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    Looking a for a drone for beginners

    ... i'd be interested in a good beginners drone too. My interest lie in photography/videography preferably with a gopro attachment site. :)
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    Wtb 1440p 144hz monitor

    Looking to up my gaming experience so looking for better monitor. Willing to spend $250, is this possible or should I go sell a kidney for more money.
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    Red streaking in video?

    Lol, yea watching static hoping for a nip slip between all the static?
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    Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled as Studio Head Hajime Tabata Resigns

    meh, ffxv was ok. the only FF game that i started and didn't finish. It's been a while since i last played it but even tho it was fun i just didn't have the same need to finish it. The story just wasn't enough. Unlike some of their other titles, this one just didn't cut it.
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    Red streaking in video?

    soooo, turns out my neighbors kid was messing around with my monitor settings, and adjusted the overdrive settings on the monitor. i reset that and now everything is working great!!! thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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    Red streaking in video?

    well, i tried DDU and reinstalled the latest 416.34 nvidia drivers. still having the same issue. It happens on youtube and when gaming on uplay and steam. but like sinisterDei mentioned, when video playback is on VLC or windows media player it doesn't show up. Is there a specific setting for...
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    Red streaking in video?

    you are a life saver, didn't even think of posting a screenshot.
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    Red streaking in video?

    Hey guys, not sure whats going on but i started getting this red streak on videos, (youtube, gaming) doesn't matter what my display settings are. I've reset them all to default and have reinstalled drivers as well. Any advice on what it could be? here is my build, had monitor connected via...
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    Mega Man 11

    Same, my backlog is too damn high!! Waiting on sales and buying then.
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    My "Silent Hill" music covers

    nice, can't wait. :)
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    My "Silent Hill" music covers

    any updates on your FF covers?
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    Racing Games: Do you play 1st person or 3rd?

    3rd person, dont have an immersive setting for cockpit view otherwise i would
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    Microsoft Partially Resumes Windows 10 October Update Rollout

    So is it "safe" to download again, anyone install it yet?
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    My "Silent Hill" music covers

    I know, I use FF as a pandora playlist while studying, doesn't work because all i want to do is pick up the game and play haha. Keep us posted and i look forward to seeing what you come up with. Keep up the good work.
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    Man Who Uploaded Viral Deadpool Movie to Facebook Sentenced to Prison

    I see your point and agree to an extent. While a fine would be detrimental to him financially, the lesson wouldn't be learned. Why not have him to Community Service like picking up trash for a couple hundred or even thousand hours. Going to jail for something like that is only going to create a...
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    My "Silent Hill" music covers

    OMG really, FF7!!! YESSSS please do, that is one of my all time favorite games. I used to take the covers off my PC and put it right at the AC vent to keep it cool just to run this all day years ago.
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    Smartphones Are Killing the Camera Industry

    Damn, that looks amazing. Congratulations on the baby too. I’ve been thinking about getting a new DSLR just have to save up money and do some research first. Always been a Canon guy but have been thinking of trying other brands too. What do you like/dislike about your Nikon?
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    Darksiders III- Force Hollow Trailer Showcases Fury's Move-Sets

    Genuine question, what games are you referring to?
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    OnePlus 6T

    Are bigger MP’s even necessary? I’d rather have better sensors and low light capabilities. :)
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    Smartphones Are Killing the Camera Industry

    Exactly Hey never tried that before but definitely gonna have to give it a try. My note 8 actually took really good night pictures but i’m selling that soon.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a New Trailer

    It's a struggle really, to buy a game on console and PC. I'm debating the same thing right now for Mega Man 11 on switch or PC. probably buy both once the console version goes on sale. Hah.
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    OnePlus 6T

    It's a sexy beast. I think this will be my first oneplus phone. Has anyone here had any experience with them? I've been using an Essential Phone and other than the camera i'm happy with it. Stock android is great, feels like a different phone than what i'm used to. (coming from Samsung note 8.)
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    Do you people remove the warranty sticker when apply heat sink on M.2 SSD?

    Super 77? whats that? **nevermind, google search led me to a bike, but then I found the 3m spray.
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    How big is your Gaming screen?

    I didn't even know people still used CRTs, i read a post a while back about someone using one and I just figured it was a typo. haha, but hey if it works for you then it's all good.
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    Castlevania Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night coming to PS4 10/26

    Well as long as it doesnt look too bad, another one for the backlog. :)
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    Nvidia shield

    nice, i have one too and use it mainly for Plex, movie watching. Do you have an extra keyboard lying around you can try?
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    Installing lots of apps seems to be slowing down phone

    yea, thats why i left Sammy phones. I had the note 8 which was amazing and still is.However it slows down after a while with all the added stuff that come with the phone. I try and disable as much as i can but it's not enough. I bought the Essential phone when on sale and the experience is night...
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    Do you people remove the warranty sticker when apply heat sink on M.2 SSD?

    bump, buying m2 in the future. :) well maybe, depends on how your experience goes. What do you think caused the failure?
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    Need Recommendation Cheap/Decent 24/27" Monitor

    if you are willing to, you should look at craigslist/5miles/letgo etc. I found my monitor and a few other things on there and haven't had any issues. Of course I made sure the buyer looked reputable and had the reviews to back it up.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a New Trailer

    dang, no PC. that sucks, just when i was about to get into the first one for my ps3. womp womp
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    Samsung Note 9 - expected pricing is utterly ludicrous

    I see what you are saying now, I agree too. Our phones, at least my use of, do not require that much space. I had the note 8 with a 128gb SD card for music about 40gbs worth. the other 64gb internal was barely used. Maybe in a few years i'd fill it up but by then i would have swapped phones already.
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    I refunded NiEr:Automata on Steam

    might still buy this, steam has a 30 day return policy right?
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    Smartphones Are Killing the Camera Industry

    kinda like driving a manual for me, I love driving and being in tune with the vehicle. versus an automatic where i feel like i'm a passenger. same concept when it comes to cameras
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    Forza Horizon 4 Benchmarks Are Out

    sweet, i got a 1060 too. :)
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    Office 2019 Is Now Available for Windows and Mac

    me too, it's just another way for your data to be breached. you want my stuff come and get it. :)
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    FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock iPhone Using FaceID

    Exactly, we have so few rights now that we should be fighting tooth and nail for what we have left. the government is corrupt in so many aspects, companies dictate instead of politicians. It's just crazy. Even if the guy is a shitstain he will mess up and they can get him then. forcing him to...
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    Samsung Note 9 - expected pricing is utterly ludicrous

    curious as to why you say the SD card storage is useless?
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    Phone Phishing Scams Are Becoming More Sophisticated

    seems the best way to protect yourself, I drove 3 hours away for a concert and when i used my card my bank called asking if it was me. I was annoyed and happy at the same time.