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    is my win10 bugged?

    ...apps have access to the their notifications" Learn more goes nowhere : Internet search tells me nothing about this notifications setting as well....
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    funny. i rather hire a ex-con welder than a ex-con coder an ex-con coder has MUCH more opportunities for crime that will hurt my business and customers
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    Texas Is Trying to Block Tesla from Servicing Its Cars

    funny usage of the term monopoly since the monopoly is TESLA !! geez.
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    since when did we ALL become developers? last i checked 99.9999% of us are consumers whom lose out with how EPIC does business. shouldn't we all prioritize our positions as consumers first and foremost, rather than praising how this and that company can get more profit for their top management?
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    that's is why we sail the high seas. no reason for consumers to support scumbag corporate practices
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    Paramount Is Urging Theaters to Show Ang Lee's New Sci-Fi Movie at 120 FPS

    MI:Fallout was in 24fps and it was glorious high fps only good for shots of busy , action filled, long pans
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    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

    hmm BGP? like the Chinese rerouting asset attack?
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    "Uncharted" Creative Director: AAA Development "Just Doesn't Feel Sustainable"

    i have long learned to filter out bullshit corporate talk. all the work that these 3rd party companies can be done by 100% by American and European companies what she means by outsourcing is offshoring BUT still maintaining American contract prices for creative accounting and to correlate...
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    Flickr Photos Were Used to Train IBM Facial Recognition

    database holders will just trade your pics for IBM shares. US0.001 for 1 pic of a face. Extra charges marked as administrative charge ( so they do not need to increase valuation but still benefit. ) Then charge trading fees to split and sell the share. ( with a fee structure that suits them) ...
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    Flickr Photos Were Used to Train IBM Facial Recognition

    these are public photos BUT are used for a commercial purpose. so they should be compensated appropriately. but like the holders of the database would do that.......not even a free month of premium subscription
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    Sony Censors the Butt Out of Devil May Cry 5 for Western Audiences

    this is because the censorship office shifted to California many other info on
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    "Uncharted" Creative Director: AAA Development "Just Doesn't Feel Sustainable"

    so she wants to screw american and european creative arts workers too by outsourcing. like how the manufacturers did. Who is supporting her again?
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    Doom Patrol and Titans on stream is 100x better than this movie.
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    fyi card processing fees just went UP and cash is still legal tender. so no way to ban cash by law, for a physical store. .
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    Quadriga Cryptocurrency Wallets are Empty

    rules are much laxer than thought. Im going to use a alias now too =D
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    Quadriga Cryptocurrency Wallets are Empty

    what i find pretty incredible is that you can legally setup a company , own shares and operate a company by using an alias. (which nobody can identify. I assume the Globe's info is from an insider source ) i wonder how many alias are used for other companies. Could a person be a hundred...
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    Huawei Launches a Lawsuit in Texas

    can't wait for the discovery then wait 3 years then we will get a nice juicy docu-drama series about this. ( ie when someone having access to proceeding start to publish their inevitable book)
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    Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

    don;t care what you say, DA:I with expansions was fun, and we get to explore MANY different worlds and get to make decisions that affect the story (choose melee or magic allies, for instance). Bioware died finishing Andromeda.....
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"

    nay, we've just been stuck with at best mediocre AAA games for the past few years. And it doesn't look like it is going to change this year either. big gaming corps seriously needs to go private. At least they won't be led around on their leash by the public shareholders.
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    Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

    Emmy for Netflix? Makes hella lot of sense these sort of films cannot get proper and sufficient theater time because there is a dearth of art house cinemas why there is a dearth of those? Because rent is fucking ridiculously expensive ( and owned by conglomerates) , and studios are pissy about...
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    Suicide Instructions Found Spliced into Kids' Cartoons on YouTube, YouTube Kids

    cutting sideways or lengthwise will both kill you if you cut deep and long enough, but cutting sideways will kill you slower (something something about no. of veins cut, and which vein gets cut) . Hence the idea that cutting sideways means getting attention as the chance to rescue or to get...
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Rottentomatoes has been shit for years. Soon it will be irredeemable. next in stop would be deep moderation of the audience review of 'selected' films. A low cost, high effectiveness PR countermeasure *selected films being activist films, like how Captain Marvel is all about ultra-feminism...
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    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    ***** in potential subscription where it is assumed that anyone not obtaining entertainment officially through Netflix will now do so ******
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    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    they have staff watching and demonetizing vids of certain platforms they can do the same for this recently brought up issue. (but an issue which has been going on for a long time, and which youtube has been removing comments sections for.) rather than utilizing their staff , they just ban...
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    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    laowhy86 got disabled comments too. Didn't even know he has own kids on a few of his videos. wtf? Even the 'recommended column' of laowhy's vids on ADV is gone. can we get comments for man-child gamers disabled too , plz?
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    Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox to Be Revealed at E3, Releasing 2020 alongside Halo Infinite

    what's even in game-production that will entice buyers to purchase this instead of the next PS ? afaik, nothing.
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    just subcontract the parts out to Microsoft through a front company. Maintain compartmentalization and sanitation cross work groups, then the workers won't even know what they are working on. too obvious to just contract out a big juicy contract with clear goals out to Microsoft out in the open.
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    the internet is owned by a handful of corps. Literally. In vid hosting, there's only Youtube. Everyone else are small shrimps. In social media, Facebook. Etc etc In discussions of movies and tv, there's IMDB...oh wait, they deleted the boards. Still no alternative for 2 years and counting. and...
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    well, this makes much more sense: then Youtube needs to moderate first, rather than passing all the costs and risks to uploaders. Since Youtube are the ones earning more from ads, and they have the economy-of-scale to do it. ( they can always charge a nominal fee to uploaders for moderation)
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    still waiting for these youtube career-personalties to act on what they say. ( ie mirror the video elsewhere )
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    all of these practices are unethical ( among many other practices) , but is allowed as norm by politicians it is sad that in a open democracy like the US, voters keep on asking the same questions to their politicians whenever a chance is allowed to question them
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    Air Force Revs Up Production of Precision Bomb Dubbed "World's Largest Sniper"

    i guarantee they will set everything to large in case the signal to maximize fails mid flight ( jamming, weather, technical hiccup etc ) all this modularity mid flight is all just a complete waste of money. (bombs now can already be set preflight) ...Like there is any culpability for...
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    Taiwanese FPG "Devotion" Review Bombed by Chinese for Cursing Mainlanders to "Die"

    Valve should just make a official offshoot of Steam just for China. They can comply to whatever the gov want in that, and the good thing would be having Chinese players being geogated to their own region.
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses great channel for all.. lotta other shenanigans there
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    wow, HOLD UP: for every video ? IMDB all over again.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    i recommend that Youtube hire a team to moderate channels where big corps ads shows up. (they already have a team to demonetize and shadow ban afterall) 1. cause i doubt they really earn much ad revenue from fringe channels ( some channels are already demonetized fully or to a certain degree (...
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    nope. Sounds like some tabloid pierce. I don't read tabloids.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    Disney pre-2000s = ok. After 2010 = horrible virtue signalling white knights and also being too big to really go against/criticize in the industry like every other major corp. how this can be maintained and blown up even larger ever since = politicians having nothing else to keep themselves...
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    youtube aims to go fully corporate anyways. So much for vblogging and user content. ( of which the type of moderation the type of suits are looking at will pretty much eliminate) This is opening up a whole new sector to Chinese apps to take over.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    corp ad money and 'open' video hosting dont mix. expect more calls for moderation (either silently or openly) on other matters after this, as per calls before this. better save whatever interesting vids you have came across on your hard drive. I;ve already have some old military experiment...