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    PSU for SLI?

    take a look at the Enermax Noisetaker 600Watt PSU, their advertising it as a SLi ready PSU with the special connectors and all.
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    Question about Raptors

    Jamie don't get the 36GB raptor, it's not worth it's price tag. Get the 74GB one, it has improvements, and believe me the 36GB IS NOT ENOUGH FOR OS, APPS, GAMES and other stuff such as temp. downloads. For you; you don't do enough to appreciate the speed of the raptor, as your not a power...
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    Asus A8V. I give up

    I've been having the same problems with the A8V at work on a few customer's new rigs. With the thing NOT posting at all and problems mainly with memory and strangley with the newer 3500's. I've solved the issues using one of the following methods: 1. Inserting RAM in other slots (it...
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    WD 250GB $129(CAN) after rebate

    lol same, but $270 CAD ouch!! I know it's retail box, but.... I paid $171 CAD for mine at work, and that was my cost price on an OEM. I believe the price has gone down to $169 CAD cost on the unit right now, in which I'll pick up another for my 1/2 a tera of storage :D
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    What's the difference between Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS?

    I believe the Audigy 2 Value OEM are completely different than the Audigy 2 OEMs, not just the firewire port itself but it's missing quite lot. I own an Audigy 2 OEM ie. the one with the firewire port that I got last year and the card itself is much bigger, and it has the upgradable ports for...
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    What's the difference between Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS?

    the Audigy 2 OEM no longer has the firewire port. Older versions of the OEM audigy 2 card will have it, but the newer ones that are dubbed the Audigy 2 Value OEM which are replacing the Audigy 2 OEMs will not sport the firewire port. Some stores are selling the Audigy 2 Value OEM as the...
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    What do you think is the best PC case around?

    The best case IS a matter of opinion. It's also based on what you want in a case, such as how you want HDs to be mounted, how the case looks, the size of the case, the material used in the case, the size of the case fans, the amount of devices you can put into a case, price, etc... It's...
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    gf 6800gt with dell 250 w psu?

    Depends on whats inside the computer. Obviously the more HDDs and Optical devices and other cards such as Sound Card, TV Tuner, etc... the more power it's gonna drain and the likely hood of it not supplying enough power for the 6800GT, and the likely hood of overloading a PSU which is never a...
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    gf 6800gt with dell 250 w psu?

    If you dunno what a Standard ATX powersupply looks like or the standard demensions of one are, then take it to a computer store and have them replace it with a bigger PSU. I'm pretty sure your DELL uses a standard ATX PSU which all computer stores will carry PSUs for. I would take it to a shop...
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    gf 6800gt with dell 250 w psu?

    I find it funny how people can afford a pretty high end video card (ie. $350+ on a card), but won't pay for a $40+ PSU. The box says minimum requirements 300Watt PSU so if you don't follow it's minimum requirements, well that's just retarded if you ask me. I'm sure if you can afford a 6800GT...
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    Your source for odd-sized screws?

    heh I steal my screws from work. Working at a computer store we have tons of computer screws and other types of screws. Just go to any computer store, and ask for some screws, they'll usually give them to you free. Hell we do that all the time at our store.
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    The Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread! - ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS

    My Sister's Rig (built by me): Well my sister's old computer which was my 2nd computer that I've owned of all time (the P2 300mhz computer died about 2 months ago). Well I just didn't want to reinstall windows 2k on it, which I couldn't get anyupdates for or do anything with it cause it's slow...
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    nForce4 motherboard available at NewEgg!

    At our store (ICCT in Markham, ON (Toronto)) we got 3 of the ASUS A8N-SLi (nForce4 dual PCI-Express) boards last night, I believe the cost price on the unit is about $225 CAD so I guess were selling them for around $239 or $255 CAD before taxes. But I think we shipped them out to our other...
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    ATI Repeating History

    People who post here and do not read the forum for opinons, reviews or doing homework on buying components should shot themselves in the foot. This is why we have a forum, for discussion such as this and other topics. The whole reason why I said "I'd would expect anyone who posts here to know...
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    ATI Repeating History

    How is it not the same? When you buy a car, you should know exactly what you want, and so should you when buying a video card. I'd would expect anyone who posts here to know enough about video cards to pick out a video card based on it's specs and preformance as well as price/budget to get what...
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    ATI Repeating History

    By what your saying, it's like " I " the consumer shouldn't have the choice of what features I want in say my Toyota Matrix? ie. the normal version, the XR (one I own), and or the XRS version, and then furthermore pick out the specs I want when I pick out which version of the same model car I...
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    Are Raptor buyers happy campers

    I have a pair of 36GB Raptors in RAID 0 and I'm really really happy with them. I'm looking to swap them for a pair of the 74GBs but, I'm hearing things about a bigger version of the Raptor coming sometime next year or something. So I might wait for those, or wait for those to drop the prices...
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    Why did you choose Intel over amd?

    Simply cause the Intel P4 2.8C was a better processor than the AMD Athlon XP 3200XP+, as it Overclocked better, has HT tech, better at doing real multitasking, the Athlon 64s (754s) at the time were bloody expensive and didn't seem impressive and I didn't mind spending the extra $150bucks for...
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    Oh no I just bought a 3200+ (939) but I forgot....

    The thermaltake silienttower thing is the worst thing to install, it took way longer to install than the Zalman, and it seems flimsy, cause it looks so big and heavy compare to the the motherboard. I've installed both of them a few times on a few customer's machines, and I'll have to settle for...
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    cable sleeving

    sleeving for IDE and Floppy Cables are ugly looking. Do yourself a favor and buy rounded cables.
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    SATA Power Question

    only Seagate Hard Drives come with only the NEW SATA POWER method. Western Digital and Maxtor are the only ones along with Hatichi makes the SATA HDs in both the 4pin molex and with the new method.
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    Is my video card completely smoked?

    send it back for RMA
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    High pitched noise, seems hard drive related.

    Your signature says WD 36GB Raptor :rolleyes: (go figure LOL) When it powers up from a rebooted or turned on state, it'll always make that whine noise until it's spins up to it's stable spinning state which makes little to no noise.
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    Raptor question

    Mine are only loud when they first start up from a TURNED OFF state for a few mins. By loud, I mean that high pitch whine noise, but it does go away, and after that their basically noiseless after they spin up, and when their in use they make normal HD read/writing sounds but their not loud...
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    The Big 1 Gig

    If your running a lot of big games like DOOM3, Farcry, stuff like that 1GB is the way to go. Same goes for video editing, multimedia work, and heavy multi-tasking. Right now I have like 522mb in use and rest free, so I can safely say 1GB is a need for all the multi-tasking I do, ie. having...
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    Need help chosing Lian-Li case

    Between those I would get the PC-6070B, only cause it's like a nice slick stealthy like case with the door. My only problem with that case is that it doesn't have some kind of lock for the door which I would like it to have. If your not into the whole door thingy the PC65 version is a very...
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    Antec Neopower = crap

    yea the PSU is defective cause I've used this PSU on 2 different machines, one being on one of my friend's rig and it's a fantastic PSU. I would RMA or exchange it.
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    ATI TV Wonder PRO----an ode to the return line

    Well watching TV on my computer the speech and the mouth motion match, it's just when I'm between my room and outside and if I have both my outside TV and my TV tuner on at the sametime on the same channel, there's a 1 second delay between the one outside to my TV tuner which is funny cause the...
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    Replacement recommendations for Ti500 cooler

    Well on my old Hercules GF3 Ti500 it comes with the Thermaltake Blue ORB as the stock HSF on the card. Here's what it looks like:
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    ATI TV Wonder PRO----an ode to the return line

    My ATI TV Wonder Pro works fine, when SP2 was released and was patched on my computer as it fixed the freezeing/hanging with any of the 2.4/2.6/2.8C Intel P4 CPUs with HT enabled. Quality and Sound is pretty good, well I spent $100 CAD on mine but it came with the remote so I can watch at my...
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    New Built System Doesn't start up

    1. I would check your Motherboard Case pins ie. the case wires for the POWER SW, RESET SW, PWR LED and HDD LED pins are properly connected to the motherboard. If the PWR SW isn't properly connected, it will not turn on. 2. Check if the power cords to the motherboard is connected, see if...
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    What Lube for Video Card Fan?

    Whoa, nice. I Googled White Lithium Grease and I got a pdf file which describled it as: Thanks, I'll give this a try.
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    What Lube for Video Card Fan?

    4 months ago or so, my fan on my Hercules 9800pro HSF started to stick, as it was spinning slower and was making a bit of a noise. The Fan isn't gunked in dust or anything I clean my case every month or two. The Fan is basically lubeless. I've since then have put a few drops of DW40 and...
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    Looking for Hercules 9800pro GPU Cooler Unit

    My Hercules 9800Pro in the last 4months, started to stick and dry out. I've already had to lube it up with some WD40 and it's already been lubed 3x over the last 4 months. I was wondering if anyone has an extra or unused Hercules 9800Pro Cooler Unit that they can sell me. I'm asking cause I'm...
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    Abit vs. Asus

    If ABIT boards were $10-20bucks cheaper than the ASUS boards, then ABIT would be the best, but their generally not. Their usually around the same price as the ASUS counterpart or a lot more, which I don't like. I say this as, ABIT RMAs took way longer than ASUS RMAs did. I also rank ABIT 2nd...
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    WD 250 gig.. is this normal?

    For some reason this thread is giving me problems, I would post but it wouldn't show up, which is why I like double posted by accident. Every other thread, I see and post fine, but for some reason this one thread is just awful for me. Dunno why. Anyways that info I provided above is from...
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    LL PC 65, 2 80MM exhaust

    I would give bigfootcomputers a call, the last time I was at their store they had a few black molexes, but they didn't have enough for what I wanted to replace my stuff with so I didn't bother getting any. I was thinking of getting some off of frozencpu for both male and female molexes.
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    PSU Sleeving(The Mistakes You Made)!!!!

    Only horror story for me was doing it with electrical tape then having to go back and doing it all over again with heat shrink the proper way. God, that took way too long. My lesson learned is: do it right if your gonna do it at all for the look that you wanted. Anyways, when I was...
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    WD 250 gig.. is this normal?

    HD space by HD manufacturers are actually calculated like this: the 250GB HD that you just bought is really 250, 000, 000, 000 bytes which is really 232.83GB of actual space. Whatever the size of HD you buy it's actually in base 10 not base 2.
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    New logitech speakers out? z-5500's

    they look cheap looking compared to the Z-680s. It's like taking the Z-5300s and pumping the shit out of them to 500watts and slapping on the Z-680 remote which has been made in black plastic and a modified Control Panel unit thing. Kinda disappointed in how they look.