1st world problem I know) to the end of the sentence / text. On the mac, I pick where I want to start selecting, then drag the mouse below the text to highlight everything to the end of the text or drag above...
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    Any ideas on how to replicate a Mac text selection feature on Windows?

    On a mac, you can quickly select text in the following way: Click somewhere in the middle of a sentence to place the cursor, and then drag the mouse up or down to select all text before or after where you initially placed the cursor. I know this is somewhat replicated in windows by placing...
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    Upgrade cooler or Upgrade to 780?

    I put a Twin Turbo 2 on my 680 this past week. It's about as loud as the stock fan at 40% and it stays cooler, like 65 degrees in BF3, 55 to 60 in Deus Ex. I wouldn't waste $600 on a 780 coming from a 680.
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Everyone's correct: here's a snippet from hardwarecanucks:
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    UD4H is listed as having 16 and so does the UD5H. The UD3H has less but I don't know how many.
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    I put Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra on my GTX 680 FTW

    I initially delidded my 4770K and removed the stock thermal paste and I removed the black glue that cements the IHS to the package. I spread MX4 on the cpu die and then put on the IHS, mounted on mobo, and then my Seidon 240m closed loop water cooler. This netted me maybe a 2 degree reduction in...
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    I put Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra on my GTX 680 FTW

    Correct, aluminum will corrode into a mushy mess if even a little bit gets on there. Re: the price, it's actually really good value if you have a proper contact or two flat surfaces because this stuff spreads extremely thin. I used a literal 1/3 grain of rice amount to spread it. Not a fat...
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    I put Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra on my GTX 680 FTW

    Just wanted to give everyone my experience in case someone wants to try. On the one hand, load temps did not drop, I reached 79 degrees as before which was disappointing. However, I realized that my fan was quieter than before. Sure enough, the fan was going to around 55% as opposed to 70%...
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    Holy Crap!!!, Temprature reached 82 Degrees

    That's completely fine. On a table my i5 3317 idles at around 40 and goes up to 60 in non gaming tasks in my Zenbook Prime UX31A.
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    Need some 1on1 guidance ocing Haswell on UD4H

    On-topic: As far as I can tell, at least for sure on Gigabyte boards, you cannot adjust the adaptive voltage setting that is engaged when AVX or AVX2 loads are put on the CPU. Re: Microcenter: they'll just do whatever it takes to make more profit in the long run. If that means gaining...
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    Need some 1on1 guidance ocing Haswell on UD4H

    Then Microcenter should change their policy.
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    Holy Crap!!!, Temprature reached 82 Degrees

    buy a hardcover book that your laptop will fit on. problem solved.
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    2560x1600 4gb or 2gb?

    Facts lol,26.html Check the 2nd paragraph. Edit: If you don't plan on upgrading within the next three years, get 4gb...
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Just an update on this. At the time of writing that post I was using the release F5 bios and the latest available EasyTune software, the combination of which was resulting in Easytune not being able to launch. Updating the the beta bios, F6j fixed the easytune launch issue. Anyway, I was...
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    Remote surveillance help.

    I would like to set up remote surveillance for an overseas location but I'm having trouble identifying what kind of equipment I'll need, reason being that the area will be bandwidth starved / expensive so I need something that consumes little bandwidth. Is it the software that will determine...
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Did you guys or anyone else that may have this board have any issues launching Easy Tune 6? I get a 'Loading, please wait...' translucent prompt that never goes away when attempting to launch it from both App Center or by itself from Program Files.