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    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    So I'm running your gpu and cpu setup with the 10850 5.1 all core and the zotac 3090 flash to reduce power limits. im running 7 120mm case fans and 2 on the nh-d15. 3 HHDs and 3 SSDS. My PSU is a corsair ax850 and while running various benchmarks my killawatt shows about 630 watts used...
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    Anyone still running an X99 Broadwell-E system?

    I recently built up a 10850k machine for my primary but up to last month i was on a 5960x @ 4.3ghz since it was released. It's now being used as our tv pc but it's still very relevant. I'm positive i could've used that 5960 longer but got the itch and scored a 3090 😉
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    bodies: 5dmk4 5dmk3 5dmk2 sl1 g5x g15 lens: tamron 70-200 f2.8 canon 70-200 f2.8L IS v1 tamron 15-20 f2.8 tamron 24-70 f2.8 tamron 90mm f2.8 macro sigma 50mm 1.4 art canon 17-40 f4L canon 15mm fisheye f2.8 canon 50mm 1.4 canon 50mm 1.8 canon 24mm 1.8 canon 11-24 f4L (selling soon) canon 400mm...
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    I7-920... time for an upgrade?? I7-7700?

    My last system was pretty much identical to yours and i replaced it last year, it had an amazing run but i got the itch. I went to my current rig and couldn't be happier. My 920 was playing many games just fine but only just, it may have been my 680ti bottlenecking or the cpu depending on the...
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    5960x@4.1 31.61 tonight ill pump it up to 4.5 and try again
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    Should I upgrade from my x99 deluxe 1

    I built my pc right after 5960x release with a x99 deluxe ver. 1. I was one of the lucky few who had the cpu go up in smoke either due do early firmware or mobo hardware. I've been on the replacement x99 D with modern firmware since then. From a longevity standpoint is it worth upgrading my...
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    Your most meaningful, best or memorable photo(s) of 2015

    These pictures were taken on my vacation to see my dad in Sedona as well as travel with him and my wife to catalina. Driving to his place after a long flight (and drive from phoenix) from alaska. First night in Catalina, AMAZING place. Special night out, the trident...
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    GeForce Windows 10 Driver

    I'm having issues with windows 10 and these drivers, I can't run bf4 with sli enabled, I can run one card as physics OK. i get the out of memory error
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    If I had 2 Titan X's in SLI I would hook them up to a ....

    I use mine with a 4k samsung 28" monitor or a 24" 144hz monitor depending on what I'm doing.
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    For gaming

    I don't wish to fuel the fire but I have a question, keep in mind i'm not against amd. Amd seems to be a great value and APU seems like the future. That being said, if you can afford intel and amd will fit your needs just fine right now why wouldn't you just go intel? IF intel has a slight...
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    R9 280X dying?

    have you tried mounting the card in a different PCI-e slot? not only checking power connectors but trying different connectors if your PSU has more than needed?
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    gtx990 in early 2015

    wow. well i feel like a dumbass.
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    gtx990 in early 2015

    maybe this has been shared but i didn't see it on here. i thought the next step from nvidia would be gm210? looks like we get gm204b
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    I didn't realize i had asus ai suite running in the background. i got rid of it and it's smooth now. any of you using ai suite?
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    I get stuttering regardless of server, happens in the campaign/test range too. I was running fraps but i disabled it as well as the gigabyte OC tool. windows 8.1
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    looks like I'm using between 1900 and 2300mb vram depending on map. i haven't seen it go above that (yet). sounds like a 900 series issue, i hope there is a fix soon from nvidia for this and some shadow issues in fc4... even shadows of mordor on ultra is far smoother than bf4.
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    for some time now bf4 has been getting intermittent shuttering, i can't find a pattern on maps or back ground activities. they only last a fraction of a second and only seem to be noticeable when i am changed direction. it's confusing cause im averaging 130+ fps. anyone else getting this? specs...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    that's some quality cropping action right there...!
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    I am a little confused, I am running uefi 1004 on my x99 deluxe however the asus updater is telling me to update to 1000. should i ignore this or update?
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    updating to 1004 is important, it contains an update for the embedded controller which can eliminate some voltage anomalies during startup and shutdown.
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    Lets Frybench!

    I may have hit the silicon lottery with my 5960x, stable at 4.5ghz @ 1.25v. bench stable at 4.6 @ 1.3v 5960x @ 4.5, i benched it at 4.6 and got the exact same time. wtf?
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    one of my gigabtye 980 g1's slowly strobe

    I haven't, I only peeked around briefly. When I'm home I'll take a look, thanks.
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    one of my gigabtye 980 g1's slowly strobe

    Both of my gigabyte 980 g1 windforces work just fine however the upper one slowly flashes the windforce logo, but not all the time. does anyone else's g1 card do this? it's not a smooth transition in it's strobe, there's probably 20 shade changes between full blue and off.
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    Post your mobile cinebench r15 scores

    I don't make myself familiar with laptop processors. That seems like an amazing score considering i think my stock 4790k was close to that. Is that the fastest mobile cpu?
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    Post your mobile cinebench r15 scores

    I picked up a dell inspiron 3147 with an intel n3530 cpu while traveling. The benchmarks aren't rewarding but i guess with a TDP of 7.5w i can't expect too much...
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    post your cinebench r15 scores please...just want to see were i stand

    i didn't realize i had 24 threads activated so i think it lowered my first score. 5960x@4.4ghz, 980sli 1460/7500
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    Post up your Firestrike Ultra scores

    6181 5930k, 980sli i hope intel replaces my 5960x
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    Thanks, that's helpful. Ill shoot you a pm later. It's hard to suspect the psu just because i had it running my 4790k and its only a month or so old.
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    i hope it indeed is just the motherboard, i may go with a msi board this time
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    It's a corsair ax1200i, i threw me hx750 in there before suspecting the motherboard. i have my video cards installed in the case with my old 920/p6t deluxe. talk about a huge bottleneck with a pair of gtx980's even at 4.1ghz.
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    Iv pretty much followed all those steps methodically, i have the same ideas. At the time of building i was relying on an entirely different system and wanted to maximize air flow and stowed all cables as good as possible. Build time was about 2 evenings. Looks like the power delivery area of...
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    Shouldn't xmp be completely safe?
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    I had xmp profile enabled. The last motherboard i didn't have xmp enabled, it would randomly power down and restart. This unit was stable for probably 60 hours of use.
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    i think my x99 deluxe just bit the dust.

    I was playing bf4 for about an hour and exited to desktop when my psu started running its fans on max followed by a small pop. At first i thought my psu went but after swapping psu's it still wont power on. All the fans jiggle when i hit the power button and the psu clicks. I noticed this...
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    The Official GTX980/970 OC & Benchmark Perf. Thread

    gigabyte 980 g1 gaming sli, 1400mhz/stock mem, 5960x 4.4ghz
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    Nvidia 980/970 Availability Thread

    newegg seems to have 980's randomly popping in but disappearing in little time. i checked yesterday and they had 4 gigabyte 980 windforces so i have 2 on the way.
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    new build randomly powering down

    it's the power supply, thanks for the help. just have to send it to newegg, hx750 is struggling tho... very warm.