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    Laptop doesn't work most of the time, even after recovery

    Hi, well my girlfriends laptop was infested with viruses which made it awfully slow so i decided to use the recovery partition and just wipe the whole slate clean. After the recovery, the machine was still really slow, windows setup (choosing areas, languages) even crashed a couple of times...
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    Visual Basic - Read Last Line of .txt then Split Problems!

    thanks a lot guys! i've got it working now, you guys are a lifesaver.
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    Visual Basic - Read Last Line of .txt then Split Problems!

    Hiya, Please forgive me if I'm making a fool of myself, I've never really touched VB before until now! I'm making a program which will display a wind turbine's power output. I'm taking that data from a control box's log file which is, i think a Tab delimited text file. The output of the...
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    6600 problem in games

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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    I like you attitude :) To be honest i don't see what the problem of porn is apart from turning us into horny men and lets be completely honest here. All men are horny. I believe that violent computers games are a method to relieve the stress and angst of everyday life. Seriously...
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    FF1.5 not loading flash and javascript

    Hiya guys, I got FF1.5 and now, when i go to websites like gamespot/cnet/ign where you can select what you want to see with the numbers, the whole interface does not load. It's the same with google video. No video loads. Everything works with IE though Any ideas?
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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    surely certain games have certain immoral issues surrounding it. For example, should we let our children shoot people in the head in F.E.A.R then watch their heads roll off? Some games even give children to fight against a certain nationality of people. Is that kind of exposure moral?
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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    It seems recently that Violent pc games are being attacked by the government, media and angry parents. They are trying to ban the sale of these games to minors and restrict them to adults. Surely this sounds like as if they are trying to turn violent games into a sort of taboo like p0rn these...
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    Any [H] Halo 2 players out here?

    look at my sig for my gamertag Good custom games: -bumper cars - players with vehicles try to splatter those on foot. those and foot cannot shoot -classic zombies - shotguns and swords -freddy vs jason - yellow spartans start with magnum but can't shoot and run away from the freddy and...
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    Having Trouble Getting Friends New System Running =(

    hmm could be a faulty cpu since it passes the memory check and it detects the graphics card. Sounds like when the computer is trying to access the cpu it can't, so it restarts
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    How many of you use your electronics as a means for heating a room.

    yep laptops are equally good when you're outside. Switch one on in the subway when you're cold and wahey, a portable heater
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    Bad iPod problem...

    that picture with the folder and exclamation mark is the equivilant of the BSOD, only it's irriversible. The Hard disk is gone
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    6600 problem in games

    would you believe it...i took the graphics card and gave it a good cleaning, replaced my zalman heatsink with the stock one, put it back and it worked. Strange stuff. thanks for the help guys
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    6600 problem in games

    right i'll monitor the temps and try and see if something is wrong. I've lowered my core all the way back down to 360 and i'll try a couple of games to see what happens. Ram is at 570 Update: No luck, every texture is still messed up. The graphics card seems to be drawing random textures...
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    6600 problem in games

    Hiya guys, I was playing some nfs when suddenly the textures messed up. lighting, colour and everything else were completely mad. I originally thought 'hmm must be a problem with nfs' so i tried playing a bit of quake 4, and the same thing happened. Here's an image of what it looked like...
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    Can't install itunes 6 - quicktime 7.0.3 needed

    Hi guys, i was trying to install itunes 6 on my computer and everything went well until when i tried to start up the program. It gave me an error message telling me that quicktime 7.0.2 is installed, but you need 7.0.3. I tried to search around the internet for 7.0.3 but i can't seem to find it...
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    what is stable to you.

    normally, when i think about stability, i think about software stability. My system is stable when software never crash.
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    A brand new [H]ard|OCP

    great job, the site layout looks great and i especially like the font, but here a couple things that you might want to think about: -the two toolbars at the top, one for the individual websites and one for forum, links etc seems to be clashing with each other. I reckon that it would look...
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    computer desk

    If you've got the dosh, then search for the lian li F1 table. It's completely made of annodized aluminium
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    What we are playing now.

    halo 2 on live everyday my gamertag is in my sig. add me if you're good at big team
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    Whats with the crappy names on cards?

    so you would be fine in using a nvidia geforce daiper Xtra?
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    Hanging Z-680 speakers on stone wall.. hELP!

    yeh if you want to be sure, when you leave, just fill it up with filler and paint it grey/black or whatever the colour your stone wall is
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    Hanging Z-680 speakers on stone wall.. hELP!

    or get a hammer drill, that'll certainly put some holes into that stone wall of yours
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    Whats with the crappy names on cards?

    yeh 'nvidia banshee GTX' sounds awesome i think they should take some names off cool cars. how cool does nvidia nuvolari sound? ATI Cobra? nvidia Sagaris?
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    Need help understanding In-Order/Out-of-Order CPU Architechtures

    so the CPU has some kind of controller which can determine dependencies and reorder the code in the best way to maximise performance?
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    Need help understanding In-Order/Out-of-Order CPU Architechtures

    hey sorry, i was visiting japan last week so i had no internet access. Well i was reading the article on anandtech about PS3's cell processor. It's somewhere in the middle of the article where it mentions the in order/out of order stuff thanks
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    Minority Game Devs Needed?

    underrepresentation of races? here are a couple of examples black - GTA:SA, the upcoming 50 cent game asian - Jade empire, Ninja gaiden white - well you tell me... seriously...cnn has too much time on their hands. what happened to creditable journalism in the us?
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    Need help understanding In-Order/Out-of-Order CPU Architechtures

    heya guys, I've been reading some articles about multi core processors and the words In order and Out-of-Order cpu architechtures have been popping out. While i can kinda understand the idea behind an in order architechture, i am completely stumped by the out of order architechture. can someone...
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    Playing HDTV quality xbox on the PC with a HDTV TV card

    aw damn, i guess i'll just have to wait till xbox 360 comes out. It just makes me wonder why we have tv cards everywhere with video in, but no hdtv card with it. oh well
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    Playing HDTV quality xbox on the PC with a HDTV TV card

    Hiya guys, do you think that with a HDTV card (possibly a ATI HD Wonder), I can play games at HDTV resolutions through my monitor? I've seen the ATI HD Wonder, but it doesn't seem to have all the connectors needed. Thanks
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    Check this system before ordering, please

    might as well put it all in an orac3 case
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    Serious Video Issues

    well the mobo chipset is the communicator between cpu and video card, so you might want to try to put a passive heatsink on top of it and see what happens
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    Here I GO!!!!! Advice! ;)

    oh my god.
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    Good Burn In Program?

    if you're looking for a good burn in program for the CPU, then i'd recommened prime 95
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    iPod Shuffle rip off

    lol, i was thinking about that. how the hell are you going to switch frequencies? with a jog dial?
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    my brand spankin new pc setup. what do you think?

    yeh it looks great, though what are your temps like?
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    builidng a new PC

    then you might want to add an audigy 2 ZS to your list then
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    New PSU raises CPU temp dramatically

    Ok, my friend has reseated the heaksink, swapped his old PSU back in, but the temps were still at 40. We're both confused as why this has happened. He can't register to hardforums cos he's got on of those generic email accounts. So i'm still in need of help guys!